Wednesday, August 12, 2015

It's Lunchtime Somewhere! #WafflesWednesday

WAFFLES:  Is it lunchtime yet? Somewhere in the world it's lunchtime, right? 

WAFFLES:  Hmmm... I better figure out what I want to order for lunch. I hear the food here is really good. 

WAFFLES:  Uh, Garçon! 

WAFFLES:  Uh... what's a garçon?  Is it a kind of fancy chicken?

About Today's Photos
Today's photos of Waffles were taken just this past weekend... in virtual darkness, believe it or not. That's why they're just a little bit grainy. Those of you that have been with us for a few years might remember Katie in this same blue chair. Well, Waffles knows a good thing when he sees it. About 24 hours after he was sprung from the kitten room almost 3 years ago, he staked his claim.

Would you believe Katie has not sat in that chair since?

Katie, three years (and three pounds!) ago.

We're pretty sure if she wanted it she'd take it. But there's something to be said for making a statement. And Katie is most definitely a cat of principle. She just won't give Waffes the satisfaction of knowing how coveted that chair really is.

Or maybe she just doesn't want orange fur between her toes.

Katris Giveaway Winner!
BIG congrats to Kathy and her Kitties of Purring Pines! They're the big winners in our Katris Modular Cat Scratcher & Climber Giveaway. Thank you so much to everyone who entered! We've got more giveaways right around the corner, so please stay tuned.


  1. Maybe Katie just likes being able to change her mind...

  2. Congrats to the Katriss winners.
    Waffles is a most expressive boy.

  3. Who wouldn't want orange fur everywhere?

  4. I think Katie is a typical woman and will never sit on the chair ever again just to prove that she dosnt miss it. (If she did sit on it once it would hurt to much to remember how much she misses it) hehe lucky Waffles!!

  5. Thank you again, Katie, Waffles, & Glogirly!!!! Katie, we wouldn't want orange fur on us either .....

  6. OH wow - Congratulations Purring Pines Kitties - What. A. THRILL!!!

  7. Yep, she doesn't want the orange furs all over her. ;) Congrats to the Purring Pine Kitties...lucky cats!

  8. Waffles, you are such a character! With some of our cats, there was a clear division of furniture. With others there was more of a time-share situation.

  9. seems like the chair service is kind of slow. and we don't blame Katie for surrendering the chair - sometimes it isn't worth the battle

  10. If Ichiro sat in my favorite place, I wouldn't do that too...

  11. That makes me a little sad for Katie, losing her blue chair. But she does seem to have many wonderful sleeping spots.

    Waffles, did Glogirly bring some chicken on a sliver platter?

  12. Katie I feel your pain. We have an orange menace here at our place. I don't like to sit or lay where he has been. Sometimes he will come up and want lay with me or even want to eat out of the same bowl. When that happens he gets the BIG PAW of DOOM. I give him the take down right now. I know that you are a Diva, Miss Katie, so just ignore him and maybe he'll go away. hahahaHave a wonderful day.

  13. thats right so we better eat
    Lily & Edward

  14. Derby and I always had our special spots that we didn't share. Or once I came he didn't want back. Just like Katie now has her pillow.

  15. We can help you, Waffles : a "garçon" is a guy who is more often dressed like a penguin than like a chicken. Purrs

  16. Love the way you tell stories with your photos. Mister Cat is also quite impatient when lunchtime is approaching :)

    Rosa @ Cat Lady Confidential

  17. I can't believe Waffles has been with you three years???!!!!!!!


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