Friday, December 30, 2011

Day-Of-The-Week Katie: Friday

Hi everyone, Katie here.

Welcome back to Day-Of-The-Week Katie. Each day I've been sharing an autographed picture from some of my most memorable photo shoots.

It's been ALL Katie, ALL week.

And in honor of the end of 2011, I'm featuring your ALL TIME favorite photo of me. For some of you, it was your first ever chance to see me smile. Yeah... that's it, smile.

Truth be told, I was expressing my protest whilst caught in the tight grip of my girl's hands. These photo shoots are REALLY getting on my nerves.

Bet you didn't know I have striped lips.

I know.

another bonus!
See you next year!

Katie & Glogirly

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Day-Of-The-Week Katie: Thursday

Hi everyone, Katie here.

Welcome back to Day-Of-The-Week Katie. I've reclaimed my blog and this week it's all about ME.

Each day I've been sharing an autographed photograph from some of my most memorable photo shoots.

It's ALL Katie, ALL week.

Hear me roar.
What? Yawn? No, I'm not YAWNING.

This whole 'looking beautiful' thing is getting old.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Day-Of-The-Week Katie: Wednesday

Hi everyone, Katie here.

Welcome back to Day-Of-The-Week Katie. I've reclaimed my blog and this week it's all about ME.

Each day I'll be sharing an autographed photograph from some of my most memorable photo shoots.

It's ALL Katie, ALL week.

Serenity Now.

Oh Red Dog and Black Cat, you torment me so.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Day-Of-The-Week Katie: Tuesday

Hi everyone, Katie her.

Welcome back to Day-Of-The-Week Katie. ALL Katie, ALL week. I've reclaimed my blog and this week it's all about ME.

Each day I'll be sharing an autographed photograph from some of my most memorable photo shoots.

Glogirly says I look like a DUCK when I sit on my hands like this.
A DUCK. Now that's just plain crazy.

See...I have hands.
A duck. Sheesh.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Day-Of-The-Week Katie: Monday

Hi everyone, Katie here.

Many of you have been asking, "when will Katie take back her blog?" "when will she pry it away from Glogirly's tight grip?"

Well in honor of ME, this whole week is dedicated to ME. Katie.

Just like day-of-the-week underwear,
I give you... Day-Of-The-Week Katie.

Everyday I'll be featuring one of my favorite autographed photographs from some of my most memorable photo shoots.

It's ALL Katie, ALL week.

One of my classic portrait poses.
Notice the perfectly positioned paws and
the upward turn of my head that showcases my girly mustache.

Waiting for Santa under the chair next to Mini-Tree.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

A Very KATIE Christmas

Hi everyone, Katie here.

It's here! It's here! The countdown is over. It's finally Christmas!

Glogirly and I are so grateful for the wonderful friends we've met in the blogosphere. When we posted our first blog entry over two years ago, we had no idea the amazing kitties and people (and dogs) we would soon be calling our friends. We wish you health and happines today and always. May those who struggle or have lost someone dear find peace.

We have a special present for you....
Let's go to the movies!

Pssssst! Blogger cuts off the right side of the screen, so if you want an optimum viewing experience, click on the YouTube icon at the bottom right of the screen. Or just click HERE.

Merry Christmas With Love,
Katie & Glogirly

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Countdown - 1 Day Left

Hi everyone, Katie here.

We're almost there...just ONE day left!!! This week I've been highlighting those that have influenced us and made our own little world a better place. I've let Glogirly pick all of the recipients so far.

On Monday, I told you all about Fin and Meg from Housecat Confidential and Hart Stories.

Tuesday it was for Glogirly's Mom.

Wednesday I told you about Glogirly's favorite teacher, Miss Cairns.

Thursday was Gloman's day.

Friday was devoted to Glogirly's Dad.

And now.....finally....I get to pick one. GLOGIRLY!

Today is dedicated to my girl. Sometimes I pretend to be Gloman's cat. But we all know that's just a game. I am my girl's cat. Always have been. Always will be. She's the best girl in the world and I love her with all of my tiny little kitty heart.

I'm working on my Christmas gift to her...a movie starring ME (and her.) I'll be sharing it with you tomorrow so be sure to come back.

Here's just a little sneak from our holiday photo shoot.

Merry Christmas Eve!


Bet you didn't know I could sing.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Countdown - 2 Days Left

Hi everyone, Katie here.

Oh my Cod....only TWO days left! I'm glad you liked (ok LOVED) the photos of my in my kittenhood yesterday. Thank you for reminding me I'm STILL cute as can be. I know I am. It's just fun hearing it again and again. And again.

Back to the countdown. This week I've been highlighting people (and pets....Monday was about Fin after all!) that have influenced me and Glogirly. With Christmas getting closer and closer, Glogirly can't help but think about her dad.

He has influenced her and shaped who she has become more than any single person. He is and always will be her hero. I've introduced you to him before in a special Fathers Day post. Glogirly has a heart full of memories and stories. But whenever anyone asks her to describe her dad, one of the first things that comes to mind was his humility.

Glogirly's dad lived his life seeing the good in everyone, the opportunity in every challenge, and the fun in every chore. He was very humble. He grew up poor, on a farm, ran away from home when he was sixteen and never finished high school.

Young Calvin, Glogirly's Dad

When Pearl Harbor was attacked, he went straight to the military recruitment office and enlisted in the US Marines.

He defended our country in what's called the Pacific Theatre. He fought on the islands of Saipan, Tinian, and Iwo Jima, where he earned his purple heart. He rarely spoke of that time. He said it was the boys that were left behind, "they were the heros."


When he returned home to Minnesota, he finished high school and then studied electronics. He met Glogirly's mom when he was driving streetcar for the city of Minneapolis. She was 15, he was 21. They married two weeks after her 16th birthday.

Glogirly's parents on their wedding day
Eunice & Calvin

He drove a semi-truck for a living. Sold pots and pans door to door. He did whatever it took to take care of his family and was grateful for every long haul and every sale.

Some people would have a hard time believing a poor farm kid who quit high school and went out on his own would amount to much. Glogirly's dad proved them wrong.

Soon he landed a job with Sperry Univac. Univac brought 'Cal', his wife and Young Glogirly to all parts of the country. Most families would have had a hard time moving so frequently. But to them, moving was an adventure.

One of his first assignments with Univac was at Vanenburg Air Force Base in Santa Maria, California. He managed the computers that launched some of the first missiles into space. The most important thing to him though was coming home to his wife and new baby girl. He was very humble about his work. "A good job that he was very grateful for." A poor farm kid who quit high school.

His next assignment with Univac was in Washington DC. He worked inside the Pentagon, in the Defense War Room. This was during the Vietnam war. Each morning he delivered a report to the Secretary of Defense indicating the location of all US military personnel in the world. Glogirly's dad managed the Univac supercomputers and gathered all of this data. When he described his job, he said he "worked with computers." "Got to move to some nice cities." A poor farm kid who quit high school.

From Washington, the family moved to Houston, TX where he worked in Mission Control at NASA. He managed the Univac supercomputers that maintained communication contact and monitored the physical conditions of the astronauts during many of the Apollo missions. He was right there in Mission Control, looking up at the big screen, when Neil Armstrong took that first, famous step. When he described his job, he said he "worked with computers." When asked about NASA, "yeah, we brought our boys home safe." A poor farm kid who quit high school.

Young Glogirly & her Dad in their Houston backyard.
That's a Snoopy astronaut replica she's holding;
the original went up to the moon with the Apollo 11 astronauts.

Gloman delivered the eulogy at his funeral. He described Cal in much the same way, sharing his love of family and fascinating career. Afterwards, so many people said to Glogirly that they had no idea her dad had did all of those amazing things. They all knew of his love for his family. But most people there only knew a small snippet of her dad's history. Some never knew he was a Marine. Some were amazed to hear about NASA and the Pentagon.


Glogirly's dad was a very humble man. Just a poor farm kid from the country. And Glogirly's hero.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Countdown - 3 Days Left

Hi everyone, Katie here.

Today is devoted to the Other One...I mean, Gloman. Ours is a strange and complicated relationship. A hard and fast dog lover, he's a hard nut to crack. But I'm smart, sly and of course, charming.

As much as I hate to admit it, I am indebted to Gloman. After all, HE adopted me. He brought me home as an anniversary present for his girl.

In honor of Gloman adopting ME, I thought you just might like see some of my baby portraits. Let the squeeeee-ing begin.

I know. I'm so cute you can hardly stand it.

I know. Just when you thought I couldn't get any cuter.

I know. It almost hurts now doesn't it.

All together now. Awwwwwww.

Pee S: In case you missed the entire story of how Glogirly and Gloman met, just click HERE.

I posted their story a few months ago in honor of their anniversary and MY birthday. Yeah, I have to share my birthday with them. Not that I have a vote.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Countdown - 4 Days Left

Hi everyone, Katie here.

Welcome back to the countdown! Only FOUR days left.

I keep telling Glogirly "enough already" with the sappy sentimental stuff. She just keeps telling me that this time of the year it just happens. Just when I'm having the most wonderful dream about a giant tub of freeze dried salmon, she goes all sentimental on me.

This week we are reflecting on the special people that have influenced us. Friends and family that have made our own little world a better place. Today is dedicated to teachers.

Glogirly loved school. She was a very good student and was always proud to bring her report cards home to her mom and dad. At one point, she even wanted to BE a teacher when she grew up. That was way back in third grade. Part of that dream began with a very special teacher, Christine Cairns. She was Young Glogirly's third grade teacher.

Young Glogirly's Third Grade Class Picture
Glogirly, circled
Miss Cairns, far right

Young Glogirly
close up from class picture above

Young Glogirly looked up to Miss Cairns. (pronounced like Karen's) She made learning fun and recognized something special in Glogirly. In third grade, Miss Cairns taught the class cursive handwriting. Glogirly's artistic flair made her a natural. She loved making the loop-de-loops and graceful curves. Miss Cairns had beautiful handwriting. In particular, her signature was very distinctive. She signed her name, Christine Cairns, with two identical and very decorative capital C's. Each C had a large loop at the top and the bottom, just like the C in Cadillac's logo. Glogirly practiced this again and again. She wanted it to be perfect. She wished her name began with a C so her signature could be just like Miss Cairns.

It was hard leaving Miss Cairns when fourth grade began. Mrs. Beatty was nice, but she was no Miss Cairns. As summer approached, Glogirly learned that Miss Cairns would be teaching summer school. Arts and crafts. Glogirly signed up right away.

Young Glogirly's Third Grade School Picture
Look at those teeth!

It wasn't long before her dad came home from work one day with big news. He asked Young Glogirly and her mom what they thought about moving. His company wanted to transfer him from California to Minnesota for a new job opportunity. Glogirly asked it there was snow in Minnesota. She jumped up and down when he said - Yes, there's snow alright. Glogirly's mom didn't have quite the same enthusiasm for the cold white stuff. But the family agreed it was the right thing to do. This wasn't the first time they had moved. Moving was an adventure though and adventures always led to new and exciting things.

The big move would take place that summer just before the fourth of July. This meant that Glogirly would have to leave summer school early. She'd have to say goodbye to Miss Cairns.

Her last day of summer school came and after class Miss Cairns asked Glogirly if she would like to celebrate by going out for pie and then a ride home in her car. You'd have thought she asked Glogirly if she'd like to win the Miss America pageant or pick out a dozen brand new Barbie dolls.

Miss Cairns walked Glogirly to the teachers parking lot where her brand new two-door Gran Torino was parked. It was purple metallic with a bright white vinyl roof. The wheels were shiny chrome with sporty spokes. Glogirly climbed inside and settled into the white bucket seats. On the glove box was a plaque that read "Purple People Eater." Miss Cairns was very proud of her new car and Glogirly thought she had to be the coolest teacher in the entire world.

They drove to the International House of Pies. Glogirly had a piece of cherry pie and a glass of milk. She was on top of the world with her idol, the best teacher ever.

Miss Christine Cairns

Miss Cairns drove Glogirly home to the little house on Odessa Avenue. She gave Glogirly a big hug and they both cried and cried as they said goodbye. Glogirly has never forgotten Miss Cairns. She never will.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Countdown - 5 Days Left

Hi everyone, Katie here.

Welcome back to the countdown! Five days left.

Glogirly caught me dreaming of catnip and feathers...and had to again remind me that this thing we call Christmas is about much more than intoxicating plants and shiny toys. This week, we're continuing to reflect on the people that have influenced us. Friends and family that have made our own little world a better place.

Today I want to tell you about Glogirly's mom. If you've read Another Mother, you've had a chance to get to know Alice, her birthmother. But you probably don't know much about her REAL mom, her adoptive mom.

Young Glogirly and her Mom

24 years ago Glogirly lost her mom. When Glogirly turned 48 this year she realized that she'd lived as many years with her mom as she has lived without her. I never knew her mom. That would of course make me 169 in people years. But I've seen photos and heard stories. I can tell she was a one-of-a-kind lady loved by many, especially her daughter. I also understand she was more of a dog person.

I'm going to let that one slide. For now.

Glogirly's Mom with Blackie the dog

When Glogirly was a teenager she used to get really mad when someone said she was growing up to be just like her mom. Now it's the best compliment she could receive.

Her mom was old fashioned and modern all at the same time.

She was a lady. She taught Glogirly how to set a table and how to write a thank you note. She opened her home to friends and family. Christmastime was huge and the two of them loved decorating the house and planning the big holiday dinner. They baked together, snuck tastes of cookies together, and never left a bowl unlicked.

Doing Dishes

Glogirly's mom was also a modern woman. She was the first of her sisters to have a career. She balanced work and family with remarkable finesse. She handled the household finances, helped Young Glogirly with homework, and cooked yummy suppers for the family every night.

Education was important to her. Glogirly's mom would rarely admit it, but she never finished high school. In fact, she only made it through the eighth grade. But Glogirly's mom was a very smart and intelligent woman. When Glogirly was struggling with math in second grade, her mom took a class to learn how to teach Glogirly. She worked with her on fractions each night after school. Glogirly's second grade teacher didn't have faith. She said Glogirly wasn't smart enough and didn't work hard enough. After second grade, Glogirly excelled in math. By the time she was in high school she was three years ahead of her classmates in math.

Glogirly's mom was smart alright. In math and much, much more.

24 years without her mom is a long time. She used to worry that she'd forget her. That has never happened. Never will.

Glogirly's Mom

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas Countdown - 6 Days Left

Hi everyone, Katie here.

With only six days before the fat man comes flying in on his sleigh, I thought it would be helpful to provide an official COUNTDOWN.

I've had visions of freeze dried salmon and shiny new scratching posts dancing in my head.... But Glogirly has reminded me that this thing we call Christmas is about much, much more. So this week, we're going to reflect on the people that have influenced us. Friends and family that have made our own little world a better place.

It's about unconditional love and taking care of each other.

I've heard that the best gifts come in small packages.

According to Glogirly, they actually come in no package at all. These are gifts from the heart.

Today, I want to tell you about a gift from a Hart. Meg S Hart, that is. Most of you know Meg as Fin's mom, from Housecat Confidential. Glogirly and I have had fun looking at the world through Fin's feline eyes for the past couple of years.

When Glogirly and I decided to start our own blog in 2009, we had no idea there were other blogging cats out there. Then we found Fin.

Housecat Confidential was the first cat blog we found. Of course we started reading right away. We felt an instant connection to Fin and her humans. We wrote our first comment ever for Fin. Fin's mom was quick to stop by our blog and introduce herself. In fact, she took Glogirly under her wing to show her the ropes.

She told Glogirly about the Cat Blogosphere, taught her how to post links to our blog and how to find other cat blogging friends. We soon found a whole new world of friends.

My friend Fin.

Fin and Meg were quick to send emails when life became challenging or sad. They'd share in our triumphs and leave funny comments to make us smile.

When Fin and Meg decided to publish their book, Housecat Confidential, we got to read it before it even went to print! We have our own pawtographed copy too.

Fin and Meg taught us that friendships can grow across many miles, even across the blogosphere.

Yesterday, Fin and Meg taught us something else we will never forget.

In Meg's new blog, Hart Stories, she wrote about Fin:

"Her (Fin's) world was much smaller, but somehow much richer too. I started to realize that she had everything she needed to be happy within our home, and when I opened my heart I realized I did too. I started a journey to find the same joy and wonder in life and within myself, and I stopped looking for outside things to make me happy."

Meg's discovery is a perfect lesson for this time of year and for every day. She's right, everything we need is right here. I don't really need a new scratching post or brand new toys. I have Glogirly and Gloman. My family. I have you, my friends. I don't need my fancy freeze dried salmon. My dry kibble is just fine as long as Glogirly puts it in my dish.

Thank you Meg for reminding us that we don't have to look far for all we need.

Be sure to stop by Meg's new blog and say hello. We think it's a place you'll want to come back to again and again.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Katie The Movie

Hi everyone, Katie here.

Now that Glogirly is officially working on her first book, I've decided I have to one-up her.

I give you, KATIE - The Movie.

This is my first attempt at the world of motion pictures. And my first attempt at making these crazy things work on my blog. YouTube, SchmuTube.

I hope this works!
Turn up your volume and click...

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Cat Scratch Fever

Hi everyone, Katie here.

Glogirly didn't think is was possible. She claimed it was indestructible. Would last a kitty a lifetime. But as per usual, I have proven her wrong.

I have worn out my scratching post.

Gloman thinks I have unresolved anger issues that I take out on my post. Can't imagine what would make him think that. He says that every time I get in trouble I scamper off to my post and scratch. That may indeed be true. But I scratch for many reasons. And I scratch for no reason at all.

Bottom line - this kitty needs to start from scratch on a new post.

If you've been hanging around this blog for any time at all, you already know that Glogirly and I have discriminating taste. Not just any scratcher will do. Design matters.

I thought you might enjoy taking a peek at the current faves that are up for consideration.

DJ Cat
What's not to love about a scratcher with a sense of humor. And a good beat. Glogirly and I thought this was perfect for our stunning friend CK. Sadly, it's out of stock. Glogirly says it's not really fitting with our current decor anyway. Whatever.

Canine Cat Scratcher
Glogirly is in LOVE LOVE LOVE with this one. But sticker shock is keeping her from placing an order. Most cats would probably relish a crack at this doggy. Given my history with stuffed animals, Red Dog in particular, it may not be a wise buy. The silhouette of the ears is just a bit much for me. You don't think there's a real dog inside there do you?

lil pawpaw
This one is pretty cute. So is the scratcher. Portability is nice. But I'm a vertical kitty when it comes to stretching and scratching. I'm not sure what I think about this flat thing. Glogirly is certain I'd rip it to shreds in no time.

A winner on design points, this one has sleek and modern lines that appeal to my midcentury modern kitty taste. Glogirly says it's a no-go on price though. Sheesh, she is hard to please. She wants it to look cool, but won't pay $300 for a cardboard stool?

PurrFect Post
I'm sure you'll recognize the gorgeous supermodel in this shot. Yes, this bad boy is mine. It's been PurrFect for six years now, but I've apparently had my way with it a few too many times. Glogirly is checking into replacement post options. Bo-ring. But I'm sure it's the economically sound choice. Well, as long as she keeps the freeze dried salmon coming, I guess I'm fine with it.

Carry on and scratch happy.

This guy scares me.