Monday, November 29, 2021

Remembering a Special Thanksgiving Conversation With Waffles & Katie

As we look back over this past Thanksgiving holiday weekend, we're reminded of how many friends, family, and blessings we are so very grateful for. It's hard to think about all the special people and animals in our lives without thinking of our dear Katie. This was our second Thanksgiving without her, but she lives on in our hearts every day. Today's blog post is one of our favorite conversations between Katie and Waffles. Thank you for being such an important part of our lives. 

KATIE:  It's Thanksgiving this week, Waffles. What are you thankful for this year?

WAFFLES:  You mean like chasing bugs and fetch toys and stuff? And my girlfriends? I'm definitely thankful for the ladies.

What about you, Boss?

KATIE:  It's hard to put into words, Waffles. It isn't any one thing. It's lots of little things. Lots of little, wonderful things.

WAFFLES:  How little, Boss? Like the bug?

KATIE:  Not exactly, Waffles.

Like the sunshine in the morning that warms us and the blue jays that fly by our window.

Like how every time I roll over on the rug, Glogirly will pet me in just the right place.

Like how Glogirly talks to us in her sing-song voice. And how she sometimes even sings to us.

Like how Gloman picked me out of all the shelter kitties and adopted me for his girl.

WAFFLES:  And like how Glogirly picked me! You know, when she adopted me!

KATIE:  Now you're getting the hang of it, Waffles. Though as Glogirly tells it, you picked her.

We have a warm house to live in with comfy beds, plenty of toys, healthy food, and lots of windows to watch the world through. We live in a home that's filled with laughter and joy. And we have a forever family who loves us with all their hearts.

WAFFLES:  I love YOU with all my heart, Boss.

KATIE:  I know. 

I love you too, Waffles. But if you EVER tell anyone I said that...

WAFFLES:  I know.


We get a little misty-eyed here during the holiday season. Sometimes we get busy and lose sight of how fortunate we are. Thanksgiving is a beautiful reminder of how important it is to never take our blessings for granted.

We especially want to thank YOU for welcoming us into your hearts and inboxes. For laughing with us, singing along with Waffles' silly songs, and sometimes, even getting all teary with us. Thank you for welcoming sweet Ellie into your hearts. Our friends and readers bring us so much joy throughout the year. We just want you to know how thankful we are for you.

We love you with all our hearts. 💕

Monday, November 22, 2021

Waffle Wagon Hijack

WAFFLES:  Do you ever get that feeling that someone's watching you?

ELLIE:  I can't even see you, Mr. Waffles. How can I be watching you?

WAFFLES:  I can see YOU, Ellie. And I know you're watching me. I wouldn't be surprised if you try and hijack my Waffle Wagon.

ELLIE:  Hijack?

ELLIE:  What's a hijack? I like sitting up here really high and stuff. But my name's not Jack. It's Ellie.

WAFFLES:  Hijack is you trying to steal my Waffle Wagon. I've got your number, Ellie. 

ELLIE:  What's my number, Mr. Waffles? I kind of like four. Or maybe two. Yeah, two. Like you and–

WAFFLES:  Not that kind of number, Ellie. 

About Today's Photos

Ellie has a new favorite toy. Or rather, playground. She's discovered just how much fun the Waffle Wagon can be. But only when Waffles is IN it. She spends HOURS in and on it every single day. Sometimes she'll just sit in it, waiting for Waffles to join her. Other times, when Waffles is already inside, she'll attempt to negotiate a joint partnership.

Her favorite spot is up on top of the bonnet. It's anything but stable and takes a lot of balance and kitty-agility. And the best part about it is the mesh screen that she can peer at Waffles through and the opening on the sides where she can reach down to taunt him and as Gloman calls it, "tweak his beak." 

The tray table and cup holder attached to the handle is pretty fun too. That's where Ellie keeps her plastic bottle caps, a.k.a., her other favorite toys.

Sunday, November 14, 2021

Nap Help

ELLIE:  Hey, Mr. Waffles! You look kind of lonely over on that chair all by yourself. Maybe you need some company.

WAFFLES:  Busy, Ellie. Very, very busy. 

ELLIE:  Busy doing what, Mr. Waffles??

WAFFLES:  Oh, you between my toes, getting ready for an epic nap.

ELLIE:  Nap?? What a coincidence! I'm getting ready for a nap too. Maybe we should nap together.

WAFFLES:  Zzzzzz...

ELLIE:  Mr. Waffles?

ELLIE:  This is WAY better. 

About Today's Photos

On the days that Glogirly makes her bed, Ellie's favorite spot is right smack in the middle of it on top of the cushy comforter. It's funny, on the days she doesn't get around to making the bed, Ellie never lays on it. 

No matter what kind of bed making day it is though, inevitably both Ellie and Waffles end up in the bedroom chair that sits next to the window. There's a pretty view of the mountains out that window, but they'd never know! haha!

Sunday, November 7, 2021

It's Getting Sparkly Here!

ELLIE:  Mr. Waffles!!! You're all sparkly and stuff! 

WAFFLES:  I'm feeling a little bit sparkly, Ellie. But these are just Glogirly's Christmas lights. 

ELLIE:  Christmas??? You mean like Santa and stuff? Isn't it kind of early?

WAFFLES:  You know Glogirly. She loves Christmas and thinks we should be sparkly all year long.

ELLIE:  Isn't that kind of confusing for Santa though? I mean if we're always sparkly, how will he know when to come visit us? And bring presents? 

WAFFLES:  Don't worry, Ellie. Santa knows. It's kind of a long wait though. It's a whole 47 days until Christmas. Plenty of time for a nap. 

About today's Photos

Don't worry...we're not hanging our stockings and batting around Christmas ornaments quite yet! Glogirly's just getting ready for a special family Thanksgiving celebration. Like most people, we haven't been able to share any holidays with our family for quite some time now. So Glogirly wants everything to be all sparkly for our guests. Truth be told, she keeps a few twinkle lights up year-round. 

Rest assured, once the turkey and mashed potatoes are gone, Waffles and Ellie's stockings will be hung with care. And the fancy glass ornaments will be hung very high and out of reach with care.