Sunday, June 6, 2010

A VERY Good Read

Hi everyone, Katie here.

I know, I know. She doesn't call. She doesn't write. She doesn't BLOG! Sheesh. I'm not liking this whole employment bit that Glogirly's got going on one bit. Don't worry, I'm fine. I'm still getting ample food, most importantly ample salmon. I heard Glogirly say something about ample and me that I didn't really care for this morning. I'm not worried though. She simply cannot resist my kitty charms.

I have something great to share with you today!!! We got a special delivery at the townhouse this week, all the way from Nevada. I don't know who Nevada is, but Nevada must be pretty cool because Nevada's box had a bunch of books in it from my good friend FIN! These are no ordinary books. I really have no use for most books.

But this one is very special. Fin from Housecat Confidential, that's the 'HC' for those of you in the know, has published her very own Housecat Confidential book and I have my very own copy! If you don't have yours, you better hurry the fluff up and make it happen! (see my link at the bottom of this post.) The HC book is an amazing tale of Fin's life, a memoir so to speak. She writes quite a bit about her humans, but don't worry...that doesn't ruin it. Both Glogirly and I have been riveted to it ever since we cracked it open.

Some of you may already know this, but I'm responsible for the cover design on Fin's book! It took a lot of direction on my part, but Glogirly finally got it right. Thank Cod I speak Photoshop. She could have never done it without me.

I take my HC book with me everywhere.

In between chapters I take a quick time-out to scratch my post.

When opportunity arises, I put it down to hunt for rabbits.
But it's never far away.

Look! That's Fin's pawtograph inside!

The HC is just like that. Like a good friend. Despite the distance, despite how busy we get, a good friend is never far away. They are always right there ready to give a kind word or virtual hug. So to Fin and her human/ghost writer/domestic slave Meg, Glogirly and I send you a huge virtual hug. And you KNOW that coming from me... that has to be one really BIG hug!


Pee S: Click HERE to buy your very own copy of Fin's book!