Sunday, October 17, 2021

Wand Toy Cheat

WAFFLES:  So Ellie, THIS is how you catch the worm! 

ELLIE:  But Mr. Waffles, that kind of looks like cheating on account of the ladder and all. 

WAFFLES:  Cheating??? I'm not cheating. I'm just using Glogirly's ladder to catch the wormy wand toy. Like she uses it to catch the cobwebs. 

ELLIE:  I don't know, Mr. Waffles. Kind of looks like cheating. 

WAFFLES:  Well you're sitting on the sofa, right? 

ELLIE:  Yeah, but everyone sits on the sofa. Nobody sits on the ladder.

WAFFLES:  Well maybe they should

ELLIE:  No way is Gloman going to lay down on the ladder to watch his Netflix stories. 

About Today's Photos

Waffles and Ellie have spent a lot of tie over the past week or so playing with their wand toy worm. When Glogirly left out her step ladder, Waffles took full advantage. Ladders AND wand toys??? Yes, please! Ellie hasn't climbed her first ladder yet, so she took to safer ground over on the sofa. But we predict in no time, Ellie will be climbing to the tippy top!

Monday, October 11, 2021

Mirror-Mirror, Ellie-Ellie

Happy Monday, everybuddy! We've had house guests here in the mountains for the past few days and Glogirly's been pretty busy entertaining our visitors, taking them on hikes, teaching them how to play cards (Rook!), etc... So we told her to pick one of her favorite Waffles & Ellie posts from earlier this year to run today. We'll never forget when Ellie discovered the big mirror - we hope you enjoy our mirror-mirror flashback! 

ELLIE:  Hello? What's your name? You look kind of familiar and stuff. Have we– Wait!

ELLIE:  Mr. WAFFLES!!! Come quick! There's another CAT here! 

WAFFLES:  That's not another cat, Ellie. It's a mirror. 

ELLIE:   What's a mirror, Mr. Waffles? 

WAFFLES:  It's just something I look at to see how handsome I am. 

ELLIE:  But I don't see you in the mirror, Mr. Waffles. 

WAFFLES:  Maybe you should look again. Because every mirror I've ever looked at had a handsome orange mancat looking back at me. 

ELLIE:  I think Mr. Waffles needs glasses.

About Today's Photos
Ellie recently discovered the mirror. She was pretty surprised to see her little reflection looking back and was quite enamored with herself while Gloman snuck behind her with his camera. Little does she know, Waffles has had this whole mirror thing down for a looooong time. LOL!

Sunday, October 3, 2021

Hello, Glogirly?!

WAFFLES:  Hello, Glogirly??? You've been gone for're coming home today, right? Gloman's been doing a pretty good job with breakfast and dinner and stuff. But Ellie's being all kitten-y and stuff. 

ELLIE:  Whaddya mean I'm all kitten-y??? 

WAFFLES:  Super kitten-y, Glogirly. Ellie's horning in on my mancat time with Gloman.

ELLIE:  Horning in? You mean like a trumpet? Or a trombone-y thing?

WAFFLES:  Hurry, Glogirly. Hurry.

About Today's Story

Glogirly jetted off unexpectedly last week to help her BFF from high school with a big event she was in charge of for the company she works for. Her friend needed help planning, setting up, and making everything pretty-pretty. It's something Glogirly did long before she started writing out cat blog. 

Gloman has been doing an EXCELLENT job taking care of everything. He always fills the breakfast and dinner dishes a little extra full. And he's the best cuddle ever.

Sunday, September 26, 2021

Office Cats

ELLIE:  Miss Ellie Belly, reporting for doody. 

WAFFLES:  Doody??? Don't you mean duty?

ELLUIE:  That's what I said, Mr. Waffles. Reporting for doody. It's my job, you know. Helping Gloman with his office stuff. I've been working really hard too. He told me I might get a promotion. Would that make me your boss???

WAFFLES:  Yeah, NO. That's not going to happen, Ellie. I think you should get back to your doody

ELLIE:  Well if I can't be your boss and stuff, can I be your assistant too? 

WAFFLES:  How about I sleep on it?

About Today's Photos

Ellie and Waffles have been hard at work in the office lately. The LOVE hanging out with Gloman. Especially Ellie. Of course there are other office attractions like the big windows that cast the most incredible sun puddles and the chipmunks that play tag on the rocks just outside. 

Sunday, September 19, 2021

Ellie's One-Year Adoption Anniversary!

Hi Everybuddy, Ellie here. 

Today I get to have our blog ALL to myself on account of it's been a whole YEAR since I came home to the mountain house to live with Glogirly, Gloman, and Mr. Waffles. Glogirly said I could pick out elebenty hundred of my favorite pictures. I'm not really sure how many that is, and even Mr. Waffles can't count, so I'll do my best. Maybe my favorites will be yours too. 

This one on top is from my first weekend in my new home. I was hanging out with Glogirly in the kitten room until she said I was ready to graduate to the rest of the house. She even SLEPT in my room with me. 

This is my very first feather. I was still in the kitten room and just learning how to play and stuff. 

It didn't take long before the doors to the kitten room opened and I got to explore everything and everyone. This is me and Gloman. He's my bestest friend ever, next to Mr. Waffles. I'm his purrsonal office assistant and when we take breaks I sometimes get to play with him.  

Glogirly is my girl. She loves me to pieces and tells me what a sweet girl I am. Sometimes we snuggle. Especially if she's wearing her fluffy red robe or has a soft blanket on her lap.

I had my first Christmas! This is me in my Christmas collar playing with my Christmas feather. Santa brought lots of fun toys for me and Mr. Waffles to play with. 

Mr. Waffles taught me how to play and share. He was super nice about letting me catch the feather. Now that I'm a big girl, he's kind of competitive and stuff. But I'm FASTER! 

Mr. Waffles LOVES boxes and I love sneaking up on him when he's got his head in a box and isn't looking. 

Mr. Waffles also taught me how to climb the cat tree. I only had to watch him climb it once. Glogirly says I'm a super great climber. Mr. Waffles says I'm a copycat. 

This is me and Mr. Waffles getting ready for a ride in the Waffle Wagon. I was glad there wasn't a lot of traffic between the kitchen and the bedroom. 

I also learned how to use the scratching post from watching Mr. Waffles. Did you know he can jump all the way to the top in a single leap??? I'm still working on that. 

My most favorite spot in the whole world is up on the window sill. We have a BUNCH of windows and there's always something to see and smell. Gloman calls me Window-Kitty.

This is my most favorite chair in the whole world. It's the next best spot to the windows. I can see the whole house from here, even my windows.

This is just me, looking cute. I do this pretty much everyday. 

Thanks everybuddy for coming to visit me and Mr. Waffles each week. One of the coolest parts of becoming part of the family here was finding out how many wonderful friends we have all over the interwebs and the world! Ok, so before I got here I didn't even know what a interweb was! 


Sunday, September 12, 2021

Asleep on the Job

ELLIE:  Hey, Mr. Waffles! Is it time to go back to work yet? I don't want to be late. 

WAFFLES:  Yeah, I'm a little busy, Ellie. Too busy for work.

ELLIE:  But what will Gloman do without us? We're his purrsonal office assistants. How will he get anything done without us?

WAFFLES:  I'm sure he'll manage. Besides, what do you actually do all day in the office? Don't you just sleep?

ELLIE:  Well yeah, but–

WAFFLES:  Exactly. 

ELLIE:  Zzzzzz....

About Today's Photos

Sweet Ellie is THE most devoted office assistant ever. Gloman has been working full time from our home office ever since last year and Ellie has yet to miss a day of work. In fact, even on the weekends, she can be found in the office chair waiting for him. 

Waffles is more of a fair-weather office assistant. He often joins Ellie and Gloman, but is quick to take catnip break in the bedroom sun puddles. 

Today's photos have both Ellie and Waffles hanging out in the bedroom, slacking from their daily duties. haha!

Sunday, September 5, 2021

Rush Hour on the Cat Tree


ELLIE:  Hey, Mister Waffles! Lookee lookee! I climbed all the way up the cat tree!

WAFFLES:  ALL the way? You're barely halfway up, Ellie. 

ELLIE:  Beep, beep! Coming through, Mister Waffles! 

WAFFLES:  Sheesh...the traffic on this cat tree is crazy.

ELLIE:  Beep-beep, beep-beep! Coming through, Mr. Waffles.

WAFFLES:  Clearly we're going to need some kind of EZ pass sticker thing. Rush hour's going to be a nightmare.

ELLIE:  Almost there...

ELLIE:  Ok, this is super high. Like really super crazy-high. 

ELLIE:  Look out, Mister Waffles! I'm coming down!

WAFFLES:  Up, down, up, down. Kids.  

30 seconds later...

WAFFLES:  I'm still, and will forever be...


About Today's Photos
These photos are from a few months ago so you'll probably notice Ellie looks extra tiny. But even now she's still a LOT smaller than Waffles. And even still, Waffles is the one that climbs to the way top of the cat tree to look down and observe his cat kingdom. LOL!