Sunday, November 7, 2021

It's Getting Sparkly Here!

ELLIE:  Mr. Waffles!!! You're all sparkly and stuff! 

WAFFLES:  I'm feeling a little bit sparkly, Ellie. But these are just Glogirly's Christmas lights. 

ELLIE:  Christmas??? You mean like Santa and stuff? Isn't it kind of early?

WAFFLES:  You know Glogirly. She loves Christmas and thinks we should be sparkly all year long.

ELLIE:  Isn't that kind of confusing for Santa though? I mean if we're always sparkly, how will he know when to come visit us? And bring presents? 

WAFFLES:  Don't worry, Ellie. Santa knows. It's kind of a long wait though. It's a whole 47 days until Christmas. Plenty of time for a nap. 

About today's Photos

Don't worry...we're not hanging our stockings and batting around Christmas ornaments quite yet! Glogirly's just getting ready for a special family Thanksgiving celebration. Like most people, we haven't been able to share any holidays with our family for quite some time now. So Glogirly wants everything to be all sparkly for our guests. Truth be told, she keeps a few twinkle lights up year-round. 

Rest assured, once the turkey and mashed potatoes are gone, Waffles and Ellie's stockings will be hung with care. And the fancy glass ornaments will be hung very high and out of reach with care. 


  1. My human is excited to be spending Thanksgiving with special people this year also.

  2. Mom wants to put up Christmas lights too.

  3. Twinkle lights are always appropriate

  4. We have twinkle lights that we use all year round too. It's fun! Enjoy your holidays, kids! We look forward to hearing about the family gatherings!!

  5. Oh dear goodness, the holidays are aflyin', aren't they? Seems like it was just June and we were all nice and warm.

  6. Sounds like a lot of fun at your house, rest up kitties!

  7. We had our Thanksgiving in October.
    That's when we celebrate it in Canada.
    Purrs you have a pawsome Thanksgiving and then you can look forward to Christmas!!!!
    Purrs, Julie

  8. Ahhh, Thanksgiving!! Well there won't be anything exciting happening at our den on that day, cause Petcretary has to go and help the peeps at the nursing home enjoy theirs...we think its OK to share her sometimes...then we will know that come Christmas, she will be here! And the decor will be soon applied with much care, cause though we are pups, we like to get at things and chew/rip/tear them up! Esp if we can smell that one of our peeps has touched it...if they did than we can too...BOL!

    Your pictures are exquisite!!

  9. We keep lights up too. One of the sets blew out during the summer and we had to wait to replace them. I don't swing offa them or anything.

  10. These kitties look excited for Christmas!! And pooped out already from just watching Glogirly prepare. Happy Holidays!

  11. Mum says it is too early for inside sparkles.


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