Friday, April 29, 2016

What Kind of Tabby Cat are YOU?

WAFFLES:  Holy Mackerel, Boss! Did you know I'm a Mackerel?

KATIE:  What. You mean like a fish? 

WAFFLES:  I'm a FISH??? 

KATIE:  You just said you're a mackerel. That's a fish. Ergo–

WAFFLES:  Where did the air go?

KATIE:  One topic at a time, Waffles. I swear you've got the attention span of a gnat.

 WAFFLES:  But a handsome gnat, right?

KATIE:  Let's get back to this mackerel business. I think what you mean to say, given tomorrow is National Tabby Cat Day, is that you're a Mackerel Tabby. 

WAFFLES:  Cool! I have my own day! 

KATIE:  You and about 50 million or so other tabby cats.

WAFFLES:  Yeah, but I'm a MACKEREL. 

KATIE:  And you've got the signature M on your forehead that most tabbies have.

WAFFLES:  Wait. M??? I don't have an M. I have a W on my forehead. For Waffles. See?



April 30 is National Tabby Cat Day!
... and Katie is still trying to figure out why Waffles gets his own cat day, he gets National Waffles Day AND he gets every Waffles Wednesday. Guess we'll have to lobby for a National Tuxedo Cat Day.

We did a little looking into the different kinds of tabby cats. Despite our own experiences, there are not tabby cat categories like goofy, trouble maker, noise maker, red dot chaser... we did find that there are typically four types of mixed breed tabbies.

The Mackeral
Waffles is indeed a Mackerel Tabby. He's got the signature rings around his (15") tail and legs. He's got both solid and broken stripes around the rest of his body. Though we don't often get photos of him sitting perfectly straight and facing the camera head on, his markings are all surprisingly symmetrical from one side of his body to the other. Many Mackerels are not orange at all, but a beautiful blend of both deep and light browns or grays, like our friend Brian from Brian's Home. We're pretty sure he's a Mackerel too.

The Classic
The classic Tabby sports a pattern made up of whorls that take on a target-like shape on their side. Sometimes Katie feels like she's got a target on her back when Waffles is close by, but she's not a tabby. *wink* Sometimes Classic Tabbies are called Blotched Tabbies.

The Spotted
Spotted Tabbies have bands of spots as opposed to stripes like Waffles. Their spots come in all sizes and some of them are so large they look like broken up stripes. We've seen some cats that have stripes on their backs and spots on their tummies. Perhaps those are Spotted Mackerels! 

The Patched
Patched Tabbies are often called Totoiseshells, like our Tortie friends Allegra & Ruby from The Conscious Cat and Mudpie from Melissa's Mochas, Mysteries & Meows. We love the gorgeous mix of browns, grays, reds and orange they are known for. We hear they have a personality that rivals a certain orange mackerel. *ahem*

There are also many purebred cats that are considered tabbies too like our friend Summer from SparkleCat. She's an Abyssinian. (Correction!!! She's a Somali!) They can also be called a "Ticked Tabby." (Nothing to do with personality by the way!)

American Shorthairs, Maine Coons, Orientals, Ocicats and American Curls fall into the tabby category too. 

No WONDER there are millions of tabbies!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Balanced Blends Convenient Raw Diet For Cats

WAFFLES:  Hey Boss! This is the best chicken I've ever had in my whole life. 

KATIE:  Funny, I had you pegged as more of an extra crispy kind of cat. You do realize this is raw, don't you?

WAFFLES:  Extra crispy is so yesterday, Boss. RAW is where it's at. 

KATIE:  Looks like your chin is where it's at too.

Convenient Raw Diets for Cats
This is big, kitties. REALLY big!

Balanced Blends, founded on the principles of providing a species-appropriate diet for cats (and dogs), has created what we believe is one of the best diets you can choose for your furry family members. Easy to order online, it's shipped straight to your door frozen and packed inside an insulated cooler. This is truly a breakthrough for cat parents who've been wanting to transition their pets to a raw food diet, but just couldn't figure out how to pull it off.

When we first learned about Balanced Blends and heard them use words and phrases like 'Obligate Carnivore' and 'Raw Meat, Bones and Organs' we have to admit got more than a little excited. Unlike humans and unlike even dogs, cats are Obligate Carnivores. That means quite simply, they need animal protein in order to sustain life. And for cats, it also means they lack the digestive means to appropriately process fruits, vegetables, corn, grains, etc. Cats are anything but vegetarians and to truly thrive and survive, they need meat. 

You could say a raw food diet like Balanced Blends is as close to what a cat would eat in the wild as you can find. ...short of inviting a family of mice over for dinner each night.

Raw Revolution
We understand raw may not be for everyone. In fact for many years, it wasn't for us. As much as Glogirly loves cats, years ago she didn't know much about feline nutrition. Like many cat parents, she thought if the food was sitting on the shelves at the vet clinic, it must be good. So she'd pick up a bag of dry kibble every few weeks and think nothing of it. 

As she learned more and more and realized that switching to a wet diet of canned food would be a far healthier choice than dry, she looked for the best she could find. But navigating the multitude of choices and looking for what should and shouldn't be in the food was often like walking through a mine field of cat food. Just try reading a few labels and you'll know what we're talking about.

So she decided she needed to learn even more. She began reading about the species-specific dietary needs of cats. She talked with feline nutrition experts, vets and other cat parents. Then when Katie developed IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease) Glogirly realized pretty quickly that landing on the right diet for the tuxedo kitty she adored so much was not only a priority, it was a matter of life and death.

That's when we made the switch. And we've never looked back.

What are the benefits WE'VE experienced in feeding raw and whole foods?
For Katie, it's been like a fountain of youth. We probably didn't even realize how poorly she must have been feeling prior to learning of her IBD. Within just a few weeks of transitioning her diet, she was a changed cat. She has more energy, more interest in playing, she's even more affectionate and 'present.' She flies up and down the stairs like a cat half her age.

Both Katie and Waffles used to be pretty fickle and finicky. They'd be fine for a few months and then one day wake up and decide for whatever reason that they were done with that brand, that flavor... Since our transition over a year ago, no one has turned up their nose at a single bite. In fact, they both eat with a gusto that can only mean they love what they're eating.

Katie was born with a gorgeous coat, but Waffles has always been a little scraggly around the edges. Maybe it's a tabby thing. But since eating raw, Waffles' coat is so soft and smooth it rivals even Katie's. And according to our vet, Katie's coat is THE silkiest she's ever felt of any cat in all her years of practice.

It's been very easy for Katie and Waffles to get to a healthy weight and maintain it. Because their bodies are absorbing SO much of the nutrition in their food, they really get to take advantage of each and every calorie. That said, Glogirly is diligent about measuring out the appropriate portions. She also no longer uses treats everyday, instead only when taking photos that require a certain amount of cooperation. 

When some people say their you-know-what doesn't stink, you know they're full of it. But on a raw food diet, there is absolutely NO fecal odor. Seriously. It's like magic. They're like little kraft paper colored tootsie rolls, very dry and lightweight. Proof again, that all of the nutrients from the food are being absorbed and utilized. With canned and dry food, that just doesn't happen.

One of the reasons some people are reluctant to change to a raw or whole food diet is cost. Although it's true that a raw diet will cost more than a dry kibble diet, it's actually very comparable to most premium canned foods. (And we won't even factor in all the food that's gone to waste because *somekitty* decided it was no longer acceptable.) 

In fact, we did the math:
When we were serving canned food we spent on average $1.49 - $2.29 per 3 ounce can. Katie and Waffles would eat one can each per day, based on their recommended daily caloric intake.
DAILY COST PER CAT: $1.49 - $2.29 not including tax/shipping/transportation/fuel.

The cost of Balanced Blends Raw, not including any of their Kickstarter discounts and incentives, is $7.00/LB for chicken or $8.00/LB for beef. Katie and Waffles eat 1/4 cup twice a day, so for one cat that's 4 ounces a day based on their weight and activity level.
Now for a little math - 
Balanced Blends Chicken will cost us .44 per ounce or $1.64 per day 
Balanced Blends Beef will cost us .50 per ounce or $1.76 per day
DAILY COST PER CAT: $1.75 - $2.00 no tax and free shipping on 20 pounds or more

Ingredients - All the Good Stuff
Balanced Blends is making complete and balanced raw diets for cats of all life stages a reality with high quality and fresh ingredients:
  • Chicken - USDA GRADE A, cage free, antibiotics free, no added hormones
  • Beef - USDA Approved, naturally raised, antibiotic free, no added hormones
  • Added vitamins, trace minerals and wild caught salmon oil for Omega-3s fatty acids
  • NO fruits and vegetables in any of their cat diets
  • NO grains, NO glutens, NO fillers, NO artificial coloring, NO artificial preservatives
  • Made in the USA

Pre-order Campaign on Kickstarter
Balanced Blends is already 100% funded. This is GREAT news! Their food will be available for shipping in June. The other good news is that you can pre-order now through May 27, 2016 and receive a number of awesome deals to get you started.

The Early Cat Special will save you $15-20 on 10 LB of raw food.
The Extended Promo will give all backers 5 LB extra for very 20 LB order of the same item from their website for 3 or 6 months after the Kickstarter campaign ends.
Free Shipping too for all pre-orders to the lower 48 states.

Visit Balanced Blends Kickstarter Page to learn more and place your pre-order.

A Few Notes on Transitioning
There's some fantastic information on the Balanced Blends Website and we really encourage anyone considering a transition to take a read through it.

It's no secret that cats are creatures of habit and even suspicious of change. That's why it's so important you take your time when transitioning to a raw diet.

If a cat has eaten nothing but kibble their whole life and you all of a sudden put a dish of raw food in font of them, they will very likely not even recognize it as food. It's critically important to introduce the new food VERY gradually, starting with just a tiny amount along with their current food, gradually increasing the amount of raw over time. Each cat is different. It took Katie almost two months to transition. It took Waffles only a couple of weeks.

Think baby steps. Go slow. Be patient. It's worth it.

This blog post is sponsored by Balanced Blends. We are being compensated for creating and featuring this content. Regardless of the payment received, we only feature products and services on GLOGIRLY that we use or feel our readers would enjoy using. All sponsored posts on GLOGIRLY will always reflect our honest and unbiased opinions.

Monday, April 25, 2016

5-Star Laps & Naps

WAFFLES:  Hey Boss, I think Gloman needs a bigger lap. 

KATIE:  I think his lap is just fine, Waffles.

WAFFLES:  Gloman, we need to get you a bigger lap. Can we order one on Amazon? We have Prime. 

KATIE:  Gloman says you need to wait your turn, Waffles and put Glogirly's credit card away. You're not an authorized user anyway.

WAFFLES:  Authorized, schmotherized. How's Mister Amazon going to know?

About Today's Photos
It was a regular love and nap fest here over the weekend. Katie and Waffles were taking turns on Gloman's lap all weekend long. Although Glogirly's lap had plenty of vacancies, it's just not as 5-star as Gloman's. Think Motel 6 versus the Ritz. Katie and Waffles have very discriminating taste in lap accommodations.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Static Electric Cat

KATIE:  Waffles, what have you done? You look like you stuck your paw in the electrical outlet. You know you're not supposed to–

WAFFLES:  I didn't, Boss. Honest.

KATIE:  Well I know you weren't rubbing up against a balloon. 

WAFFLES:  We have balloons???

KATIE: You must have been taking a bath on the rug again.

WAFFLES:  Is that wrong?

KATIE:  Not if you don't mind static electricity.

KATIE:  So why don't you groom yourself like a normal cat?

WAFFLES:  Normal?

KATIE:  You know, sitting up and taking care of business yoga-style.


KATIE:  I guess Waffles subscribes to The Lazy Cat's Guide to Proper Grooming.

About Today's Photos
It's true. Waffles has his own personal style of bathing. He lays outstretched on the rug, on his back, and flip flops side to side like a fish, getting a few licks in with each flip and each flop. I guess we should be grateful he's figured out this is the only way he can seem to reach his armpits.

WAFFLES:  Armpits???

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Waffles the Championship Speed Eater Cat #WafflesWednesday

WAFFLES:  The big race is today and I've been training super hard to get ready for it.

WAFFLES:  The Boss may have me beat at spelling and counting. She can run stairs really fast too. But when it comes to eating, I leave her in the dust. Did you know it takes her a whole FIFTEEN minutes to finish her breakfast? 

KATIE:  Apparently Waffles, you don't know the meaning of savoring your food. 

WAFFLES:  Boss, you savor your breakfast so much it's like you're savoring it for later. I can eat mine in 30 seconds!

KATIE:  Fine. Eat your breakfast.

If you're reading our blog on a mobile device, click HERE to view Waffles' Speed Eating video on YouTube.

About Today's Photos & Video
It's true. Waffles is a Speed Eater. Breakfast, dinner, it doesn't matter. If he takes longer than 60 seconds, it's like he's eating in slow motion. Katie on the other hand is a slow eater. And because Waffles is also a food thief, Katie has started taking her meal service in the powder room. Glogirly has to set the kitchen timer so she doesn't forget to let Katie out. 15 minutes. Championship Slow Eater of the highest order.

Just in case you think we're cheating...
Admittedly, we did speed up the video to 2X the actual speed. But since Waffles starts eating at 0:06 and finishes at 0:32, that means it actually took him only 52 seconds to eat his breakfast. 

Monday, April 18, 2016

Occupy Cat Scratcher

WAFFLES:  The Boss is coming and she's got that get-off-my-scratcher look on her face. I better move on account of she's also got that I-mean-business look on her face.

WAFFLES:  Hey Boss. Nice scratcher.

KATIE:  You're not getting the scratcher, Waffles.

WAFFLES:  But I wasn't even–

KATIE:  You've got that get-off-my-scratcher look on your face. I can see it a mile away. There's another scratcher right over there. 

WAFFLES:  But I really like this scratcher.

KATIE:  Occupied, Waffles. Occupied.

WAFFLES: Occupied by you or that big hairy spider?

KATIE:  Spider? What spider??

WAFFLES:  The one crawling under your–


WAFFLES:  The Boss is even more scared of imaginary spiders than the real ones. 

About Today's Photos
Today's photos all take place on the most popular scratcher in the Townhouse. It sits adjacent to Katie & Waffles' food prep area and gets a LOT of pre-breakfast, pre-dinner and pre-whenever-anyone's-hungry use. The photos also illustrate how Waffles, despite his goofy innocence, is very much the planner in the family. He'll often observe what's going on with a certain element of stealth. It's almost like he's working out the details of his plan in his head. Whether it's commandeering the scratcher, overtaking the catnip pickle or sizing up someone's lap, his wheels are always turning.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Just the Right Spot

WAFFLES:  Hey Boss, you look pretty comfy. 

KATIE:  I am pretty comfy.

WAFFLES:  Is there a spot over there for me too? Because it looks like there's a spot. 
You know. Over there. For me too.

KATIE:  And what would make you think that? 

WAFFLES:  Do-do-do...

KATIE:  Waffles? I see that hamster wheel inside your head turning.

*One minute later*
KATIE:  Seriously?

 *One minute, five seconds later*
WAFFLES:  Do-do-do.

About Today's Photos
Today's photos were taken just yesterday in a room we don't often share with you. It's our guest bedroom which used to be a cat-hair-free zone. It also happens to be the warmest room in the Townhouse. The sun pours in until almost noon and heats it up like an oven. Couple that with cushy bed and a gushy down duvet... well, let's just say it's no longer a cat-hair-free zone. 

So what prompted the photos? Well when Glogirly just happened to walk past the door she noticed Waffles and Katie lounging on the same bed a mere 24" apart. They looked up at her simultaneously with their classic, "Yeah? What are YOU looking at" look. It was a Carpe Camera moment. 

Glogirly loves this particular series of photos because you can totally see those hamster wheels turning inside both Waffles' and Katie's heads. Waffles is always planning and scheming. Katie is always surveilling. Perhaps they'd make a great spy team!

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Good Day Sunshine #WafflesWednesday

WAFFLES:  Here comes the sun.

WAFFLES:  Do-do-do-do. ♩♫

WAFFLES:  Forgot the words.♩♫

WAFFLES:  Do-do-do-do. ♩♫

WAFFLES:  Something about me being a little darling.  Do-do-do. ♩♫

KATIE:  Little darling is a little bit of a stretch.

About Today's Photos
When people ask Glogirly for advice on how to take great photos, the answer at the top of her list is almost always lighting. Beautiful, soft, natural light. Never direct sun. Well today she's breaking all the rules.

What a rebel.