Sunday, May 29, 2022

Remembering Memorial Day

 In preparation for this day of remembrance we looked back on previous blog posts and have realized that no one has been able to articulate what our hearts feel more than our sweet Katie could. We hope you enjoy our flashback Memorial Day post with Katie and Waffles. We love and miss our Katie so very much. Thank you for loving her so much too.  

WAFFLES:  What are you doing up there, Boss? Did Glogirly forget to put away some food? 

KATIE:  No, Waffles. I'm just thinking about what today means.

WAFFLES:  It's Monday, Boss. That means....well, it's Monday. And tomorrow is Tuesday–

KATIE:  It's Memorial Day, Waffles. 

WAFFLES:  So it's not Monday? 

KATIE:  Well technically it is Monday. But it's also Memorial Day. 

WAFFLES:  Oh, you mean like parties and barbecues and FRIED CHICKEN Memorial Day! Too bad we're not supposed to have parties and stuff on account of the corona-thing.

KATIE:  Memorial Day is much more than barbecues and fried chicken, Waffles. 

WAFFLES:  More than fried chicken? Are you sure???

KATIE:  It's a day of remembrance, Waffles. To honor and thank those we've loved and those we've lost. 

WAFFLES:  Don't worry, Boss. I'm not lost. I'm right here. 

Memorial Day Gratitude
We're pausing this Memorial Day to remember the people we love and say thank you. Friends, family, teachers, soldiers...some we've known our whole lives. They've touched our hearts and helped shape who we are. Some remain anonymous, having given so much, so selflessly, for this beautiful country we call home.

For us, Memorial Day serves as a reminder to honor those who we miss as well as those who continue to inspire us and love us unconditionally.

Sunday, May 22, 2022

Spring Snow Cats

ELLIE:  Mr. Waffles, isn't it the wrong time of the year for all that white stuff? 

WAFFLES:  That's a LOT of white stuff. 

ELLIE:  It looks taller that YOU, Mr. Waffles.

WAFFLES:  No way, Ellie. I'm super tall. You know, for a handsome mancat and all.

ELLIE:  You're not that tall, Mr. Waffles.

WAFFLES:  I am too tall. I'll show you.

ELLIE:  Ok, Mr. Waffles. Do you still feel super tall? Maybe you should go on the deck and see how deep the white stuff really is.

WAFFLES:  Yeah, no.

The BIG Spring Snow!

While our east coast friends have been sweltering in 90+ degree heat, we had a spring snowstorm or epic proportions. Wo much snow fell, that Glogirly couldn't even get to the only ski area still open in Colorado. Interstate 70 and the mountain pass both shut down due to the extreme conditions. 

Ellie and Waffles know just what to do when the snow starts flying though. 

Here's the view off our back deck the morning after. The snow is melting FAST. What was over 18" is 
now just a few. 

The hummingbirds didn't let a little snowfall stop them from enjoying their breakfast!

Meanwhile, back at the bedroom napping chair...

Sunday, May 15, 2022

Ellie the Snake Charmer


ELLIE:  Hey Mr. Waffles! Have you met my friend, Mr. Snake?

WAFFLES:  You do realize that's a SNAKE, right? A slithering, slippery, snakey thing with a tongue that sticks out.

ELLIE:  He's not slippery, Mr. Waffles. He's kind of furry. And pink.

WAFFLES:  Well you better look out, Ellie. He might jump you if you're not careful.

ELLIE:  There, there, Mr. Snake. You're not going to jump are you?

WAFFLES:  I don't know, Ellie. It kind of looks like he's jumping. 

ELLIE:  Is he ok, Mr. Waffles?

WAFFLES:  I don't think he's moving.

ELLIE:  Don't worry, Mr. Snake. I'll make it better.

About Today's Photos

Mr. Snake was one of the many fun toys we've received in our monthly CatLadyBox. He's one of Ellie's all time favorites. 

And once he became Ellie's favorite, that automatically made him one of Waffles' favorites too. When Ellie was a teeny tiny kitten, she would copy EVERYTHING that Waffles did. We think it was how she learned to use the scratcher, sleep in the bed with everyone, and enjoy lots of lap love. Now that she's grown up a bit, it's Waffles who has become a copycat. We catch him observing little things she does, and then doing exactly the same. He's even started drinking more water, in part we think because Ellie is such a good water drinker.  

Sunday, May 8, 2022

Cat Mom Love and a Special Celebration of Many Mothers


WAFFLES:  So, Glogirly? 

GLOGIRLY:  Yes, Waffles?

WAFFLES:  Glogirly, are you my mom? Because you don't really look like me. You don't even have orange fur or stripes or anything. But I really love you. You know, like a mom and stuff.

GLOGIRLY:  Of course I'm your mom, Waffles. I adopted you so that you'd be part of our family and we ALL could love you, take care of you, and spend our lives together. 

WAFFLES:  So even though you're not really a cat, you can still be my mom? Like forever and stuff

GLOGIRLY:  Forever and always. Forever and ever, Waffles.

WAFFLES:  And so you're Ellie's mom too, right? Forever and everything?


Happy Mother's Day X4!

Mother's Day is a pretty special day for our girl. You see, like us kitties she was adopted as a tiny little one. Not only did she have a mom who loved her with all her heart and taught her how to love and be kind and study hard and grow up to find happiness and joy in the world, she's also been incredibly fortunate to have many mothers looking out for her and holding her in their hearts. 

You could say Glogirly has 4 moms!

Her mom-mom, who along with her daddy adopted her when she was little like a kitten. She's lived more years without her than with her and even now, misses her so much. 

Her birthmother, who carried her for nine months and had the strength and love to give her away.

Her birthmother's sister (Dorothy), who Glogirly met 15 years ago and immediately bonded with. Her positivity and joyfulness are infectious. She welcomed Glogirly into her family with open arms and an open heart. Dorothy has three sons and Glogirly has become the daughter she never had. 

And finally, her Godmother, Barb.  Their mothers were sisters. Glogirly's mom was the youngest and her Godmother's mom was the oldest. Growing up, Glogirly always knew that if anything ever happened to her parents, she would go to live with her Godparents, who have always loved her like their own. When Glogirly was just 24, she lost her mom (her mom-mom) to cancer. A few years later, she and her Godmother became very close and today they are closer than ever. Glogirly loves her with all her heart...and so does Waffles! She will always be a mother to her. 

Another Mother Memoir

Many of our friends have read Another Mother, Glogirly's story of her search for her birth family. It still sits here on the pages of our blog, and she still has plans to someday turn it into a memoir. If you've never read the story or would like to read it again, we invite you to curl up with your kitties, brew a favorite tea or coffee, and enjoy her journey and the story of her search.. 

It's "narrated" by Katie, our beloved tuxedo kitty who inspired our blog 13 years ago. 

Today, we're dedicating it to all the strong women out there who have taken others under their wing to show them the way.