Sunday, October 31, 2021

The Still Long-Lost Great Plastic Pumpkin

 When we moved from our Minneapolis townhome to the Colorado mountains, one of the sad casualties of the move was our Great Plastic Pumpkin. And would you believe we've not been able to find another??? least another big enough for you-know-who, a.k.a. Waffles. So in honor of our long lost plastic pumpkin, we hope you enjoy the original post starring our sweet and sarcastic Katie. We sure do miss her dry wit! 

WAFFLES:  Look, Boss! The Great Pumpkin... it's really REAL!

KATIE:  Sorry, Waffles... there's nothing great about that. It's just a plastic pumpkin.

WAFFLES:  But it's HUGE, Boss. Can't you see?


KATIE:  Well if it can make you disappear, it must have some kind of magical powers.

KATIE:  Waffles???

KATIE:  Waffles?! Where'd you go? Waffles???

KATIE:  Well who'd have ever thought that Halloween would be my new favorite holiday?

 About Today's Photos
A few Octobers ago, when Glogirly came home with the big plastic pumpkin, it took Waffles all of 10 seconds to dive inside and hunker down. Katie has never been a fan of enclosed spaces, especially enclosed spaces inside giant orange plastic pumpkins. But when Waffles looked like he'd never come out, she became very curious. We're certain she had no plans on joining him, but more likely was peering over the edge hoping for a little of that Great Pumpkin disappearing magic. 

Eventually, the treats came out and it turned into a big free-for-all. 

WAFFLES:  Hey Boss!  I got a catnip Greenie! What'd you get? Did you get something good?

KATIE:  Freeze-dried chicken. 

WAFFLES:  We should totally trade.

KATIE:  In your dreams, Waffles. That's like trading a Reeses for a circus peanut. 

Sunday, October 24, 2021

Waffles and the Cat Hoodie

WAFFLES:  What. Haven't you ever seen a cat wearing a hoodie blanket before? 

ELLIE:  I've seen Glogirly wearing her hoodie blanket before. It's kind of big on you, Mr. Waffles. Don't you think?

WAFFLES:  Big??? 

ELLIE:  Don't you think it's big enough for two??? 

WAFFLES:  You mean like me AND Glogirly?

ELLIE:  I was king of thinking you and me, Mr. Waffles.


About Today's Photos

Glogirly took today's photos from the vantage point of her lap this past weekend while she and Gloman were binging their Netflix stories. It was a little chilly so she was curled up under her hooded cat wrap/blanket. When she realized that Waffles had curled up under the hood, she couldn't resist turning her phone on selfie mode. LOL!!! 

Here's a video of the grooming-fest that took place over the course of numerous episodes. The licking was pretty mutual, though this video shows Waffles doing a little spot cleaning on Ellie. 

PSSST! In case you were wondering, Glogirly's cat ears hoodie blanket is from CatLadyBox. And yes, she LOVES it. 

Sunday, October 17, 2021

Wand Toy Cheat

WAFFLES:  So Ellie, THIS is how you catch the worm! 

ELLIE:  But Mr. Waffles, that kind of looks like cheating on account of the ladder and all. 

WAFFLES:  Cheating??? I'm not cheating. I'm just using Glogirly's ladder to catch the wormy wand toy. Like she uses it to catch the cobwebs. 

ELLIE:  I don't know, Mr. Waffles. Kind of looks like cheating. 

WAFFLES:  Well you're sitting on the sofa, right? 

ELLIE:  Yeah, but everyone sits on the sofa. Nobody sits on the ladder.

WAFFLES:  Well maybe they should

ELLIE:  No way is Gloman going to lay down on the ladder to watch his Netflix stories. 

About Today's Photos

Waffles and Ellie have spent a lot of tie over the past week or so playing with their wand toy worm. When Glogirly left out her step ladder, Waffles took full advantage. Ladders AND wand toys??? Yes, please! Ellie hasn't climbed her first ladder yet, so she took to safer ground over on the sofa. But we predict in no time, Ellie will be climbing to the tippy top!

Monday, October 11, 2021

Mirror-Mirror, Ellie-Ellie

Happy Monday, everybuddy! We've had house guests here in the mountains for the past few days and Glogirly's been pretty busy entertaining our visitors, taking them on hikes, teaching them how to play cards (Rook!), etc... So we told her to pick one of her favorite Waffles & Ellie posts from earlier this year to run today. We'll never forget when Ellie discovered the big mirror - we hope you enjoy our mirror-mirror flashback! 

ELLIE:  Hello? What's your name? You look kind of familiar and stuff. Have we– Wait!

ELLIE:  Mr. WAFFLES!!! Come quick! There's another CAT here! 

WAFFLES:  That's not another cat, Ellie. It's a mirror. 

ELLIE:   What's a mirror, Mr. Waffles? 

WAFFLES:  It's just something I look at to see how handsome I am. 

ELLIE:  But I don't see you in the mirror, Mr. Waffles. 

WAFFLES:  Maybe you should look again. Because every mirror I've ever looked at had a handsome orange mancat looking back at me. 

ELLIE:  I think Mr. Waffles needs glasses.

About Today's Photos
Ellie recently discovered the mirror. She was pretty surprised to see her little reflection looking back and was quite enamored with herself while Gloman snuck behind her with his camera. Little does she know, Waffles has had this whole mirror thing down for a looooong time. LOL!

Sunday, October 3, 2021

Hello, Glogirly?!

WAFFLES:  Hello, Glogirly??? You've been gone for're coming home today, right? Gloman's been doing a pretty good job with breakfast and dinner and stuff. But Ellie's being all kitten-y and stuff. 

ELLIE:  Whaddya mean I'm all kitten-y??? 

WAFFLES:  Super kitten-y, Glogirly. Ellie's horning in on my mancat time with Gloman.

ELLIE:  Horning in? You mean like a trumpet? Or a trombone-y thing?

WAFFLES:  Hurry, Glogirly. Hurry.

About Today's Story

Glogirly jetted off unexpectedly last week to help her BFF from high school with a big event she was in charge of for the company she works for. Her friend needed help planning, setting up, and making everything pretty-pretty. It's something Glogirly did long before she started writing out cat blog. 

Gloman has been doing an EXCELLENT job taking care of everything. He always fills the breakfast and dinner dishes a little extra full. And he's the best cuddle ever.