Friday, December 29, 2017

Scenes From A Meowy Mountain Christmas

WAFFLES:  Hey Boss, this one totally smells like KFC. Extra crispy. Definitely extra crispy.

KATIE:  Waffles, I'm pretty sure Santa doesn't do his Christmas shopping at KFC. 

WAFFLES:  Duh, Boss. He's got elves for that.

KATIE:  Ok, but he's still got to fly all the presents, and in your case fried chicken, all the way from the North Pole in his sleigh. It's going to be way cold by the time it gets here. And definitely not extra crispy.

WAFFLES:  Doesn't he have one of those warmer thingies like the pizza man has? 

A Meowy Mountain Christmas
We hope you enjoy a few scenes from our first family Christmas here in the Colorado mountains. We are so very blessed to have a warm roof over our heads, delicious food on our table and presents under our tree. Ok, so our Christmas tree is actually outside and the presents were technically under the sofa table.

We are most thankful though, for the love of family, friends and you, our dear readers. From our hearts to yours, Happy Holidays.

Scenes from our Christmas Eve dinner

Gabe has found the secret to bringing Waffles and Katie together.

Santa Claws is coming to town.

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Christmas Cat Kiss

WAFFLES:  How about a Christmas kiss, Boss?

KATIE:  How about NOT.

WAFFLES:  What if I got us some missile paws?

KATIE: You mean mistleTOE? Same answer.

Holiday Wishes
Thank you so much for all of your wonderful Christmas wishes! We had a wonderful 1st Mountain Christmas here with the whole family in attendance. We can't wait to share the stories and photos! 

No matter what holiday you celebrate, we hope you have a wonderful one filled with peace, friendship and plenty of laughter. 

Monday, December 25, 2017

A Very Meowy Christmas from Waffles, Katie, and the Figgy Pudding

We wish you a Meowy Christmas ♫♩
We wish you a Meowy Christmas ♫♩
We wish you a Meowy Christmas ♫♩
And a–

WAFFLES:  –and a...

WAFFLES:  Uh oh boss, I forget. And a what?  

KATIE:  And a Happy New Year ♫♩.

WAFFLES:  Oh yeah. Then what comes next?

KATIE:  Now, bring me some ♫♩–

Now bring me some chicken drumsticks ♫♩
Now bring me some chicken drumsticks ♫♩
Now bring me some chicken drumsticks ♫♩

WAFFLES:  And bring them RIGHT HERE ♫♩!

KATIE:  Sorry to break this to you, Waffles. But it's figgy pudding, not chicken drumsticks

WAFFLES:  Figgy Pudding??? Who eats figgy pudding?

KATIE:  Seriously, Waffles. It's just a song. Get ahold of yourself.

WAFFLES:  I bet Santa never had to eat any figgy pudding.

KATIE:  Looks like someone got up on the wrong side of his sleigh.

We want to thank our friends and readers for welcoming us into your homes, hearts, and inboxes. You're truly like family to us and we're so very grateful for your friendship and love.

We wish you a holiday season filled with laughter, love, family and friends. May your celebrations also be sprinkled with cherished memories of those who've touched your hearts.

We don't ever want to take for granted how incredibly lucky we are. Our hearts go out to those not as fortunate as us. Those who are hungry, homeless... those who are struggling. With or without fur, you are in our prayers.

With all our Love,
Katie, Waffles, Glogirly & Gloman

Friday, December 22, 2017

Christmas Shopping Convo

WAFFLES:  So Boss. 

KATIE:  Waffles. 

WAFFLES:  So Boss, it's almost Christmas. 

KATIE:  Right. Almost Christmas.

WAFFLES:  So you're probably wondering what you should get me. You know. For Christmas.

KATIE:  Hadn't really thought about it, Waffles.

WAFFLES:  Do you want me to help you think about it? 

KATIE:  No, I'm good. 

WAFFLES:  So you have thought about it. 

KATIE:  No. 

WAFFLES:  And you're sure you don't need help? You know, picking out my Christmas present?

KATIE:  Did I say I need help? 


KATIE:  Ok then.

WAFFLES:  Ok then, you DO want me to help pick out my present!

About Today's Photos
Some of our most favorite photos of Katie and Waffles are those that catch them having what is clearly a private conversation. Sometimes their actual conversations are entirely nonverbal. Sometimes though, Waffles, will vocalize. Usually it's quick trill or two. But every once in awhile, he'll full out MEOW at Katie. Loud and long. 

Katie almost always stays quiet. But she is the queen of deadpan stares. If she stares hard enough, Waffles will take his trill and run the other way. 

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Fa La La La Waffles

WAFFLES:  Fa-la-la-la ♩♬

WAFFLES:  So Boss, what does Fa-la-la mean, anyway?

KATIE:  It doesn't mean anything, Waffles. 

WAFFLES:  No way, Boss. Santa would never write a song about nothing. 

KATIE:  Well it worked for Jerry Seinfeld. 

About Today's Photos
Now that we've started displaying all the holiday cards we've received from friends, family and fellow blogging cats, Waffles has taken to displaying himself along side them.

Last Day to Enter our FELISCRATCH Giveaway! 
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Monday, December 18, 2017

Waffles' Rocky Mountain Bathroom High

WAFFLES:  Hey Boss, what's that John Denver song? 

KATIE:  Please tell me you're not going to start singing again.

WAFFLES:  Oh wait! I remember.  ♩♬  Colorado rocky mountain high... ♩♬

WAFFLES:  I've seen it raining chickens from the sky. ♩♬ La la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la-la,  something 'bout a lullaby...

WAFFLES: Uh oh. I don't think the next verse has anything about getting down from here. 

About Today's Photos
Locking himself in the powder room was Waffles' thing when we lived in the Minneapolis townhouse. Since we don't have a powder room, he's had to find a new thing. 

His new thing somewhat related to bathroom shenanigans. He's now taken to scaling the door frame between the master bathroom closet. The first Glogirly discovered him up there, she couldn't believe her eyes. The door was moving and Waffles didn't seem to have a plan. So she grabbed a stool and rescued him. Only for him to do it again. In just two swift leaps, one onto the bathroom counter and the next to the top of the door, he was up there again. She was up on the stool again, lifting him down.

Let's just say there's now a stool within very easy reach of that doorway. And it gets used a LOT.

Our Rocky Mountain High
Pretty sure this is what John Denver was singing about. 

Friday, December 15, 2017

Gift Wrapping Cats

WAFFLES:  Hey Boss, I'm ready to pack our Secret Paws presents.

KATIE:  Hold on, Waffles. I'm not done testing this rainbow ball. 

WAFFLES:  Sometime today, Boss.

KATIE:  Watch it, Waffles. Or you might get packed in that box and sent off to *undisclosed location.*

WAFFLES:  Wait. What??? What's undisclosed location? You mean like France?

KATIE:  You never know, Waffles. Maybe. But I'll never tell. Secret Paws is, after all...secret. 

About Today's Photos
Each year we participate in a Secret Paws. It's a Secret Santa kind of thing for cat bloggers from around the world. Our friends at Sweet Purrfections organize it and match up the cat blogs, including names of the cats, their favorite colors, toys and treats. We like to include a small gift for human too!
We'd love to tell you where our Secret Paws box is headed, but then we'd have to– well, you know.

About Those Gift Tags!
This year we designed our own Meowy Christmas gift tags. They turned out SO nice. There are three versions and we're selling them in our Zazzle Store. If you'd like to have some of your own, just visit our shop. Pretty sure they're on sale for Christmas.

Each tag measures 3.5" x 2" and comes with colorful cotton twine for tying. The front features a photo and the back is designed with a space to write on. They come in packs of 10.
FTC Disclosure - We receive a small commission for products sold in our Zazzle Shop. Our products feature original artwork and photography. We maintain creative rights to all of our designs.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Saving Paws and Saving Couches with New FELISCRATCH by FELIWAY™ - Plus a Giveaway!

This post is sponsored by FELISRATCH by FELIWAY™

WAFFLES:  Hey Boss, are you about done with your holiday mani-pedi?

KATIE:  These things take time, Waffles. Meticulous grooming, cleaning between my toes and of course...LOTS of scratching on my post.

WAFFLES:  I'm an excellent scratcher. 

KATIE:  No kidding, Waffles. Remember those brown chairs at the Townhouse? You really did a number on them. You're lucky Glogirly loves you and your paws more than furniture. 

WAFFLES:  That was WAY back when I was a kitten. 

KATIE:  And unfortunately for those chairs, that was long before FELISCRATCH. 

This is BIG! 
Saving Paws, Claws and Furniture
If you visit our blog regularly, you probably already know we're big fans of FELIWAY™. We regularly use their spray, wipes and diffusers to help maintain peace and harmony in our home. When we heard they were working on a product to help cat parents deal with the common problem of cats scratching furniture, rugs and other home furnishings, our ears perked right up. 

Cats were born to scratch. They need to scratch. It's instinctive and natural behavior. Scratching helps to remove the dead outer layer of their claws, it allows them to mark their territory by leaving both their scent and a visual mark, and it helps them to stretch their bodies and flex their feet and claws. 

But it's also destructive and often frustrating behavior when furniture gets involved. The first step to solving this dilemna is to provide scratching alternatives in every room of the house you and the cats spend the most time in. We've got posts and scratchers in the bedroom, master bath, living room, dining room, office and even the entryway. But sometimes the best laid plans can still go awry. Sometimes Waffles and even Katie will scratch where they shouldn't. 

That's precisely where FELISCRATCH can come to the rescue. 

How to Use 
Each package contains 9 "pipettes" of the Feliscratch liquid. (3 sets of 3)

Separate and snip the small end with scissor and bend the u-shaped piece of plastic back.

Gently squeeze and apply the liquid in a thin strip along the length of the scratcher. 
And that's it! 

FELISCRATCH recommends reapplying once daily for seven days. (One pipette for each use) 
Then one pipette at the beginning of week three and one at the beginning of week 4. 

For the Science Geeks - Just How Does it Work???
FELISCRATCH contains 3 components that work together to make the magic happen-
1. Feline Interdigital Semiochemical (F.I.S), which are some really big words that mean quite simply, the pheromone from the cat's paws. Ths pheromone directs cats to scratch on the surface where the product has been applied.
2. Catnip, (great idea!) which contributes as an additional attractant to draw cats to the scratcher where the Feliscratch has been applied.
3. Blue colorant which provides a visual cue to provide a long-range attractant for the cat to investigate the scratching post.

Saving Claws and Saving Paws
We are thrilled that FELIWAY is taking a such a strong stand against declawing. In many countries, declawing is illegal. In our opinion, no matter how you look at it, it's inhumane. Imagine having all of your fingertips amputated at the knuckle just below your fingernail. That's very close to what happens when a cat is declawed. Sounds pretty horrific, doesn't it? Add to that the high propensity for complications, infection, chronic pain and behavioral problems like not being able to use the litterbox. 

Sadly, many cat parents just don't know what's involved in the procedure, or the pain and complications cats may live with for the rest of their lives. 

FELISCRATCH has launched a tongue-in-cheek campaign called Save the Couches. On the outside, it's light-hearted and humorous, but the overriding message is an important one and helps spread awareness by promoting an anti-declawing message. 

If FELISCRATCH can save even one cats paws, it's worth it. Our hope is that it will help save hundreds of thousands of paws.

How's it Working for Us?
We only started testing out FELISCRATCH a couple of weeks ago, but already have noticed it's making a big impact. In order to make a good comparison, we put a second scratcher in our living room a couple of weeks before we started using it. We wanted everyone to get used to seeing a second scratcher in the space. Then we applied FELISCRATCH to just one of the scratchers and continued applying daily for a week.  Lo and behold, the scratcher we applied it to has become the scratcher of choice! 

In addition, Katie has not been scratching the rug in that room (an occasional problem for her) and has instead turned her attention to the scratcher. Yay!

Where to Buy
FELISCRATCH is currently available on Amazon. (fast and free shipping for Prime members!)

Enter to Win and Be Among the First to Try Out FELISCRATCH
Three lucky GLOGIRLY readers will win a package of FELISCRATCH to try out in their own homes. Just enter via the Rafflecopter widget below. Though prizes can only ship to US addresses, we're opening the giveaway to our readers worldwide so that if anyone outside the US wins, they can gift their prize to a friend or shelter here in the US.

Good luck, everyone...and thanks for entering!

FTC Disclosure: This post and giveaway is sponsored by FELIWAY®, which means that we were paid to create and feature this content. Regardless of the payment received, we only feature products and services we use and/or feel would be relevant to our readers.