Friday, December 15, 2017

Gift Wrapping Cats

WAFFLES:  Hey Boss, I'm ready to pack our Secret Paws presents.

KATIE:  Hold on, Waffles. I'm not done testing this rainbow ball. 

WAFFLES:  Sometime today, Boss.

KATIE:  Watch it, Waffles. Or you might get packed in that box and sent off to *undisclosed location.*

WAFFLES:  Wait. What??? What's undisclosed location? You mean like France?

KATIE:  You never know, Waffles. Maybe. But I'll never tell. Secret Paws is, after all...secret. 

About Today's Photos
Each year we participate in a Secret Paws. It's a Secret Santa kind of thing for cat bloggers from around the world. Our friends at Sweet Purrfections organize it and match up the cat blogs, including names of the cats, their favorite colors, toys and treats. We like to include a small gift for human too!
We'd love to tell you where our Secret Paws box is headed, but then we'd have to– well, you know.

About Those Gift Tags!
This year we designed our own Meowy Christmas gift tags. They turned out SO nice. There are three versions and we're selling them in our Zazzle Store. If you'd like to have some of your own, just visit our shop. Pretty sure they're on sale for Christmas.

Each tag measures 3.5" x 2" and comes with colorful cotton twine for tying. The front features a photo and the back is designed with a space to write on. They come in packs of 10.
FTC Disclosure - We receive a small commission for products sold in our Zazzle Shop. Our products feature original artwork and photography. We maintain creative rights to all of our designs.


  1. Your Secret Paws gifts are packaged way more nicely than ours were! My human does not have any great talent when it comes to wrapping packages.

  2. our secret paw went out yesterday. How fun is it? I love your tags - so cute.

  3. those tags are adorable....looks like Glogirly had LOTS of help with the packing

  4. I bet your secret paw will be very pleased to get those gifts! And if Mama was hoping you'd pack up and send Waffles to her but I don't think the rest of us would like it...

  5. OMC! We LOVE those tags! Do they come assorted or do I have to chose which cat I want—Katie. Oh, did I type that out loud? We'll go over and have a look. Can't wait to see who your lucky Secret Paws is.

  6. Someone will be so lucky to receive this it's a great idea. Your both amazing kitties.x😻💕

  7. Waffles, you've really got to stop listening to Katie!

  8. We haven't even finished our Secret Paws shopping! We are so behind!

  9. Hmmm,some kitty is in for some fun,xx Speedy


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