Sunday, July 31, 2016

Life, Love & Litterboxes - A Conversation with Real Life CatLady Angela Kinsey plus a Giveaway!

WAFFLES:  Don't look now...

KATIE:  Yes. DON'T look now, Waffles. A little privacy please!

WAFFLES:  Glogirly's going to make that face again.

KATIE:  What face?

WAFFLES:  You know, the squinty-scruchy-that-really-stinks face. Stank Face. 

KATIE:  What exactly are you saying, Waffles?

Stank Face: The universal expression of disgust often caused by litter box odor
This summer, TidyCats is partnering with actress and cat-lover Angela Kinsey (best known for her role as cat lady Angela Martin on NBC's 'The Office') on a public awareness initiative to shed light on Stank Face and how their new TidyLock™Protection technology can help to combat it's ill effects by better locking away the odors that so often lead to scrunched noses and squinty eyes.

As part of the TidyInsider program, Glogirly had an opportunity to interview the real cat lady behind the cat lady. Turns out Glogirly and Angela have quite a bit in common... from Stank Face to much more.

Glogirly & Angela - A Conversation About Cats, Compassion & Laughter
I had a chance to chat with Angela a couple of weeks ago about her cats and her own Stank Face experiences. But the universe had different plans. After quick introductions, the brightness in her voice diminished as she told me her dear cat Otter had just passed away. I could just feel the hurt and loss in her voice and my heart broke for her. So we spent some time talking about her Otter. Her heart cat.

Angela: "Pets become healers and buffers to our world." 

Otter was her constant. By her side since her 20s, from tiny apartment to tiny apartment, Otter was right there. Otter was there for Angela when she was alone and just starting out. And with her as she enjoyed successes and milestones in her career, playing Cat Lady Angela Martin on NBC's The Office,  and in her family life, including the birth of her daughter Isabel, now eight years old.

Photos courtesy of @angelakinsey on Instagram

The way she talked about Otter reminded me so much of Nicki, the cat that came before Katie & Waffles. Nicki and I moved six times together in his short little life. It was a time that I too was just starting out and was alone. I don't know what I'd have done without him. Like Otter, Nicki was my constant too. By my side as I grieved the loss of my mom and right next to me as we moved to unfamiliar cities to begin new jobs and adventures.

Adopting Otter
Almost 20 years ago, Angela went to Much Love Animal Rescue in Santa Monica, CA to adopt a cat. One cat. At least that was the plan. A sweet little girl named Lucy curled up in her lap and essentially picked her. I think we've all been there. That moment you just know that you were meant for that cat and that cat was meant for you.

There was a catch though. Lucy had a brother. And the shelter wasn't going to split them up. Peering out from the corners was this kind of crazy looking cat. Wild eyed and perhaps still a little bit feral. That was Otter.

And so it was meant to be. Angela came home with brother and sister, Otter and Lucy. At least she thought she'd come home with a brother and sister. For the longest time, Angela thought Otter was a boy until one day at the vet the doctor exclaimed, "You have a really nice, sweet girl!"

Angela to Otter: "I'm so sorry all these years I've been calling you a dude!"

Otter and Lucy, now sisters, were best of buddies for many years until Lucy passed away. In her later years, Otter loved her porch time. No longer a jumper or a climber, the enclosed backyard was like a slice of sunshine heaven where she could be happy and safe.

Otter was her heart cat.
And for her daughter, this was the first time experiencing loss. Our sweet pets, they teach us so much. Even in death.

Photos courtesy of @angelakinsey on Instagram

Today Angela shares her life with Snickers and Oreo, her boyfriend's cats and two tiny rescue dogs. So tiny they're smaller than most cats. We talked about the awesome cat men in our lives and the joy it brings each of us to see the love they show them each and everyday through cuddles and conversations.

All of Angela's pets are rescues. "If you adopt from a kill shelter, you really ARE saving life."

It's a Tidy Giveaway!
One lucky GLOGIRLY reader will receive a prize of five manufacturer's coupons to buy the TidyCats litter of their choose and squelch the stank in their own litter boxes.

Even a cat loving celeb like Angela isn't exempt from Stank Face. Learn more at

Special thanks to Angela Kinsey for sharing herself and Otter's story with us.

This post is sponsored by Tidy Cats® for Purina®. As a TidyCatInsider, we are being compensated for creating awareness about Stank Face and TidyLock™ Protection and sponsoring a Litter Giveaway for our readers. GLOGIRLY only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers. Tidy Cats is not responsible for the content of this article.

Friday, July 29, 2016

Chivalry & the Orange Mancat - Flashback Friday

WAFFLES:  Gee your fur smells terrific. 

KATIE:  Personal space, Waffles. You're encroaching.

WAFFLES:  What do you use on it, Boss?

KATIE:  My tongue.

WAFFLES:  And it's really soft. You must condition too.

KATIE:  Waffles, I'm kind of busy. What do you want?

WAFFLES:  I heard that girls like it when you say their fur smells. 

KATIE:  You mean smells good. Not smells. There's a big difference.

WAFFLES:  And don't girls like to share their dinner with handsome orange mancats?

KATIE:  knew this had something to do with my food.

WAFFLES:  You look like you need help with that, Boss. 

KATIE:  Mitts off, Waffles. Chivalry will get you nowhere. 

WAFFLES:  Maybe Mr. Chivalry needs to stop and ask for directions.

About Today's Photos
Today's pictures are outtakes from one of our product review photo shoots we did last year. That's the only time Glogirly lets Katie eat her food 'unprotected' from Waffles. He's a known food thief and crumb scavenger. How else do you think we keep our floors so clean?

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

KATRIS Lynks Scratchers - Cat Tested & Cat Approved

WAFFLES:  *scratch-scratch-scratch*  *scratch-scratch-scratch* 

How do you like my new scratcher, Boss? 

KATIE:  Why is it Waffles, that every time we get something new you declare it as yours

WAFFLES:  So... does that mean you like my new scratcher? 

KATIE:  Of all the scratchers in all the townhouses in all the world, you have to scratch your claws into mine. 

WAFFLES:  Is this where you tell me this is the start of a beautiful friendship, Boss?

New KATRIS™ Lynks
We've been big fans of KATRIS scratchers for many years now. They're among the most functional, durable and incredibly beautiful scratchers out there. Their original scratchers are like Tetris-shaped building blocks and can be positioned into a variety of scratchable configurations. Their newest design, Lynks, is a fabulous addition to their collection and can be easily joined to existing pieces or used entirely on their own. 

We particularly love how these can be configured for upright or vertical scratching, horizontal scratching and a multitude of angles in between. Many cats prefer one position over another and the flexibility of Lynks makes it possible to satisfy virtually every cat's natural need to scratch.

Built to LAST
Every KATRIS piece is incredibly solid and sturdy. It's hard to believe they're made from simple, old fashioned paperboards. KATRIS uses 90% post-consumer recycled paper and non-toxic SGS certified glue. The cardboard like paper is super dense and according to KATRIS, lasts five times longer than many common scratchers. We think that's a pretty conservative estimate. In our experience they are virtually indestructible. 

No Shedding, No Kidding
If your cat loves scratching on cardboard surfaces, you probably have a very close relationship with your vacuum. That won't be necessary with these scratchers. The same construction that makes these last for years and years, also makes them virtually shed-free. 

Exclusive Pre-Order Offer
KATRIS is offering a special deal on their new Lynks scratchers. Now through August 15, you can receive 10% off your purchase. Get yours HERE.

You Can Help - Let's Eradicate Declawing
KATRIS will be donating 3% of the pre-order proceeds to the Paw Project. Your purchase will help their efforts to ban this painful, unnecessary procedure, as well as aid in the recovery of cats that are suffering from effects declaw surgery. Learn more about the Paw Project and feline declawing here:

This post is sponsored by KATRIS™.  We received this product for review at no charge. We also received a fee for writing this review. Receiving the free product and the fee did not influence our review in any way. All sponsored posts will always reflect our honest and unbiased opinions and feature products and information we feel is relevant to our readers. 

Monday, July 25, 2016

Cat Harnesses, Butterfly Wings & Earworms

Cat and butterfly,  ♫♩
Up in the air we like to fly!  ♫♩
Cat and butter–

KATIE:  Waffles, you may like flying high, but I'm going to keep my paws firmly on the ground. Besides, everyone knows the song is, "DOG and Butterfly." 

WAFFLES:  Well that's dumb. Everyone knows dogs don't fly.

KATIE:  Yeah well, cats don't either. 

WAFFLES:  That's not true either, Boss. 
I believe I can fly. ♫♩
I believe I can touch the sky. ♫♩

KATIE:  Waffles, enough with the ear worms already. 

WAFFLES:  I bet I can fly from my cat tree all the way up to that window. Want to see?

KATIE:  You mean the window above our drinking fountain? That didn't work out too well for you the other day.


KATIE:  Yeah, I don't think you've got enough wind beneath those wings of yours.

WAFFLES:  But Boss, I thought you were the wind beneath my wings.

About Today's Photos
Today's photos are from the fall of 2015 shortly after Waffles got his new orange harness. When Glogirly saw the orange butterfly wings at the store, all her common sense flew out that tall window Waffles likes so much and she brought them home. 

We're not big on costumes and clothing, but both Katie and Waffles do great in their Puppia Harnesses. Although they're made for dogs, the small is a perfect fit for each of them and fits comfortably and securely. So when Glogirly gets that crazy urge to add a little something-something to Katie & Waffles' wardrobe, she tries to limit the accessories to small add-ons that can be easily attached to a harness. A simple bow tie, crocheted flower, patch or in this case... a pair of butterfly wings. 

Of course Katie and Waffles, like most cats, love the au naturale look best. But if you're up for an adventure outside the house, perhaps a little walkabout in the grass or a shopping trip to your local pet food store, a harness and leash is a must. 

For More on Harnesses
Check out our blog post featuring sizing, styling and tips on introducing a harness to your cat:


Our shopping links today are affiliate links which means we receive a small
commission to support Waffles' chicken habit when you make a purchase. 

Today's Earworm Trifecta
Dog & Butterfly, performed by Heart (gorgeous live performance)

Friday, July 22, 2016

Party at the Vet

WAFFLES:  Hey Boss! Where're we going? Are we going to a party? With games and stuff?

KATIE:  Well if by game you mean, Where's the Thermometer...then party on, Waffles.  

WAFFLES:  Wait. WHAT??? 

WAFFLES:  What a ripoff, Boss. We're so not going to a party. 

KATIE:  You're just figuring that out now?

WAFFLES:  So Boss, how come you never have to play Where's the Thermometer?

KATIE:  I've got a special Where's the Thermometer waiver on my chart.

WAFFLES:  I need to get me one of those. Do they have them on Amazon? We have Prime.

KATIE:  Better turn around, Waffles. The one with the gloves is right behind you.

WAFFLES:  Uh oh.

About Today's Vet Visit
Besides yesterday being the hottest day of the year here in Minneapolis, it was also vet visit day for Katie and Waffles. They both had their rabies vaccinations and weigh ins. Waffles delighted in Dr. Karlin telling him he was a perfect mancat. Perfect weight, perfect physique, perfect personality... she really has no idea how much this is all going to go to his head.

Katie was delighted to learn she needs to gain a few ounces and can have a smidge more food at mealtime. She was less than delighted though to have her senior bloodwork done. And a urinalysis.

As for Where's the Thermometer, it's true - based on Katie's reputation of spirited protests, she is indeed exempt from the taking of the temperatures.

Just a little schmear of food and Waffles never saw the thermometer coming.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Birthday Cards & Cats

WAFFLES:  Wow, Boss. You write really good. 

KATIE:  Well, Waffles. I write really well. 

WAFFLES:  Well, you write really good. 

But what do you mean by "Waffles should just move into the powder room and how about I pack his bags?" 

KATIE:  Nothing to be concerned about, Waffles. This is between me, Glogirly and her birthday card. How about you focus on your own card for her?

WAFFLES:  I got her a card AND a crinkle ball.

KATIE:  You mean you got you a crinkle ball. I suppose you got her another card with another orange cat on it. Probably doing something silly like dancing under a disco ball.

About Today's Photos - A Birthday Recap
Glogirly has been SO touched by all of the heartfelt birthday greetings she received from friends and readers here on our blog and on our Facebook page. We truly have the best friends in the world, that's for sure! We're so grateful our blog has introduced us to such awesome people, cats, dogs, goats, ferrets and hamsters from all over the world. We started blogging way back in June of 2009 and never in our wildest catnap dreams did we imagine we'd be here today. Surely Katie didn't see Waffles' coming either!

Gloman and Glogirly have a fun tradition of hiding cards for each other around the townhouse on birthdays and holidays. And there's always a card from Katie and one from Waffles too. ...usually positioned by an empty food dish.

Yesterday (Glogirly's bday) was no exception. What Waffles lacks in penmanship and grammar he makes up for in cuteness. Though now he's going to need a disco ball and a new white suit.

WAFFLES:  White suit??? 

Rare Glogirly Sighting
Last, in honor of the birthday girl, we thought you might like to see her birthday self-portrait she took just yesterday. She doesn't often make a personal appearance here on the blog, what with always being the one behind the camera, but here she is... cat eye glasses and all. 

Wait. She's still behind the camera.

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Monday, July 18, 2016

Happy Birthday Glogirly Giveaway!

WAFFLES:  Whoa, Boss! That's a LOTTA LOTTA candles! Can you even count that high?

KATIE:  Global warming is alive and well on Glogirly's birthday cake, Waffles.

It's a Birthday GIVEAWAY
Tomorrow is our girl's birthday so we decided to celebrate with our favorite kind of giveaway. What could be more fun and pink than a bunch of cool GLOGIRLY swag???  Each time we've shared photos of our swag on Facebook, SO many of our friends and readers have wanted to know how to get their paws on some of their own. We've been setting aside a few of our faves, waiting for just the right occasion. 

Five Winners & Open Worldwide
Ok, not elebenty-hundred... but 5 lucky winners will receive a prize package worth MILLIONS of... 

...smiles. What? You were thinking millions of dollars?? Our giveaway is open worldwide and each prize will be lovingly packaged right here in the Townhouse. NOTE: Winners may select a small tuft of tuxedo or orange tabby fur. 


WAFFLES:  Cool, Boss! I'll get your fur tufts ready, ok?


1. Genuine GLOGIRLY Swag Bag
Just the right size for lunch, snacks.... or half of Waffles. AND it will come filled with lots of great stuff.

2. Officer Katie & Waffles Greeting Card
Our most popular greeting card from the Glogirly Zazzle Shop featuring our favorite and most shared photo.

3. Limited Edition CatBell & Pen
Many of our fellow bloggers that have attended conferences with us over the years will remember our signature cat bells and pens. Because sometimes you just need more catbell.

4. Waffles & Katie Mini Fan Cards
Bound to be valuable collectors items, these sweet little cards feature Waffles gobbling his chicken legs and Katie looking lovely in her diamond daisy tiara.

KATIE:  But wait, there's more?

5. BONUS! 
Each winner will also receive one dead catnip mouse in their swag bag. RIP.
Note: Mice come in assorted colors of Cotton Candy Pink and Chocolate Mousse Mouse. 

Good luck everyone! 
And thank you SO much for letting us into your inboxes and hearts. 
You mean the world to us. xoxo