Friday, July 29, 2016

Chivalry & the Orange Mancat - Flashback Friday

WAFFLES:  Gee your fur smells terrific. 

KATIE:  Personal space, Waffles. You're encroaching.

WAFFLES:  What do you use on it, Boss?

KATIE:  My tongue.

WAFFLES:  And it's really soft. You must condition too.

KATIE:  Waffles, I'm kind of busy. What do you want?

WAFFLES:  I heard that girls like it when you say their fur smells. 

KATIE:  You mean smells good. Not smells. There's a big difference.

WAFFLES:  And don't girls like to share their dinner with handsome orange mancats?

KATIE:  knew this had something to do with my food.

WAFFLES:  You look like you need help with that, Boss. 

KATIE:  Mitts off, Waffles. Chivalry will get you nowhere. 

WAFFLES:  Maybe Mr. Chivalry needs to stop and ask for directions.

About Today's Photos
Today's pictures are outtakes from one of our product review photo shoots we did last year. That's the only time Glogirly lets Katie eat her food 'unprotected' from Waffles. He's a known food thief and crumb scavenger. How else do you think we keep our floors so clean?


  1. Poor Katie. But it does look like she did most of the eating

  2. We are all food thieves here! My human put out our raw discs to defrost, and set them in the same room where she was working, but I managed to jump up and start eating out of Binga's food dish so quietly she didn't notice until I'd taken a few nice, big bites! She says I am stealthy. She also switched out my whole disc with Binga's partly-eaten one.

  3. One stealth ginger ninja on the prowl!!!!

  4. Oh, Waffles. You're ALMOST too handsome to NOT forgive. Poor Katie.

  5. Waffles, you and Ashton are two peas in a pod. Pierre has exactly that problem if his dinner isn't supervised or protected from her, and she steals cartoon-style enormous bites because she knows she's probably not going to be allowed to continue to eat it.

  6. Waffles you are a character. Too cute.
    Sue B

  7. I do think you are on to a loser there, Waffles, maybe next time cause a distraction and swipe a pawfull when Katie isn't looking.... or do a swap for yours! purrs ERin

  8. so Waffles will hence forth be known as "Hoover"? :)

  9. Nice try, Waffles! Too funny! You are what my Mommy says is a Hoot!

  10. Waffles, you almost got us with the chivalry trick until you put your paw into Katie's plate ! Purrs

  11. Derby was a chow hound. I could never eat gooshy foods in peace. He would inhale his and then mooch into mine. Mum had to stand guard so I got my share. Now I can eat at my pace and enjoy it!

  12. Waffles you are funny! But you didn't steal any of that food! It must be good.

  13. I always hear that I should have been named Hoover. Mom just brushes all the crumbs from the counters straight to the floor. Love Dolly

  14. You are pushing your luck BOL
    Lily & Edward

  15. Ya'll are very cute. Seems those kids are always tryin' to steal our noms huh Katie?

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

  16. That's what I do to Ernie when I want to eat his food...lick his head. He walks away everytime...and I SCORE! ~Wally

  17. Both cats and people know better than to mess with my food!
    Don't forget...I'm watching!
    Have a super Saturday...

    Noodle and crew


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