Wednesday, July 27, 2016

KATRIS Lynks Scratchers - Cat Tested & Cat Approved

WAFFLES:  *scratch-scratch-scratch*  *scratch-scratch-scratch* 

How do you like my new scratcher, Boss? 

KATIE:  Why is it Waffles, that every time we get something new you declare it as yours

WAFFLES:  So... does that mean you like my new scratcher? 

KATIE:  Of all the scratchers in all the townhouses in all the world, you have to scratch your claws into mine. 

WAFFLES:  Is this where you tell me this is the start of a beautiful friendship, Boss?

New KATRIS™ Lynks
We've been big fans of KATRIS scratchers for many years now. They're among the most functional, durable and incredibly beautiful scratchers out there. Their original scratchers are like Tetris-shaped building blocks and can be positioned into a variety of scratchable configurations. Their newest design, Lynks, is a fabulous addition to their collection and can be easily joined to existing pieces or used entirely on their own. 

We particularly love how these can be configured for upright or vertical scratching, horizontal scratching and a multitude of angles in between. Many cats prefer one position over another and the flexibility of Lynks makes it possible to satisfy virtually every cat's natural need to scratch.

Built to LAST
Every KATRIS piece is incredibly solid and sturdy. It's hard to believe they're made from simple, old fashioned paperboards. KATRIS uses 90% post-consumer recycled paper and non-toxic SGS certified glue. The cardboard like paper is super dense and according to KATRIS, lasts five times longer than many common scratchers. We think that's a pretty conservative estimate. In our experience they are virtually indestructible. 

No Shedding, No Kidding
If your cat loves scratching on cardboard surfaces, you probably have a very close relationship with your vacuum. That won't be necessary with these scratchers. The same construction that makes these last for years and years, also makes them virtually shed-free. 

Exclusive Pre-Order Offer
KATRIS is offering a special deal on their new Lynks scratchers. Now through August 15, you can receive 10% off your purchase. Get yours HERE.

You Can Help - Let's Eradicate Declawing
KATRIS will be donating 3% of the pre-order proceeds to the Paw Project. Your purchase will help their efforts to ban this painful, unnecessary procedure, as well as aid in the recovery of cats that are suffering from effects declaw surgery. Learn more about the Paw Project and feline declawing here:

This post is sponsored by KATRIS™.  We received this product for review at no charge. We also received a fee for writing this review. Receiving the free product and the fee did not influence our review in any way. All sponsored posts will always reflect our honest and unbiased opinions and feature products and information we feel is relevant to our readers. 


  1. I love Waffles. Here each cat has its own favorite thing to scratch. Unfortunately John is Harry's. heh

  2. We have one of the older Katris models, and we love it!

  3. City the Kitty will be so proud of you all helping STOP the barbaric and inhumance practice of declawing!!

    These are FABulous Katie.... er .... and Waffles!!!!!!

  4. Hate to break it to you, Waffles ... but I think Katie essentially claimed it as hers already. Sure, she didn't say it out loud, EXPLICITLY ... which is maybe why you missed the declaration ... but you're about to have some trouble on your paws if you can't manage to at least share :)

  5. It looks like Waffles is more coordinated than Ruby :-) She did her best to climb ours, but couldn't quite figure out how to get to the top without falling off!

  6. We love scratching cardboard...and we know we'd love scratching these. We like how Katris is donating some of the proceeds to the Paw Project.

  7. we wonder how they would survive in our house - Daiquiri has a LOVE for cardboard scratcher and a need to chew on them. MOL love that they are supporting the Paw Project as well

  8. I hate it when Ichiro thinks things in the house are his. They are clearly mine.

  9. Wow, does that look like fun! Can you chew on it, too?
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher

  10. You better put your name on everything like a big "K" like Laverne did.
    Lily & Edward

  11. Looks like a great product. Happy to hear the company is donating a percentage of pre-sales to The Paw Project.

  12. Can you believe I won't scratch on cardboard? They're cute shapes though.


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