Friday, February 22, 2019

When Hearts Break: Katie and Waffles On Death and Dying

WAFFLES:  Boss? How come everyone is all sad and stuff?

KATIE:  Waffles, we lost some very dear kitty friends this past week.

WAFFLES:  Well shouldn't we go look for them? You know, make some signs and stuff?

KATIE:  No, Waffles. Signs aren't going to bring our friends back. And they're not really lost. They're in our hearts now.

WAFFLES:  What do you mean?

KATIE:  Well, you know how Glogirly says that her mom and dad live in her heart? And Nicki, the cat that came before us, he lives in her heart too?

WAFFLES:  Oh yeah. She even has a special box for his memories.

KATIE:  Well the really special memories don't fit in a box. They're so big, the only place they can fit is in our hearts.

WAFFLES:  But Boss, what if my heart isn't big enough?

KATIE:  Don't worry Waffles. When your heart is filled with love and memories and friends, there's always enough room.

Always In Our Hearts
There have been a number of cats in the blogging community that we've had to say goodbye to recently. Many of us started blogging around the same time. For us, it was way back in 2009. So it seems some of our fellow blogging felines are reaching the age where health becomes a concern. It's a sober reminder of how fragile life can be. And when another blogger's heart is broken into a million pieces, our hearts break for them too.

To the cats we've lost and their loving humans,
Your light shines brightly in our hearts today and always.

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Highrise Memories

WAFFLES:  Hey Boss, I'm laying in the window seat. 

KATIE:  And this is breaking news because...

WAFFLES:  Just thought you'd want to know.

KATIE:  You do realize that right behind you is a window 24 floors up in the air. That's 261 feet down to the ground. Give or take.

WAFFLES:  *Gulp* That's a LOTTA of feet. What does that convert to in paws?

About Today's Photos
When Glogirly is missing Gloman she likes to look through photos of our downtown Minneapolis apartment so she can visualize what he's doing and where he is. 

Today's photos are from a trip Glogirly, Katie and Waffles took way back in the spring of 2017 just a few months after we became Colorado mountain cats. 

Though there aren't many deer or squirrels to watch out the windows, Katie and Waffles loved their birdseye view. They were fascinated with the constant movement and buzz of the city. 

They certainly had no trouble getting comfy in their home away from home. 

WAFFLES:  Are you sleeping, Boss? Because you sort of look like you're sleeping. I just want to make sure. So are you sleeping?

KATIE:  Busy, Waffles. 

Monday, February 18, 2019

Catnap Dreams

WAFFLES:  . . . . . . mmmmm . . . . . chicken drummies. . . . . extra crispy . . . . . zzz . . . 

WAFFLES:  Boss, are you sleeping?

KATIE:  . . . . . . birds . . . . . squirrels . . . . . snowflakes . . . . Waffles???  Please, oh please, tell me I'm still dreaming. And if I am dreaming that I'm not dreaming of Waffles.

About Today's Photos
It was a quiet weekend at home for Glogirly, Katie, Waffles. That is until Glogirly put her new Bohemian Rhapsody Blu-ray into the player and turned the volume WAY up. 

Since we were mostly all glued to the sofa this weekend and the only camera within reach was Glogirly's iPhone, today's pics are not our usually fancy big-camera photos. While she was busy power lounging in her jammies, she managed to catch Waffles and Katie in action. Or rather in lack of action.

Then this happened. 

Oh, Waffles. What will the ladies think???

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!
Or rather, Winner, Winner, Wand Toys & Feathers! Congratulations to Elizabeth, Bonnie, and Vicky! They're the lucky winners in our Pet Fit For Life Wand Toy Giveaway. Their kitties are going to go WILD when their new toys arrive!

We want to thank everyone for entering and leaving us such fun comments about their cats.

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