Monday, November 12, 2018

Chicken Snowflakes

WAFFLES:  Look, Boss! I'm catching snowflakes on my tongue! 

KATIE:  Do they taste like chicken?

WAFFLES:  Chicken??? Do YOURS taste like chicken? 

KATIE:  No, they taste like snowflakes.

WAFFLES:  Chicken snowflakes?

KATIE:  There's no such thing as chicken snowflakes, Waffles.

WAFFLES:  EEEEEK!!! These chicken snowflakes are COLD!

KATIE:  The only chicken around here is Waffles. 

Sunday Snow Day
It snowed like crazy all day Sunday. This photo was taken early in the afternoon when we had about 6". By nightfall, our official yardstick read almost 10".

Most of the day was spent cozying up to the fire. But for a few minutes, Glogirly opened up the doors to our deck to give Katie and Waffles a whiff of the fresh snow.

Katie is a gamer. She's fascinated by the snow. She'll touch it and let it blow in on her. She's even stepped in it a number of times. Though you'd think Waffles would be all brave and curious, he's the polar (pun intended) opposite of Katie. We call him the snow chicken. One little paw touch and he hops the other way. He only lasted a few seconds by the open doors. Fortunately, it was just enough time for Glogirly to snap off a few photos.

Mr. Sun should be visiting us soon, so it won't be long before the snow you see today is gone tomorrow.

Friday, November 9, 2018

Insider's Peek at the First Ever Katie & Waffles Calendar for 2019

WAFFLES:  I spy with my little eye...

KATIE:  You mean your little FOUR eyes.

WAFFLES:  Ok, I spy with my– how many did you say, Boss? 

KATIE:  Four. 

WAFFLES:  For what?

KATIE:  For crying out loud, Waffles. 

WAFFLES:  Ok. I spy with my little EYES, a super awesome, totally-kitty-cool CALENDAR! We're calendar cats, Boss! The ladies are going to go MAD for me. ...I mean us. 

KATIE:  This is what I live with. Every minute of every hour of every day. 

About Time...
We've been blogging for nine years now and every year we think about how fun it would be to create a calendar with some of our favorite photos. But usually, we don't start thinking about it until New Year's Eve. But this year, we finally have our act (and our photos) together!

An Insider's Look at our Upcoming 2019 Desk Calendar!
It's a 5" x 7" 12-month pop-up desk calendar featuring 14 of our favorite photos. These are just a few that will be included. Each month's photo and calendar will be printed on a high-quality, heavy-weight paper stock for maximum beauty and durability.

We'll be hosting a giveaway soon and will also have the calendars available for purchase in plenty of time for the holidays. We hope you love them as much as we do!

The calendar photos below are very low-resolution, so they may appear a tad fuzzy here. The finals will be high-res and beautiful though!

WAFFLES:  I thought we weren't allowed on Glogirly's desk.

KATIE:  Pretty sure this is an exception, Waffles.

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Cat Daddy Weekend

WAFFLES:  So when's Gloman coming home again, Boss? We weren't done talking about man stuff.

KATIE:  I know, I wasn't done twirling on the rug while he scratched between my ears either. 

WAFFLES:  And called you his Beautiful Girl!

KATIE:  Well at least he didn't call me, "Hey! Get off the kitchen counter!


Surprise Visit
Our Cat Daddy popped by for a long weekend visit. There was lots of lounging by the fire going on with cats on laps soaking up the love. So much love soaking we almost needed an appointment book to keep track of whose turn it was.

Glogirly and Gloman also squeezed in some time for sightseeing and exploring. But with as busy as everyone has been lately, the highlight of the weekend was just hanging out at home, enjoying our time together.

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