Friday, November 15, 2019

Waffles & Katie - The Original Odd Couple Cats

*Cue Intro Music*  ♩♬ ♬ ♬

NARRATOR: *speaking in a monotone, matter-of-fact style*

On November 25, 2012, an orange cat named Waffles left the Animal Humane Society in Buffalo, Minnesota. 

Glogirly adopted him.

Deep down he knew his life would change.

But he also knew that big things were in store for him.

After a long ride in a strange car, he appeared at the home of Katie, a well known blogging cat.

Several years earlier, Katie had been adopted as well and was living a quiet and comfortable life, free of any *other* cats.

Can two rescued cats share a townhouse and blog without driving each other crazy?

*Cue Main Theme* ♩♬ ♬ ♬

*Fade Out* 

Katie & Waffles: The ORIGINAL Odd Couple

Seven YEARS?
Can you believe we're coming up on the SEVEN year anniversary of Waffles' adoption?!? Or as Katie calls it, the Waffles Invasion. Time sure flies when you're having fun. We can't imagine life without our orange terror. And deep down, Katie can't imagine life without her orange sidekick either.

Earworm Anyone?
Just in case you need to refresh your memory, or would like to compare our version to the original–

Original Intro to The Odd Couple.
Click below to listen or click HERE to see on YouTube.

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Cat-naps & Deer-naps

WAFFLES:  Hey Boss, where's Glogirly's big camera? How come she's taking pictures of us with her iPhone? 

KATIE:  Perhaps because she's trapped under that blanket you've clearly parked yourself on.

WAFFLES:  Whaddya mean? Is Glogirly's lap a no parking zone??? 

KATIE:  Well there are limits to how long you can stay parked in the same spot. You don't want to get a ticket, do you?

WAFFLES:  Ticket? What kind of ticket? Like to a movie with popcorn and stuff?

KATIE:  Not that kind of ticket, Waffles. Anyway, it's a good thing you moved out of that spot. Better to be safe than sorry.

Speaking of Naps & Parking
We got a little fresh snow in the mountains the night before last. The snow often brings out our deer neighbors. This smiling young fellow decided to make himself comfortable right on our driveway.

Monday, November 11, 2019

BUSTED: The Great Pancake Mix Dust Storm of 2019

WAFFLES:  What. 

KATIE:  OMG, Waffles. What did you do now???

WAFFLES:  Who me?

KATIE:  No. The other orange cat named Waffles that lives here. 

WAFFLES:  Wow, that other orange cat is gonna be in a heap of trouble. 

About Today's Reenactment
Last week, while Glogirly was visiting her California family, Waffles and Katie were busy breaking in a new cat sitter team. Everything was going just fine, until the night before she was due back.

She got a text from the cat sitters that read: 

"So Waffles got into the kitchen cabinet and ripped two bags of pancake mix apart. I guess Waffles has something against pancakes 🙀😹."

Waffles was fine. Katie too. Apparently once the bags were shredded, they realized there was nothing tasty amidst the pancake mix dust storm. Still, the cat sitters monitored Waffles and Katie closely to make sure no one got sick.

How do we know it was Waffles who breached the cabinets and created the carnage? Well, if you have to ask, you don't know Waffles and Katie very well. Plus, word has it Waffles was seen sporting a pancake mix mustache. 

The cat sitters definitely got more than they bargained for. On the flip side, the pancake mix company might have a new spokescat. 

Classic Waffles
Here's one of Waffles' classic kitchen cabinet videos. Would you believe the aforementioned pancake mix was stored in one of the UPPER cabinets??? Sure wish we had video evidence of that!

Click the video below to watch. Or if you're reading from our daily emails, just click HERE to watch our snack cabinet video.

Waffles and the Snack Cabinet from Debbie Glovatsky on Vimeo.
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