Friday, September 21, 2018

Kitty-Cute Flour Sack Towel

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WAFFLES:  Hey, Boss! Glogirly's got a new kitchen towel. With CATS. Now I can help with the dishes.

KATIE:  You do know that means getting your paws wet, don't you Waffles?

WAFFLES:  I'm just going to dry.

KATIE:  Oh yeah? Well I suggest you get the hello-kitty out of that sink before it fills up with water.

WAFFLES:  Hello-kitty what?

KATIE:  Water, Waffles. WATER!

WAFFLES:  That was a close one! This dish drying stuff is dangerous.

Our New Flour Sack Towels from Counter Couture
Isn't this kitty flour sack towel just the cutest??? What you can't see in this photo is that one of the 55 kitties on it is daydreaming with his eyes shut.

Glogirly has been known to go through paper towels like they're jelly beans. So she's been trying to curtail her Bounty and Brawny obsession. And what better way to trim back on her paper towel hoarding than with beautifully designed flour sack towel?!

She found it on the Counter Couture Etsy Shop and couldn't resist. Just before she was about to check out, another one caught her eye. It has a simple line outline of the United States and you can choose which states your heart is in. So of course, she chose Colorado and Minnesota.

KATIE:  Even when Gloman is apart from us, I have his heart right here. 

WAFFLES:  Until he sees you're on the kitchen counter.

The flour sack towels are 100% cotton and hand screen printed. They're just the right weight for drying those pieces Glogirly doesn't put in the dishwasher. They're the best for cleaning eyeglasses too. It turns out that Counter Couture is right here in Colorado. We knew they were something special.

If you'd like one of these sweet towels for yourself, you can find them here - 

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Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Meow Like a Pirate with Captain Katie Sparrow & Matey Waffles

WAFFLES:  Hey Boss! Who turned out me lights???

KATIE:  Don't you think it's got something to do with that eye patch of yours?

WAFFLES:  Yeah but me ladies think I look hot in me eyepatch.

KATIE:  Anything for the ladies.

WAFFLES:  Uh, Boss... speaking of ladies, your lady-beard is crooked.

KATIE:  Waffles, if you're trying to impress the ladies, pirates or no pirates, it's best to steer clear of any beard comments.

WAFFLES:  What about beads on beards? Can I tell you the beads on your beard are crooked? Because they're crooked.

KATIE:  Careful, Waffles. Or I'll make you walk the plank.

KATIE:  I said walk the plank, Waffles. Not dance on it.

WAFFLES:  ♩♬ You should be dancing, yeah... ♩♬

KATIE:  Petty sure pirates don't listen to the BeeGees.

It's International Meow Like a Pirate Day!
We couldn't resist an opportunity for Katie to show off her Captain Jack Sparrow costume. And for Waffles to break into song and dance.

Today's post is a throwback to our TV and Movie Spoof Series. We love the posts from this series so much and plan on bringing them back to life every once in a while.

Until next time, maties!

Monday, September 17, 2018

Nice Antlers, Neighbors

WAFFLES:  Do you see what I see, Boss?

KATIE:  Considering I'm looking at YOU, I'm going to say that's a No. 

WAFFLES:  No, Boss! Out the window do you see what I see?

KATIE:  Why? What do you see?

WAFFLES:  It's our neighbors. One of them's got HORNS. Big ones.

DEER:  That's right, Waffles. They're huge. And by the way, they're antlers, not horns. 

WAFFLES:  *GASP!*  He's looking at me! He's looking at me! Do you see, Boss? 

KATIE:  Nevermind those antlers, look at that unibrow!

WAFFLES:  Yeah, he looks like that Frito lady. 

DEER:  That's Freda Kahlo, Waffles. The artist. Not Frito.

WAFFLES:  So does that mean you don't have any Fritos? How about Cheetos? 

DEER:  Wow, Katie. I don't know how you put up with this one. 

KATIE:  You have NO idea.

About Today's Photos
Last week it was squirrels, this week it's the deer family! It's unusual for the deer to come so close to the house. But just a few days ago, Glogirly planted some asters out by one of our hummingbird feeders. She had to cut down lots of wild grass and bushes that were close to the house as part of our fire mitigation project. It was leaving things looking a little bare in some spots, so a couple of potted plants seemed to be the answer to make it look more inviting.

Little did she know, the deer took that as a serious dinner invitation.

When she saw Mrs. Deer chomping the little purple flowers, she popped her head out the kitchen door and let her know that these were not on the menu. 

Mr. Deer was not far behind and didn't seem to care about the pretty blooms or even Glogirly's orange buckets filled with flower trimmings. He just casually meandered by towards the back of the house where the wild raspberries grow. 

Glogirly never gets very close to the deer, at least on purpose. They're typically very shy so she likes to be still and quiet so she can watch them from a distance. 

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