Sunday, November 22, 2020

Thanksgiving Cuteness ALERT

WAFFLES:  Hey Ellie! Just so you know, you're not the ONLY cute kitten around here. It wasn't very long ago that*I* was a cute kitten too. Just sayin'.

ELLIE:  Is that really YOU, Mr. Waffles???

WAFFLES:  You don't see any other orange cats around here do you?

ELLIE:  Um, no? So you must be super old, Mr. Waffles. How long ago was that?

WAFFLES:  Whaddya meansuper old???

ELLIE:  What, are you like a whole year old or something?  

WAFFLES:  Very funny. Ha. Ha. Well, I'm not super good at math and stuff (neither are you!) but Glogirly says this photo is from eight years ago, on my gotcha day. 

ELLIE:  Gotcha?

WAFFLES:  When Glogirly and Gloman got me. 

ELLIE:  You mean like from Amazon? Did they get free shipping on you too?

NO, Ellie! My adoption anniversary. I'm not some bag of litter or wand toy you can order online. 

ELLIE:  You can order wand toys ONLINE???

Happy Thanksgiving Week from our family to yours!

Our hearts are full this week as we pause to reflect on the many blessings we have. We are so fortunate to have a home filled with love, good health, plenty of food, and lots of wand toys. Our hearts go out to those who are struggling, who are alone, who are scared with uncertainty, and especially to those who have lost someone they love.

Eight years ago, Waffles joined our furry family and changed our lives forever. He brings joy to everyone who knows him, up close and from afar. Glogirly and Gloman can't stop smiling when they see him take little Ellie under his wing. He truly has a heart 1000 times the size of his furry little body. 

As we reflect on the people and pets we are so very thankful for, we hold the memory of our sweet Katie close in our hearts. We miss her every day and find great comfort in the thousands of photos and blog posts that grace our site with her memory. We will always love you, sweet Katie girl.

We are so very blessed to have you, our friends and readers, in our family too. Thank you for welcoming us into your hearts and inboxes year after year. Thank you for laughing with us and loving us. 

All our love,

Glogirly, Gloman, Waffles, & Ellie