Monday, March 30, 2020

Sheltering at Home for our CatDaddy's Birthday

 KATIE:  Five, ten, fifteen, twenty. Twenty-five, thirty–

WAFFLES:  What are you counting, Boss?

KATIE:  Candles, Waffles. We're going to need a LOT of candles.

WAFFLES:  How many do we need?

KATIE:  More than YOU can count.

KATIE:  Well according to Gloman, 60-something is the new 50-something. Or something like that. 

WAFFLES:  That's WAY more than elebenty-million. 

While sheltering at home and social distancing from the rest of the world, we had a chance to celebrate Gloman's special day last week. Waffles started off the big day with some extra lap time and Katie enjoyed an extra birthday breakfast, or two.

As for Gloman and Glogirly, they celebrated with cheesecake from Junior's in Brooklyn and TWO takeout buckets of chicken. The cheesecake arrived just in time via Fed Ex...proof that even during a pandemic, we can still get our paws on the best New York cheesecake.

KATIE:  I may or may not have dipped my toes in the chicken buckets.

WAFFLES:  Chicken buckets???

KATIE:  None of your beeswax, Waffles.