Sunday, May 26, 2024

15 Week Countdown- Week 12: Giddyup Waffles

Welcome to Week 12 of our 15 week countdown to retirement! (Just click over to HERE if you missed the big announcement.) 

Today's post is one of our favorite interactions between Waffles and Ellie. Waffles has always been such a good sport when it comes to his harness, santa suit, and other silly fashion statements we've tried out with him over the years. When Glogirly saw the cowboy mouse online, well...she just couldn't resist. And sweet Ellie couldn't resist having a little fun with Mr. Waffles and Mr. Mouse.

Giddyup Waffles

WAFFLES:  Hang on, Mr. Mouse! This bucking mancat's got your number!

ELLIE:  I don't think you bucked him very hard, Mr. Waffles. He's still there.

WAFFLES:  What, is this guy velcroed onto me or something?

WAFFLES:  That would totally be cheating. Ellie! Come over here and help me out.

ELLIE:  You're right Mr. Waffles. Mr. Mouse has velcro pants. 

WAFFLES:  Velcro pants???! 

ELLIE:  Velcro pants, Mr. Waffles. Should we report him to the rodeo officials?

WAFFLES:  I think velcro pants are punishment enough.

About Today's Photos

It's Halloween tomorrow! Or today, depending on when you're tuning in. Although we don't have any trick or treaters visiting us in the Mountains, Glogirly is still a sucker for a mancat cowboy with a mouse saddled up on his back. (!)

Not to worry... no mancats or mice were harmed in the making of these photos. Waffles (and Ellie by default) got plenty of treats after their quick photo session. 

We hope you have a super fun and safe Halloween!

ELLIE:  Sorry about the velcro pants, Mr. Mouse.

Sunday, May 19, 2024

15 Week Countdown- Week 11: Catch Me if you Can

Welcome to Week 11 of our 15 week countdown to retirement! (Just click over to HERE if you missed the big announcement.) 

Today's post celebrates Ellie's kitten-cuteness and her gumption and confidence when it comes to "Mister" Waffles. She still quite a bit smaller than her big orange mancat brother, but she's anything but intimidated.  Just like when she was a kitten. Enjoy our sweet Ellie Belly!

Catch Me if you Can

ELLIE:  Hey, Mister Waffles. I bet you can't catch me!

WAFFLES:  Did she seriously just say that? 

ELLIE:  Bet you can't! Bet you can't!

WAFFLES:  Oh yeah? I'm like Supercat. I can leap tall scratching posts in a single bound. 

ELLIE:  Did you say SUPERCAT???

WAFFLES:  Single bound, Ellie. Single bound.

ELLIE:  Just a little higher...almost there.

WAFFLES:  Almost is still just almost. 

ELLIE:  Only a tiny bit more...if I could just...

WAFFLES:  Here, let me give you a paw. 

ELLIE:  Hey, wait a minute! Where'd you go? Supercat???

About Today's Photos
Waffles has been hard at work teaching Ellie how to use the scratching post. She's starting to understand the scratching aspect of it all, but hasn't yet managed to make it to the top. She wants to SOOO badly! Glogirly even put a smaller scratcher next to the pole to help her, but she's still just a little too tiny to make it to the summit.

Soon, Ellie Belly. Soon you'll be a Supercat too.

Monday, May 13, 2024

15 Week Countdown- Week 10: A Cat Mom's Love

Welcome to Week 10 of our 15 week countdown to retirement! (Just click over to HERE if you missed the big announcement.)

Today's post honors all the cat moms, moms without fur, and the influential women who have shaped our lives. Like the kitties, Glogirly was adopted when she was just a, a baby. She's been blessed with four mothers over the course of her life. First was the young woman who gave her life. Then was her mom you taught her how to live it. Her mom chose a very special woman to be her godmother, who near and far was always there for her, especially after she lost her mom to cancer. And most recently, Glogirly's birth-aunt, the older sister of her birthmother. She was another mother. Unexpected, and one of her life's greatest gifts. 

Here's a spacial conversation between Glogirly and Waffles. And a glimpse of those four amazing women Glogirly has called mother.

A Cat Mom's Love, plus Honoring Glogirly's Many Mothers

WAFFLES:  So, Glogirly? 

GLOGIRLY:  Yes, Waffles?

WAFFLES:  Glogirly, are you my mom? Because you don't really look like me. You don't even have orange fur or stripes or anything. But I really love you. You know, like a mom and stuff.

GLOGIRLY:  Of course I'm your mom, Waffles. I adopted you so that you'd be part of our family and we ALL could love you, take care of you, and spend our lives together. 

WAFFLES:  So even though you're not really a cat, you can still be my mom? Like forever and stuff

GLOGIRLY:  Forever and always. Forever and ever, Waffles.

WAFFLES:  And so you're Ellie's mom too, right? Forever and everything?


Happy Mother's Day X4!

Mother's Day is a pretty special day for our girl. You see, like us kitties she was adopted as a tiny little one. Not only did she have a mom who loved her with all her heart and taught her how to love and be kind and study hard and grow up to find happiness and joy in the world, she's also been incredibly fortunate to have many mothers looking out for her and holding her in their hearts. 

You could say Glogirly has 4 moms!

Her mom-mom, who along with her daddy adopted her when she was little like a kitten. She's lived more years without her than with her and even now, misses her so much. 

Her birthmother, who carried her for nine months and had the strength and love to give her away.

Her Godmother, Barb.  Their mothers were sisters. Glogirly's mom was the youngest and her Godmother's mom was the oldest. Growing up, Glogirly always knew that if anything ever happened to her parents, she would go to live with her Godparents, who have always loved her like their own. When Glogirly was just 24, she lost her mom (her mom-mom) to cancer. A few years later, she and her Godmother became very close and today they are closer than ever. Glogirly loves her with all her heart...and so does Waffles! She will always be a mother to her. 

Her birthmother's sister (Dorothy), who Glogirly met 16 years ago and immediately bonded with. Her positivity and joyfulness are infectious. She welcomed Glogirly into her family with open arms and an open heart. Dorothy has three sons and Glogirly has become the daughter she never had. 

An Update:
Sadly, less than a year ago, Glogirly lost both Dorothy and Barb. Within just a day of each other, heaven gained two more angels. This has made mother's day this year especially meaningful. Both sad for the loss of their frequent conversations and visit, but grateful for the memories and the mark they've made on her life. 

Another Mother Memoir

Many of our friends have read Another Mother, Glogirly's story of her search for her birth family. It still sits here on the pages of our blog, and she still has plans to someday turn it into a memoir. If you've never read the story or would like to read it again, we invite you to curl up with your kitties, brew a favorite tea or coffee, and enjoy her journey and the story of her search.. 

It's "narrated" by Katie, our beloved tuxedo kitty who inspired our blog 13 years ago. 

Today, we're dedicating it to all the strong women out there who have taken others under their wing to show them the way. 

Monday, May 6, 2024

15 Week Countdown - Week 9: THE KISS

Welcome to Week 9 of our 15 week countdown to retirement! (Just click over to HERE if you missed the big announcement.) 

Today's post is a fan favorite! We couldn't let this countdown go by without including it. Katie and Waffles had a complicated relationship. Waffles wanted to endear Katie SO much, but Katie really wanted nothing to do with him. It was not uncommon for fur to fly when Waffles made his moves. That's what made this post and the photos SO crazy. 

Glogirly couldn't help herself when she saw how great these shots turned out. LOL! We hope you enjoy this as much as we did!

Golden, CO
February 13, 2019

Shock waves out of the sleepy mountain town of Golden, Colorado today. Two supposed rival cats caught on camera in what can only be described as a most embarrassing and compromising position. According to an anonymous source, the lip-locking felines have been identified as Waffles and Katie of the GLOGIRLY cat blog.

The photographer behind the salacious shot is rumored to have sold exclusive rights to the photo for a figure in excess of 25 cents. 

Katie, the tuxedo cat pictured above, originally argued the "misleading and horrifying snapshot" was a result of someone's mad Photoshop skills, however the authenticity of the image has been confirmed and the photograph deemed untouched. 

Katie now claims the viral photo is "nothing more than a bad camera angle." 

A VERY bad angle indeed.

Waffles, (pictured above in a press photo provided by his agent), has admitted he is the orange tabby shown only with his back to the camera in the controversial shot. He's wasted no time sharing the KISS photo on social media. Meanwhile, women across the globe and clowders of female cats are left shocked and heartbroken.

L-R: Princess Floofenfluff, Chris, Pancake, Tutu
"NOOOO, say it isn't so, Waffles!" 
-Princess Floofenfluff, Lubbock, TX

"But I thought I was his girlfriend!" 
-Chris, Kansas City, MO

"YOU TWO-TIMING #%&*@!!" 
-Pancake, Savannah, GA

"But...but what was all that one in elebenty billion talk???"
-Tutu, Fargo, ND

The complicated and often contemptuous relationship between Waffles and Katie is no secret to fans of their blog. According to legal experts, a single picture like the one published on the Enquirer today, exposing the two cats in a blatant public display of affection, could not only permanently tarnish their reputations but take down the entire GLOGIRLY empire with a single swipe of the paw.