Friday, April 30, 2010

Last To Know

Hi everyone, Katie here.

Why is it that I'm always the last one to know? When I'm nearly out of freeze dried salmon, I'm the last to know. When intruders have been "invited" over for dinner, I'm the last to know. When an appointment with the V-E-T has been made, I'm the last to know.

Well the latest tops it all. Supa Kitteh had to break the news to me. I don't know how to say this other than coming right out with it.

Ok... deep kitty breath... Glogirly got a job.

Supa Kitteh: "Pssst! GG's got a new job and it doesn't involve YOU!"

Katie: "WHAT THE ???"

It gets worse. Glogirly got a job that requires her to abandon me on a regular basis.

Katie: ".......... are you pulling my ...."
Supa Kitteh: "No, quit pulling MY cape."

And worse. Glogirly got a job that requires her to abandon me on a regular basis AND she's leaving on Sunday. This Sunday.

Katie: "NO, Supa Kitteh... tell me it isn't so."

And yet, worse. Glogirly got a job that requires her to abandon me on a regular basis and she's leaving on Sunday, this Sunday, for THREE WHOLE WEEKS of training.

Katie: "How DARE she!"

I have questions. Many questions.

But, but... what about my blog? My facebook fans? My food and litter needs?

But, but... what about ME???

Glogirly assures me that Gloman will be here to pick up the slack. SLACK??? Are you kidding me? Gloman surely isn't going to give me salmon everyday. And blogging? Not on his life!

Glogirly is going to be working for a company called Coldwater Creek. Ok, so I don't like cold. I don't like water. And I like creeks even less than water. Despite the name, this Coldwater Creek place doesn't even sell salmon. So how can this be good?

Glogirly assures me that she won't be gone all the time and when she is, we'll still be able to blog remotely. Well, I guess we'll just have to see about THAT!

So it's just going to be me and Supa Kitteh. We're going to have to make our own fun while this girl of mine is gone.

Katie: "Fine. Whatever."

Monday, April 26, 2010

Kitty Fight Club

Hi everyone, Katie here.

It's round six of Kitty Fight Club over at The World According to Misha and I'm battling it out with Asia. No, not the continent. The kitten!

My opponent, Asia.

Yes, Asia is adorable. Yes, Asia has cool spots and a fun blog. Yes, Asia is kicking my fluffy little butt.

The whole premise of Kitty Fight Club is to find the cutest kitten. I submitted one of my favorite kitten photos and Misha entered me in the contest. ONE photo. Sheesh... it was such a hard choice given my kittenly beauty. If only I could have submitted my whole portfolio.



stand how cute I am?

But I'm a fighter. And I wanna win this thing! Actually I don't think the winner really wins anything. But I'm competitive and I like winning for the sake of winning. You know the phrase Win-Win? That's me. I like to win. And I like to win.

So please click on over to Misha's and show some Katie-Love by casting your vote for ME!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Before And After

Hi everyone, Katie here.

Remember how I told you that Glogirly has lost the equivalent of 10 of me?

That's in part why Life Time Fitness picked her to throw out the
first pitch at the Minnesota Twins game last Friday. And remember that giant screen at the ballpark? Well I thought you might like to see some of the before and after pictures they put up on it.

Glogirly thought long and hard about whether or not she wanted to share these photos. But I told her, heck... after having them enlarged to 50+ feet high on that big ballpark screen, what's the big whoop with showing them on my little blog? We hope that maybe they will inspire someone out there who needs just a little push, a little encouragement. Glogirly says that if she can do it, anyone can. She says the hardest part for her was not giving in to excuses, being patient with the ups and downs and saying goodbye to her beloved jelly beans. (specifically, bubble gum flavored Jelly Belly's.)

Lots of people have asked Glogirly how she lost the weight and what keeps her motivated.

She says that her unexpected diagnosis of diabetes in December of 2008 was a big motivator.

She also says that Me & Gloman were motivators... she wants to be around for a long time because she loves us and thinks we're cute.

But the real motivator was herself.

She decided she wanted to change her life. She realized that no one could do that for her except HER. And she was determined to do it. The biggest things she changed were the way she eats and exercises. She took a well thought out approach and learned as much as she could about healthy nutrition and exercise. Then she took one day at a time. She never went on a "diet." Diets are temporary. She knew she needed to change her lifestyle and change it forever.

She says she's really happy she doesn't have 10 of me hanging around anymore. She also says the world only needs one of me.

I'm not sure I like the tone with which she said that.

Monday, April 19, 2010

On The Big Screen

Hi everyone, Katie here.

Thank you SO much for all your comments and words of encouragement for Glogirly. Thanks to my expert coaching, she pitched the ball right into the catcher's mitt. ... well, pretty close.
At least she didn't throw like a girl.

This is just after her pitch... that's the ball in her hand!
(The ball that is now MINE.)

I'm sure she's thinking about ME.

The Twins are sending her professional photos and a cool video sometime soon. So when we receive something, I'll be sure to do a special blog post feature.

In the meantime, the ball and jersey are MINE.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Take Me Out To The Ball Game

Hi Everyone, Katie here.

Big news at the Townhouse.
Really BIG.
Are you sitting down?
Seriously... are you sitting down?

Better lay down for this one.

Glogirly is throwing the first pitch at this Friday's Minnesota Twins game at the new Target Field Stadium in downtown Minneapolis.

I know, you're saying "What???" so I'll say it again.

Glogirly is throwing the first pitch at this Friday's Minnesota Twins game at the new Target Field Stadium in downtown Minneapolis.

Pretty cool view of the downtown Minneapolis Skyline
from the new Target Field in Minneapolis.

As many of you know, Glogirly has been working hard at getting healthier and smaller over the last year or so. In fact, it's been kind of like The Biggest Loser around here in the townhouse. Truth be told, Glogirly has lost the equivalent of 10 of me, about 95 pounds, since January of 2009.

Glogirly has lost TEN of me.
Thank Cod she's still knows where the REAL me is.

Life Time Fitness, the gym that she goes to regularly and comes home all sweaty and red-faced from, has invited her to participate in their first-ever Fitness Friday at this Friday's home game in the fancy new stadium. What's Fitness Friday? Well, at every Friday home game this season, a Life Time Fitness member will be featured in the Minnesota Twins pre-game show. Life Time is choosing real-life people with real-life weight loss and fitness stories to tell in an effort to inspire ordinary people to make healthy changes in their lives. Glogirly will be down on the field along side a Twins announcer that will read a short spot about her weight loss journey. Before and after photos will be plastered on the state-of-the-art HD jumbo-tron screen for all the world to see. Then my very own Glogirly will throw out the FIRST PITCH. Their going to give her a jersey and everything!

The fourth largest in the MLB at 101 feet long by 57 feet high.

Since Glogirly is the girl that was always chosen last, or worse, for baseball teams in 5th grade, (You take her! No, YOU take her!! NO, YOU TAKE HER!!!) she is in serious need of a pitching coach. That's where I come in.

With a baseball card like this,
I've GOT to be good.

Glogirly has her work cut out for her. Everyone around here is concerned that she not "throw like a girl." So me and our next door neighbor George are coaching her. She's been outside everyday this week throwing the ball around with George while I watch, supervise and critique from the window.

NO, I'm NOT preoccupied with the laces on my mitt.

If you have an opportunity to tune in, here's the details:
The Minnesota Twins are playing Kansas City this Friday, April 16 at 7:10 pm CST. Glogirly's portion of the pre-game show will be sometime between 6:30-7:10 pm CST.

And if you can't tune in, just say a little prayer for the poor girl. She needs all the help she can get so she doesn't embarrass us and throw like the girl we all know she is.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Here Kitty Kitty

Hi everyone, Katie here.

Gloman is messing with me. He's playing those mind games again. I've told you before he's really a dog person. I just choose to overlook his dog bias because he did after all bring me home to my girl. I've got to give him a little credit.

But I swear he just won't give up on trying to make me a dog. I play along, just to make him feel smart and maintain townhouse harmony. But seriously... I'm growing tired of coming when he calls. I'm tired of acting like man's best friend (yeah, right) and going through the motions every night when he comes home from work.

Here's how it plays out. He ignores me at the door. I may as well be dead. He takes his sweet time getting upstairs to the kitchen. He opens the refrigerator door and grabs two, sometimes THREE, pieces of cheese. Share? Are you kidding? Then he sits down on the kitchen stool and calls me so he can "show me some love."

I say "show me some cheese!" Alas, none is shared. I bet if I was a DOG he'd be giving me a piece of cheese.

Glogirly is onto me. She knows it's all an act because when she calls me, no matter how sweet the call, no matter what type of bribe she's holding, I ignore her. Like a cat should.

Except when it comes to cheese.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Greetings

Hi everyone, Katie here.

Glogirly and I wish you a Happy, Happy Easter!

May your Easter baskets be filled with your favorite treats. May you have your very own hunk of ham. And most of all, may your hearts be filled with the love of friends and family.

Where's my ham?

Does Jelly Belly make a catnip-flavored jelly bean? How about salmon?

Still looking for my ham.