Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Take Me Out To The Ball Game

Hi Everyone, Katie here.

Big news at the Townhouse.
Really BIG.
Are you sitting down?
Seriously... are you sitting down?

Better lay down for this one.

Glogirly is throwing the first pitch at this Friday's Minnesota Twins game at the new Target Field Stadium in downtown Minneapolis.

I know, you're saying "What???" so I'll say it again.

Glogirly is throwing the first pitch at this Friday's Minnesota Twins game at the new Target Field Stadium in downtown Minneapolis.

Pretty cool view of the downtown Minneapolis Skyline
from the new Target Field in Minneapolis.

As many of you know, Glogirly has been working hard at getting healthier and smaller over the last year or so. In fact, it's been kind of like The Biggest Loser around here in the townhouse. Truth be told, Glogirly has lost the equivalent of 10 of me, about 95 pounds, since January of 2009.

Glogirly has lost TEN of me.
Thank Cod she's still knows where the REAL me is.

Life Time Fitness, the gym that she goes to regularly and comes home all sweaty and red-faced from, has invited her to participate in their first-ever Fitness Friday at this Friday's home game in the fancy new stadium. What's Fitness Friday? Well, at every Friday home game this season, a Life Time Fitness member will be featured in the Minnesota Twins pre-game show. Life Time is choosing real-life people with real-life weight loss and fitness stories to tell in an effort to inspire ordinary people to make healthy changes in their lives. Glogirly will be down on the field along side a Twins announcer that will read a short spot about her weight loss journey. Before and after photos will be plastered on the state-of-the-art HD jumbo-tron screen for all the world to see. Then my very own Glogirly will throw out the FIRST PITCH. Their going to give her a jersey and everything!

The fourth largest in the MLB at 101 feet long by 57 feet high.

Since Glogirly is the girl that was always chosen last, or worse, for baseball teams in 5th grade, (You take her! No, YOU take her!! NO, YOU TAKE HER!!!) she is in serious need of a pitching coach. That's where I come in.

With a baseball card like this,
I've GOT to be good.

Glogirly has her work cut out for her. Everyone around here is concerned that she not "throw like a girl." So me and our next door neighbor George are coaching her. She's been outside everyday this week throwing the ball around with George while I watch, supervise and critique from the window.

NO, I'm NOT preoccupied with the laces on my mitt.

If you have an opportunity to tune in, here's the details:
The Minnesota Twins are playing Kansas City this Friday, April 16 at 7:10 pm CST. Glogirly's portion of the pre-game show will be sometime between 6:30-7:10 pm CST.

And if you can't tune in, just say a little prayer for the poor girl. She needs all the help she can get so she doesn't embarrass us and throw like the girl we all know she is.


  1. Congrats! That's a big deal to throw the first pitch out. Good she has your help, Katie. We certainly want her to pull off a decent pitch (our mom would do a pathetic job) so it's good she's working hard. Be careful you don't chew the laces off the mitt.

  2. WOAH!!! Glogirly has absolutely earned the honor!! Well done to her!!

  3. Whoaaaa .... AWESOME!

    Yoor mom is AWESOME, the weight loss is AWESOME, the noos is AWESOME ~ go Glogirly go! We are SO proud.

  4. Wow! That is SO super cool!! Your girl is amazing to have lost that much weight. . .we have to show this to Momma so she'll be more motivated. . . I wish we could be there to see the pitch, but we'll have to send cheering purrs instead.

    Glogirly ROCKS!!

  5. That is so exciting! I know she'll pitch like a champ. And that is a fabulous accomplishment, too.

  6. Wow, that is so fabulous! Both the weight loss and the pitch. Fantastic! Congratulations!

    We're sure with your help, Katie, that Glogirly will do just fine.

  7. You must be bursting with pride for your Glogirly...we sure are! If there is anyway we can see the game we'll do it. That would be pawsome. We will be cheering for her anyway. We hope she does throw like a girl...a very fit and strong girl!

    Take me out to the ballgame!

  8. Wow! That is impressive! I can tell that you are quite proud of your Glogirly.
    Luv, Lucy (Woof!)

  9. That is AWESOME news! Now get to coaching her! MOL!

  10. Oh! Wow! Very nice. Concats to Glogirly.

  11. Wow! How cool is that!! First of all, congrats to Glogirly for losing the equivalent of 10 of you!! (Wally says that's only about 6 or 7 of him!)

    We're gonna ask our mom to watch Glogirly on Friday! We know she's gonna do great (because she has your help)!!

  12. ::Says in her best Cameron (Ferris Bueller) voice::
    Glogirly, you're my hero...

  13. Oh my COD, Katie...this is totally exciting!! Tell her to keep her eye on the catcher's glove, aim right for it and follow through with her arm.

    We assume you'll be having a lavish party in your private box?

  14. Holy SH*T!!! That is PAWESOME~!!! Our mom is so envious that your mom has lost so much weight! Kudos to her. Our mom wants to lost about 60 lbs herself. But saying it doesn't make it go away. She knows she has her work cut out for her and starting Monday, she is REALLY going to buckle down and do it! We hope so, we're SO tired of hearing about it! Also, maybe ask GloMan to video tape it so your GloGirly can post it on here. We don't think we're going to get the game where we live. Once again...CONCATS!!!

  15. Congratulations Glogirly, you rock girl!!...That is a huge weight loss accomplishment and we are proud of you!...Good luck at the baseball game, you can do it, especially with Katie as your coach!...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  16. What an exciting news!!
    Congratulations!!! You must be SO proud of your Mom!
    We'll send you a BIG Purrs and a prayer!

  17. This is the coolest thing, EVAR. Who woulda thunk? Our Mommy was the geeky last-chosen kid so she says: GO GLOGIRLY, GO! Do it for all of us.

    xx Lounge Kats and KatMommy

  18. WOW! Concats Glogirly...though my the Mom doesn't watch sports we'll be sure to watch you!

  19. That is so awesome and so exciting! Go, Glogirly! Love your baseball pictures too, Katie.

  20. Oh that is so very very very cool!
    We looks on our sports channels and we can gets the game, we will be looking for you.

    This is a very big honor for a very big accomplishment. Concatulashuns Glowgirl.

    (And who cares of you throw like a girl... YOU ARE A GIRL!)
    Just have fun with it- it's supposed to be an honor not a throwing competition.

  21. oops, I spells your name wrong. So sorry. But the sentiment stands!

  22. OH MY GOSH - that is so very exciting. I hope dat game is televised cuz M and I want to watch it. (We live in WI) Congratulations on your wonderful weightloss too - that takes a ton of courage to stay with it. M last to, but not has gained a bit back. M says she has to get with the program agian - and you are her inspiration.

  23. Wow, that is awesome. The fun just goes on. The fun of the fitness, the Christmas Party Surprise and now The First Pitch.
    But we are not worried about her pitch, let her throw like a girl. As long as the Twins don't do that. They'd better win, preferably big after the honour of getting the first pitch from Glogirly.

  24. *P*A*W*S*O*M*E!

    You tell Glogirl we are all really proud of her and what she has done, so we are sure she will be able to throw that round thing over home plate! GOOD LUCK!


  25. Congratulations to Glogirly. That is great news. We know she will do a good job at throwing the first pitch. After losing all that weight, she can do anything! Go Glogirly!

  26. Are. You. Kidding. Me. DUDE. We live sorta near the 'Cities, so we have been getting an earful about the great new stadium from the talking humans on the noise box (radio) and picture box (TV). We're so excited for your human. Go Glogirly!!!

  27. Wow! What an honour Glogirly! And congratulations on your very significant achievement. I saw your pictures and never thought you had been heavy. I must admit I need to lose about the same amount as you have.

    Just don't be nervous. I'm sure you'll do fine -- and if you do throw like a girl -- well, you are one, so what?

    This must be very exciting for you, and I wish you all the best.

    There's a couple of LOLs of Katie with your ball gear, too!

  28. That is very exciting! Now you can tell everybody that your girl played major league baseball. Wow! Congrats to Glogirly!

  29. That is something! We are so excited for GG! She is so awesome and brave! Mom would probably pee her pants, with the jumbotron to capture it.

  30. How cool for Glogirly and concats on losing 10 of you.

  31. i am sure you will be the most excellentest coach, katie. go, glogirly! good for you!

  32. AWESOME! That is so, so cool. Good for Glogirly! Hopefully all of your great coaching pays off, Katie...

  33. How very exciting!!!! She's #1! She's #1!!!!!

  34. And? Were balls thrown? Girlylike or otherwise? Were new stars discovered, contracts offered? Are there going to be images?

  35. Katie, Your human is a star. She has done so well at taking care of herself and still have time to take care of you. You have a great person to take care of you.

  36. Wowza, mewmie was so busy catching up with BlogPaws stuff that she totally let us miss this great news! Too cool to have your very own throwing coaches, too!
    You Glow, Go Girly!


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