Monday, December 11, 2017

Will Santa Stop to Ask for Directions?

WAFFLES:  So Boss, how is Santa going to find us this year? Does he know we moved to Colorado? Maybe we should send an email with GPS coordinates to his elves or something. 

KATIE:  Or something.

WAFFLES:  Boss, this is serious!!! What if he gets lost? Will he stop at the gas station place and ask for directions?

KATIE:  Calm down, Waffles. He'll find us.

WAFFLES:  Are you SURE??? Like super-super-extra-double-sure?

KATIE:  I'm pretty sure he wants his red coat back.

About Today's Photos
We're getting ready for Christmas in the mountains! Decorating, gift wrapping and lots of Christmas photos! Glogirly had to make sure the movers didn't lose Waffles and Katie's holiday outfits so when she found them, she couldn't help herself.

We think Waffles actually likes wearing his Santa coat. It's styled like a harness and is very soft and fully adjustable. It came with an awesome Santa hat, though neither Waffles or Katie would call it 'awesome.' So we just use it like a prop.

Katie is thrilled her only holiday apparel she dons is a simple collar. Red velvet and oh, so glam.

Friday, December 8, 2017

Teenage Waffles and his Pre-Christmas Concert

From the 2015 archives - At only 3 years old, Waffles' singing career was already off to a robust start. Here is a sampling of his favorite chicken Christmas carols.

♫♩  Hark the hairy angels sing   ♫♩

♫♩  Glory to the new born chicken!    ♫♩
Peas on –

What? It's not chicken?  What about the angels? Are they hairy? No? Only some of them?
Ok, how about this one?

Jingle Bells

Katie Smells

The chicken laid an egg

Thanks, everybuddy. I'll be here all week.

Teenage Waffles
Today's photos remind us of how long, lean and scrappy Waffles was at 3 years-old. They say a cat goes through their teenage stage between 6 and 18 months. Well, Waffles pushed the envelope on that one. He's still got plenty of teenager in him. We suspect he always will.
Waffles today, pretending he's not really on the kitchen counter.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Spreadsheet for Santa

WAFFLES:  I'm ready for Santa, Boss. Emailed him my spreadsheet and everything.

KATIE:  Email? Spreadsheet?

WAFFLES:  Duh, Boss. Santa's gone digital, you know. I need to facetime him and make sure he has my list.

KATIE:  Waffles, I think you're overlooking what Christmas is all about. It's about giving, not receiving. 

WAFFLES:  I know, Boss. That's why I GAVE Santa my list.

Oh, Waffles

Despite the fact that Waffles has likely appeared on Santa's naughty list multiple times throughout the year, he scores points every single day with his happy personality and loving affection. 

Katie loves giving and receiving love too. She's just a little more ladylike about it. And prefers to do it without wearing a Santa coat. 

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