Thursday, May 28, 2015

On the Road with Waffles & Katie: The LONG Ride to Nashville

 WAFFLES:  Boss!!! We're stopping for treats! TREATS, Boss!

KATIE:   Jeez Waffles, you look like you haven't eaten in a –

WAFFLES:  – whole TWENTY MINUTES!  Boss, we could STARVE on this road trip. 

KATIE:  Considering how you're devouring our treats, I'd say starvation is definitely a possibility. For me that is.

Special Thanks: Today's treat photos were taken by our ride-a-long, Lisa Richman or A Tonk's Tail. What? You thought Glogirly could unzip a Sleepypod, dole out treats and take beautiful photos all at the same time???

DAY 3: On the Road with Waffles & Katie
It was Nashville or bust today. Nearly 600 miles, 2 stops for gas and at last count about 6 stops for snacks. We made it! But we know you're all wondering: Did Waffles sing the song of his people in the car???


Not unless he was singing in his dreams. Waffles slept almost the whole way...and when he wasn't sleeping he (and Katie) were just quietly hanging out in their Sleepypods. As far as road trip cats, they've officially earned the status of Rock Star Travelers.

Oh Bellman, My Bellman
When we arrived at the hotel, a very kind bellman didn't even blink an eye when he loaded up bag after bag after bag onto the luggage cart for us. He carried it all... litter box, cat stroller, water fountain, pillows and beds and coolers. We even brought our kitty walk enclosure. (pictures to come.)

Everyone is settling in nicely to the hotel room. Katie is the lead investigator on the scene. Waffles is the resident flirt, already scoring points with the ladies.

Tomorrow (or rather today by the time you read this) will official start of the conference. We're so excited to share with you what we just know will be a super exciting day!

Stay tuned! We'll be back tomorrow with the latest in our On the Road with Waffles & Katie: Nashville series.

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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

On the Road with Waffles & Katie: B&B FAIL

KATIE:  Someone needs to tell the management at this B&B that I've already taken over the world.

WAFFLES:  Yeah, and we need to talk to the manager about room service. Where's my fried chicken? I was told there would be chicken.

KATIE:  And did you see the size of that litter box? It's not fit for a ferret. 

WAFFLES:  Ferret? 

KATIE:  That's it. Where's the manager?

WAFFLES:  Uh, Boss? I see the manager. He's kind of .... uh, scary?

FARADAY:  Alright, who called for the manager?

On the Road with Waffles & Katie
The first day of our road trip landed us in Leawood, Kansas at the Tonk's Tail B&B. We know you're all wondering what Waffles sang in the car. And for how long. Would you believe he didn't make a meow the WHOLE way to Kansas??? Katie was so shocked, she was speechless too. And Glogirly was in heaven.

The cats of A Tonk's Tail welcomed us with open paws... word is there was chicken, but only for those with two legs. Can you believe it?

Special thanks to Miss Lisa, Faraday, Maxwell and Allie for putting us up for the evening. Tomorrow it's off to NASHVILLE!!!

Stay tuned for more. We'll be back tomorrow with the latest in our On the Road with Waffles & Katie: Nashville series.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Nashville Or Bust: On the Road with Waffles & Katie

WAFFLES:  Hey Boss, does this mean we're not in Kansas anymore?

KATIE:  Actually Waffles, we're GOING to Kansas.

WAFFLES:  But what about Nashville?

KATIE:  Kansas City is about half way to Nashville.  We'll be bunking with the cats from A Tonk's Tail tonight. ...Well, YOU'LL be bunking with them. I've reserved deluxe private accommodations.

WAFFLES:  I have to sleep with STRANGERS???

KATIE:  Based on previous trips Waffles, you've been known to sleep around.

WAFFLES:  Who, ME???

On the Road with Waffles & Katie
Today's the day! We're headed from Minneapolis to Kansas City on the first leg of our 7-day adventure. We'll be in Nashville by late Wednesday and ready for some HUGE fun in the music city. Don't worry... we'll be taking you along with us every step of the way. That is if Glogirly can squeeze all our stuff into the car. One thing's for sure, cats do NOT travel light. And neither do catgirls.

Stay tuned for more. We'll be back tomorrow with the latest in our On the Road with Waffles & Katie: Nashville series.