Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Catnap Interrupted #WafflesWednesday


KATIE:  What.

WAFFLES:  Nothing. I just wanted to know if you were awake or not.

KATIE:  Waffles, there are so many things I could say right now.

WAFFLES:  So that's a yes? You're awake?

KATIE:  Maybe this is just a bad dream.

About Today's Photos
Katie and Waffles are rotation cats. Take their toys for example. For a few weeks the catnip pickle will be in high demand. Then one day the pickle takes a back seat to the crinkle ball. When the crinkle ball loses it's allure, the pickle is suddenly new again. 

The same could be said about their favorite napping spots. For the longest time they'd retreat to opposite sides of the townhouse when it's naptime- Katie stretched out by the front windows, Waffles by the back. Upstairs, downstairs. Living room, bedroom. They even rotate their nighttime sleeping spots. 

But lately, they've been meeting up in the guest room to snooze just a few feet apart. The morning sun pours in making it the warmest room in the house. Katie takes to her cushy pillow on the floor while Waffles (probably because he likes to be above everyone) stretches out on the plush guest bed that's just waiting to be covered in orange fur. 

So far, there've been no altercations in the guest room. We're thinking of renaming it Switzerland.

Monday, January 16, 2017

5-Star Lap Accommodations

WAFFLES:  Hey Boss, I think Gloman needs a bigger lap. 

KATIE:  I think his lap is just fine, Waffles.

WAFFLES:  Gloman, you need a bigger lap. Can we just get you one on Amazon? We have Prime. 

KATIE:  Gloman says you need to wait your turn, Waffles. And put Glogirly's credit card away. You're not an authorized user anyway.

WAFFLES:  Authorized, schmotherized. How's Mister Amazon going to know?

About Today's Photos
It was a regular love and nap fest here over the weekend. Katie and Waffles were taking turns on Gloman's lap all weekend long. Although Glogirly's lap had plenty of vacancies, it's just not as 5-star as Gloman's. Think Motel 6 versus the Ritz. 

Katie and Waffles have very discriminating taste in lap accommodations.

Friday, January 13, 2017

One Flew Over Waffles' Cuckoo Nest

WAFFLES:  What. I'm just Netflixing.

KATIE:  Waffles, it's like 2:00 in the morning. Shouldn't you be breaking into the kitchen cabinets or something? Locking yourself in the powder room?

WAFFLES:  I did that hours ago. I'm watching One Flew Over the Chicken's Nest.

KATIE:  Cuckoo, Waffles. It's Cuckoo's Nest.

WAFFLES:  No wonder there's no chickens in this movie. What a rip-off.

KATIE:  The real question is why you're Netflixing in the first place. You're a CAT.

WAFFLES:  A cat who likes movies and stuff.

KATIE:  You're just in it for the cheese popcorn.

WAFFLES:  Wait. There's cheese popcorn???

KATIE:  Must have missed that during your cabinet raid.

About Today's Photos 
Waffles' eyes are totally dilated today, but don't worry, he's not been dipping into the catnip. Would you believe they were taken in total darkness? That is, except for the light of the computer screen shining in his face with those shiny pink kitty lips.

And speaking of those cabinets... based on the state of the kitchen every morning, we're pretty sure the late night cabinet raid is a regular thing.

We really are living in a cuckoo's nest.

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