Friday, December 19, 2014

Spiffing Up for Christmas with Simple Solution's Pet Hair CleanUp System: GIVEAWAY!

WAFFLES:  Hey Boss! This is the stuff Glogirly's been using all over the Townhouse this week. She says she's getting rid of our CAT HAIR! I don't know... but I don't want to be BALD! She hasn't gotten rid of yours yet, has she? 

KATIE:  Don't be ridiculous, Waffles. She's not going to make you bald. 

WAFFLES:  Are you sure?  She's coming back in here, I think we should run.

KATIE:  She's just cleaning up after you. You know you leave a mess pretty much everywhere you go. On the floors, on the furniture. Don't even get me started on that crime scene you call a litter room.

Simple Solution's New Pet Hair CleanUp System
According to Glogirly, help arrived just in time. It's been a cleaning frenzy around here as she's been preparing for the holiday intruders houseguests. Apparently not everyone likes padding around the hardwood floors with a half pound of Waffles' fur stuck to the bottom of their socks. And then there's the blue chair. Sit in that thing and you'll walk away with a furry, orange butt. 

The Pet Hair CleanUp System makes cleaning up quick and easy. Glogirly says this handy system makes her look like TWICE the housekeeper she actually is. 

The Pet Hair CleanUp System includes 4 great products:
1.  Hair Lift Mitts
2.  Hair Release Spray
3.  Twin-Head Sweeper
4.  Sweeper Refill Pads

Hair Lift Mitts
The mitts come as a pair and have a grippy texture on the underside and around the fingers to grab hair from fabrics like upholstery and linen. They're great for collecting hair that's stuck between cushions and especially for grabbing hair that's wedged between the seat, sides and back of our velvet-upholstered chairs. They're so grippy, we think Glogirly just might be able to do handstands out in the snow wearing them. They're washable and reusable too.

Hair Release Spray
This is very ingenious! Just spray a fine mist to upholstery, drapes, bed skirts. Then wipe clean with a soft rag. Glogirly used it with a microfiber rag on the furry mess formerly known as the bed skirt in our guest room. It worked great and left a very mild, fresh scent.

Twin-Head Sweeper
When laid flat, it covers a really large area...about twice as big as other sweepers we've tried. The FurLock pads have little 'fingers' that grab and trap the pet hair. It holds onto all kinds of hair... even Glogirly's. Refills come six to a pack.

The sweeper itself is very easy to put together. The pole comes in two parts and fits together very snuggly. It screws into the cleaning head and is very easy to maneuver. Our only suggestion on the sweeper design would be to have a slightly longer pole for Glogirly. She's a little on the tall side. 

Baseboard Magic!
One of the sweeper heads flips up and locks at a 90 degree angle for a little baseboard cleaning magic. Even the little half-round trim at the floor fit perfectly into the indentation between the two sweeper heads. I guess Glogirly's got no excuse now!

What Do We Think?
Glogirly loved the Twin Head Sweeper. Over half the Townhouse floors are hardwood so she put it to the test. It's a super fast and easy way to clean the floors in-between more thorough mopping and really handy when prepping for guests. It removes pet hair we didn't even realize was there... among other things like dust and crumbs.

The mitts worked great on our velvet chair and ottoman. We found it's best to always wipe in the same direction and pull off the clumps of hair as you go...especially if you're covering a large area. Or cleaning up after Waffles.

The spray worked wonders on our guest room bedskirt. Waffles has blazed quite a trail underneath that bed and every time he zooms through, he leaves some fur behind. The bedskirt is microfiber so cat hair sticks to it like glue. As with the mitts, it works best to wipe in one direction and periodically clean off your rag.

Where to Buy
All are reasonably priced and available at Target.
Twin-Head Sweeper: $14.99
Refill Pads: $5.99
Hair Lift Mitts: $6.99
Hair Release Spray: $5.99

It's a GIVEAWAY...
FIVE Winners PLUS Five Prizes for Shelters!

When we asked the people at Simple Solution if they'd like to help out some shelters with the giveaway, they loved the idea so much they said, "Let's have FIVE winners!" So 5 lucky GLOGIRLY readers will win the complete 4pc Pet Hair CleanUp System for themselves AND they'll each be able to select a shelter to receive a prize as well! Although the prizes can only ship to US and Canadian addresses and shelters, GLOGIRLY readers worldwide are invited to enter and gift their prizes to a US or Canadian friend and shelter if they win.

We love it when shelters win and think this is a wonderful way to close out the Santa Kitty Toy Hop week of giving!

We received our Pet Hair CleanUp System at no charge from Simple Solution. We also received a fee to cover the time it takes to photograph the products, write the blog post and administer the giveaway. Receiving the free product and the fee did not influence our article or anything we say.  All sponsored posts on GLOGIRLY will always reflect our honest opinions and feature products we use and love. 

Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Santa Kitty Toy Hop Comes to Minnesota's Feline Rescue

WAFFLES:  Hey Boss!  Today's the day, right?

KATIE:  Today's the day.

WAFFLES:  COOL! I've been waiting ALL week for today.  Uh... what's today again?

KATIE:  The Santa Kitty Toy Hop, Waffles. How could you forget?

The Santa Kitty Toy Hop - Bloggers Helping Homeless Cats
Cat bloggers around the world have come together to make the holidays brighter for shelter cats and the wonderful volunteers that care for them. Of course the best gift of all is a loving forever home... but while these kitties wait for that special moment when their human comes along and says, "I'm going to love you forever," we want to give them some special things to add some fun into their days. 

We're very lucky here at GLOGIRLY. We've had the pleasure of working with and featuring so many wonderful products and brands. We combined some of the cool stuff we've written about with some donations of our own to come up with a very special Christmas surprise for the cats at Feline Rescue in St. Paul, Minnesota.

We had to make sure Glogirly hadn't forgotten anything before she loaded up her sleigh. 
•  Kitty Kasa cubes, check.
•  Kitty Meow cubby, check.
•  Litter Lifter scoops, check.
•  Glogirly gift bags, check.
•  Tickle Pickles, Fat Cat Mice, Pricilla's Catnip Pillows, check, check, check.
•  Treats and brushes and litter, check and check and check.

Let's Meet the CATS!
All of these beautiful cats (and many more!) are currently available for adoption at Feline Rescue in St. Paul, MN.  Feline Rescue.

Founded in 1997, Feline Rescue, Inc. is a no-kill companion cat rescue organization focused on providing rescue and relief to the homeless and endangered cats in our community through programs that offer shelter, foster, social and medical rehabilitation, feral and stray management, spay/neuter subsidy and community education. WOW. You love them already, don't you?

Feline Rescue is completely volunteer-based and is funded exclusively through donations and grants. They receive no municipal, state or federal funding. 

Tiger Lily is a striking black panther! Her eyes absolutely glow. She was the first to take a turn in the Kitty Meow cubby.  

It wasn't long before Bon Bon made her move and homesteaded inside the big white cat cubby. Though she did allow the others to take turns, she was clearly claiming this popular nesting spot as her own.

Fuzz the tuxedo tried to negotiate entry, but Bon Bon was claiming squatters rights.

Fuzz held onto his new Tickle Pickle toy with a firm grip. Can you say "mine"??? 

Blossom and Jeanette were the two resident orange GIRLS. They were endearing and full of personality. Did you know that only 20% of orange cats are girls? 

Glogirly fell in love with sweet and petite Tauret. She sat and observed all the action like a perfect lady. And nuzzled up for plenty of love too. Those PAWS!!! Love.

Miss Tennessee and Bon Bon look like sisters with their beautiful markings. But it's just a coincidence! Tennessee was oh so comfortable striking a pose by the new cubes.

Giving & Smiles from 2014!
The best part of the holiday season is giving. As much as Waffles loves jonesing for more chicken, what really makes our hearts smile is being able to help cats in need and their people.

A little over a year ago, one of our favorite pet brands, Peach Industries... the kitty lounger people.. came to us with an idea. They wanted to do a giveaway that would benefit shelter cats. It was a huge hit and the inspiration for nearly every giveaway we've held on our blog since.

If you've visited us regularly, or even just entered one of our giveaways, you know that we often double the prizes so that winners can choose a shelter to also receive a prize. Sometimes the prizes are big, sometimes it's just a toy. But that single toy at the shelter is often what brings a shelter cat and their new forever person together.

There's no such thing as a donation too small.

We want to take a moment to recognize all of the generous sponsors we've had the pleasure of working with this year and tally up just how much they've helped to make a difference in the lives of shelter cats across the country. 

$11,000 in Prizes Donated to Over 40 Shelters

♥︎ To say we love our sponsors is truly an understatement ♥︎

A Pet's Life
Alice Hannah Fashion Accessories
Crazy Cat Lady Ceramics
Cat Ball
Davie's Decor
Dr. Elsey's Precious Cat
Halo Purely For Pets
Holistic Select
Hollywood Psychics
Kritter Kondo
Laughing Cat Jewelry
Lilly Brush
Mark Poulin Jewelry
Neko Flies
Peach Industries
Pets Can Play
Pioneer Pet
Seabuck Omega 7
Simple Solution
Splendid Beast
Tagg Pet Tracker
Tail Therapy
Tipsy Nip Tickle Pickle
Triple T Studios
Wolff Den Press

Can YOU Help?
We hope we've inspired you to reach out to a cat shelter in your own community. Donate a toy, food or litter. Make a financial donation. Donate your time. They need you.

Don't know who to help? Well, we've got an idea for you! Donate to Minnesota's Feline Rescue! DONATE HERE

Neko Birbug Giveaway!
Win NekoFlies newest (and Waffles-Approved) toy, the Neko Birbug and Telescoping Rod for yourself AND a Neko Kiticatterfly for your favorite shelter. 

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Waffles Wednesday: Pre-Christmas Concert

♫♩  Hark the hairy angels sing   ♫♩

♫♩  Glory to the new born chicken!    ♫♩
Peas on –

What? It's not chicken?  What about the angels? Are they hairy? No? Only some of them?
Ok, how about this one?

Jingle Bells

Katie Smells

The chicken laid an egg

Original or extra crispy

And gravy on my leg

Thanks, everybuddy. I'll be here all week.

...uh, so when you come back, can you please bring chicken?