Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Grow Your Own Kitty Grass Giveaway For You & Your Favorite Shelter

WAFFLES:  Hey Boss! Is it soup yet?

KATIE:  NO, Waffles. It's GRASS.

WAFFLES:  I KNOW it's grass, Boss. I mean is it ready yet?

KATIE:  It needs just a couple more days. 

WAFFLES:  A COUPLE MORE DAYS??? That's like forever. 

KATIE:  Two days is nothing, Waffles. Especially with the way YOU nap. Besides, this kitty grass grows REALLY fast. See?

WAFFLES:  COOL!  It looks a bazillion times taller than yesterday. Ok, now?

KATIE:  Like a fine wine, we will not munch before it's time.

WAFFLES:  Well???

KATIE:  It's time. Too bad it's not your turn.

Introducing Priscilla's Kitty Grass
It's been like a regular greenhouse here at the Townhouse lately. We've been growing kitty grass! Don't worry... it's all for purrsonal consumption. It's not like we're dealers or anything. If you want the good stuff, you'll need to see Priscilla. 

Click HERE for her cool online shop.

What's in a KIT?
1.  potting soil disc 
2. bag of seeds
3.  planter

But what if my human can't even grow a WEED?
No worries. It's so easy, even Glogirly can grow it.
  Fill a salad-sized bowl with water.
  Place the planter in the bowl and put the soil disc inside the planter.
  Make sure the water covers the disc.
  Nap for 20 minutes.
  Break up the soil with your fingers.
  Pour the whole bag of seeds in the planter & mix thoroughly with soil.
  Water daily.
  Abracadabra! In just a week-ten days, you've got kitty grass!


What makes Priscilla's Grass so special?
Small Company Values
Priscilla has been growing her special blend for over 20 years. Her cottage business employs 3 full time people. Three of the four bedrooms serve as business central. The kitchen does double duty as a conference area and a great backdrop for quarterly sales meetings. Her sales and merchandising staff is consists of stay-at-home Moms that run a territory of more than 25 stores. The growers are also stay-at-home Moms ... and they grow more than 6,000 pots of kitty grass a week! Even her packaging and assembly is outsourced stay-at-home workers.

Priscilla was Green before Green was Green
Every aspect of the company's offerings employ a 'GREEN' approach. No pesticides are used int he growing of the grass. No artificial sun or hot-house facilities are used either. Pure 100% natural Southern California sun and beach air are the only cover that hangs over Priscilla's kitty grass.

A Very Special Blend
A unique blend of barley, oat, wheat and rye, Priscilla's Kitty grass has been formulated to benefit cats in a multitude of ways.
  Tasty source of vitamins & nutrients.
  A low-calorie blend of grains that promote a well-balanced and naturally maintained digestive system. 
  Cuts down on hair balls.
  Popular with all sorts of pets, including dogs, reptiles, birds and other small animals.
  Can help to keep pets from chewing houseplants.
  It's beautiful! And adds a splash of color and freshness to any home decor.

How Long Does it Last?
Once the kitty grass is full grown (our took just one week) the grass will stay fresh and beautiful for 2 weeks. Replacement soil and seeds

Getting Kitty to Enjoy the Grass
If your cat isn't sure what to think of the grass, just drizzle a little water on the grass. Your cat will lick the water off the blades of grass and eventually start to eat the grass. ...this technique worked perfectly for us!

More Than Just Grass
Priscilla also offers premium catnip growing kits, catnip toys, catnip blankets and more!

GIVEAWAY:  4 Readers & 4 Shelters!

Four lucky GLOGIRLY readers will win a kitty grass kit for themselves AND one to donate to their favorite shelter. Although prizes can only ship to the US and Canada, overseas readers are welcome to enter and gift their prize to a US/Canadian friend or shelter should they win.

But wait... there's more!  BOGO
For the next week, ALL kitty grass kit orders will be doubled. Buy one, get one for free! No promo codes needed. You'll receive an email confirming your BOGO offer after you place your order. Offer expires October 7 @ 11:59pm EST.

Shop Priscilla's Kitty Grass HERE.

We received our Kitty Grass Kit at no charge from Priscilla's. We also received a fee to cover the time it takes to take photos, create the blog post and administer the giveaway. Receiving the free product and the fee did not influence our article or anything we say.  All sponsored posts on GLOGIRLY will always reflect our honest opinions.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Summer in September & Hippy Cat T-Shirts

WAFFLES:  Hey Boss! How do you like my summer hippy shirt?

KATIE:  It's not summer anymore, Waffles. It's fall. 

WAFFLES:  Uh hu-uh!!! Glogirly says it's like summer outside on account of it's elebenty hundred degrees.

KATIE:  Still can't count, huh? Well at least you're not trying to tell me it's elebenty chicken degrees. 

WAFFLES:  Boss, there's no CHICKEN degrees.     ... is there?

KATIE:  Ok, let's continue with this summer hippy shirt business. You're not a hippy, Waffles. You're too young to even know what a hippy is. 

WAFFLES:  Huh-uuh! I'm not a BABY anymore you know.

KATIE:  Ok, so you may not BE a baby, but your sure know how to ACT like one.

WAFFLES:  Thanks, Boss. I've been practicing. Glogirly says I'm a really good method actor.

KATIE:  *sigh* Do you SEE what I have to live with??? 

Special thanks to the Katnip Lounge Daddy  for supplying Waffles' groovy shirt!

Neko Napper Giveaway! 
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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Sunday Selfies

WAFFLES:  Hey Boss! This Sunday Selfie stuff is FUN! Look at ME!! Look at ME!!

KATIE:  Seriously? Who do you THINK I'm looking at? 

Sunday Selfies
Today's blog post is part of the Sunday Selfies Blog Hop hosted by our friends at The Cat On My Head. Hop on over for more Sunday Selfie fun.

Neko Napper Giveaway! 
Win one of two soft and fluffy Neko Nappers! One lucky GLOGIRLY reader will win the Neko Napper Pet House and another will win the Sleeping Bag. Nap ON!