Friday, November 17, 2017

The Beverly Hill-Kitties - TV Spoof

Come and listen to a story 'bout an orange striped cat.
Waffles was his name, but the Boss - she called him Brat.

Hungry day & night, always stealing all her food,
Then up on the counter, he grabbed and he chewed.

Chicken, that is.
Fried gold.
Texas turkey.


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Some of our most favorite TV spoofs are all about the theme song. Of course, finding words that rhyme with Waffles and orange is never easy! When it comes to living with Waffles, Katie would say that's never easy either.

The Beverly Hillbillies was a little before Glogirly's time, but thanks to reruns, she's seen ALL the episodes. And thanks to this blog post, she's got that banjo music stuck in her head. 

And we bet you do too!

Beverly Hillbillies truck rendering by Ken Netzel

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Waffles Big Countdown

WAFFLES:  How many days 'til Gloman? Glogirly says it's getting close so I better start counting.

WAFFLES:  Katie says it's getting close so I better start behaving. 

We're ALL Counting Down
So that Gloman can spend extra time with us over Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years, we skipped our monthly visit in October. He arrives late Monday evening and we can't wait. We've all been missing him SOOOO much. Glogirly talks with him every day, but it's just not the same as being able to look into his twinkling eyes.

Katie would agree. The love she has for her Cat Daddy is like no other. And Waffles, well he's got some serious man to mancat time to make up for.

So tick tock, already... is it Monday yet???

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Monday, November 13, 2017

Waffles & the Stud Finder

We're having trouble leaving comments today, so we're posting something we published previously to see if the comments will work. ...this is one of our Waffles faves.
WAFFLES:  Hey Boss! Glogirly's stud finder really works. Look! She's pointing it at me and it's beeping like crazy! 

KATIE:  Clearly this thing is defective if it thinks you're a stud, Waffles. It's supposed to find studs in the wall

WAFFLES:  You mean we there are other handsome mancats in our wall???

WAFFLES:  I don't have to share my breakfast with them, do I?

About Today's Photos
Gloman is back in the mountains with us to celebrate his and Glogirly's 15th wedding anniversary later this week. (YAY!) He drove this time and arrived at about 2:00am on Saturday. 

And he arrived with a very special gift. 

Our new home has some pretty incredible walls for showcasing his photography. The main entry has been patiently waiting for the perfect photo and that's exactly what Gloman had hidden in the back of his SUV. They spent most of yesterday afternoon finding studs in the wall to support the weight of it, measuring, centering, leveling and then doing it all again when Glogirly realized her measuring and math was WAY off. But it's up now and looking fabulous! Even Waffles approves.

Glogirly is absolutely in love with it and he's pretty proud of it too. He shot it in Antelope Canyon on a trip they took together six years ago. Antelope Canyon is in Page, Arizona and is famous for its beautiful "slot" canyons located on private Navajo land. The photo is particularly special because Glogirly was right by Gloman's side when he captured it, holding his tripod and extra camera. They had a guide bring them (and about 30+ other people) into the small canyon at exactly noon, when the light shines perfectly overhead through the "slots". That is what's creating the gorgeous beam of light. 

The inside of the canyon is surprisingly small. In fact, some of the passageways are so narrow that only one person can fit through it at a time.  

What you can't see in the photo are those 30+ other people standing shoulder to shoulder while the guide is making sure none of them are in Gloman's shot.

When she closes her eyes, Glogirly can still feel the cold sandstone walls on her fingertips and the warmth of the sunbeams on her back. It's every bit as magical as it appears in the photo. 
This is just one of the reasons Gloman loves photography so much. His images are like living memories of special places and experiences with the people he loves. 

(Perhaps that's also why he takes so many photos of Katie and Waffles!)

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