Friday, April 30, 2010

Last To Know

Hi everyone, Katie here.

Why is it that I'm always the last one to know? When I'm nearly out of freeze dried salmon, I'm the last to know. When intruders have been "invited" over for dinner, I'm the last to know. When an appointment with the V-E-T has been made, I'm the last to know.

Well the latest tops it all. Supa Kitteh had to break the news to me. I don't know how to say this other than coming right out with it.

Ok... deep kitty breath... Glogirly got a job.

Supa Kitteh: "Pssst! GG's got a new job and it doesn't involve YOU!"

Katie: "WHAT THE ???"

It gets worse. Glogirly got a job that requires her to abandon me on a regular basis.

Katie: ".......... are you pulling my ...."
Supa Kitteh: "No, quit pulling MY cape."

And worse. Glogirly got a job that requires her to abandon me on a regular basis AND she's leaving on Sunday. This Sunday.

Katie: "NO, Supa Kitteh... tell me it isn't so."

And yet, worse. Glogirly got a job that requires her to abandon me on a regular basis and she's leaving on Sunday, this Sunday, for THREE WHOLE WEEKS of training.

Katie: "How DARE she!"

I have questions. Many questions.

But, but... what about my blog? My facebook fans? My food and litter needs?

But, but... what about ME???

Glogirly assures me that Gloman will be here to pick up the slack. SLACK??? Are you kidding me? Gloman surely isn't going to give me salmon everyday. And blogging? Not on his life!

Glogirly is going to be working for a company called Coldwater Creek. Ok, so I don't like cold. I don't like water. And I like creeks even less than water. Despite the name, this Coldwater Creek place doesn't even sell salmon. So how can this be good?

Glogirly assures me that she won't be gone all the time and when she is, we'll still be able to blog remotely. Well, I guess we'll just have to see about THAT!

So it's just going to be me and Supa Kitteh. We're going to have to make our own fun while this girl of mine is gone.

Katie: "Fine. Whatever."


  1. Katie! Hang in there! Our Mommy has to leave us every day too, which IS bad but then we can put the major guilt trip on her which is GOOD.
    Dig deep and use her absences as way to control her even further...we know you can do it!
    And if you can't blog as much we'll be here when you can. It'll be like a fun a special present when you pop up on the list.
    xx lounge kats

  2. I hate it when my mom leaves, too, but just think of the green papers you'll get!

  3. Oh, Katie.... that is so awful. But... but... it should mean extra cool stuff for YOU!

  4. We think there could be some good parts to this. You can make her feel super guilty when she comes home and get extra treats and attention, she'll have more green papers to buy things for YOU and you can probably look real sad and get extra treats from GloMan!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  5. Congratulations to Glogirly on the new job! Katie, you know, if she has a significant increase in income, this could mean more treats, more toys, more everything for YOU! Because you definitely deserve compensation for the inconvenience to your gorgeous Self!

  6. Don't furrget tha House Trashing Parties!
    Love & Purrs,

  7. Hang in there Katie! We know Gloman will take good care of you while your Glogirly is out of town. xoxo

  8. Hi Katie!


    I think the discussion you'll soon be having with Glogirl will be very interesting.

    Is the CC company the one that sells upscale women's apparel? It's my Mom's favorite place to shop. She loves her CC! Especially now! When she replaced her wardrobe she did it at CC!

    Concats to Glogirl in her new endeavor!

    And Katie...well we kitties all hope that she won't be leaving you often or for long.

    We'll purr on it for you!


  9. Katie...milk this for all it's worth. Make Glogirly feel so guilty for leaving you for so long. You'll get lots of treats!!

  10. Oh Katie - I know you are really going to miss Glogirly, but it's fantastic she got a job. A real paying job to keep you in kibble or prawns. M says so many people looking for jobs, dat your Glogirly was lucky to get one. Hang in there Katie - it will get better one she is thru dat thingy called training.

  11. The news about Glogirly's new job sounds good, especially if they will give her a discount on their clothes, since she will look great in them! Three weeks is a long time, though. I hope she is planning to leave very good written instructions for Gloman. Guys are not as detail oriented as gals, and we know there are lots of details to keeping you fed, littered, brushed, petted,,,,,

  12. Oh Katie this is... well I hardly know what to think. I know you'll miss GG and I KNOW GG will miss you which will make your meetings even better. She will feel bad and have time on her hands to look for foreign cat toy stores.

    You look pawsome with Supa Kitty! You needed a sidekick.

  13. Oh Katie..poor thing. The only thing we could tell you is work = more salmon treats. Tell the lady to start a furry pet line at Coldwater Creek.
    Benny & Lily
    Pee S. If the man forgets to feed you dial 911

  14. Congratulations to Glorgirly on getting a job. I am sorry that you are going to be abandoned, Katie, but it happens to lots of us. My Mom abandons me five days a week, too. It will mean more green papers to buy stuff for you.


  15. Congratulations to Glogirly!...Condolances to Katie; we're so sorry Glogirly is leaving for 3 whole weeks=we know you will miss her terribly and she will miss you too...Take this time with Gloman to train him right, Katie!...Good luck sweetie...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  16. Rumblemum is saying she hopes that it's a graphic design job or something like that, cause your mummy is very talented in that area! Congrats to her and best wishes.

  17. Our Mom said HUGE congratulations to Glogirly and well done!
    We say: that's just plain neglect!

  18. Oh Katie,
    You are always adorable in your pictures, cute little friend!
    Luna and mommy Léia

  19. Hello, nice to read your post Glogirly, very fun and pleasant
    Katie is always a STAR and I like her expressions, she is adorable.
    Have a good time

  20. I have no idea why my mom is so happy for your mom. Clearly she doesn't understand why this is no good for you...unless...hmmm.
    You know what? If everytime she abandon's you she brings you a cool treat or gift, you could build quite a stash of great toys. The best ever. This might be ok...

  21. Congrats to Glogirly on getting a new job. We are certainly sorry that Glogirly won't be around as much, though, Katie. Maybe she'll feel guilty and bring you back some nice presents!

  22. Wow, it must be a really great job if Glogirly is able to spend more time away from you. That does make us happy for her.
    Can't you just sneak into her bag and go with her? She might appreciate your assistance(everyone knows who's the brains behind this operation).

  23. My human thinks it's great that Glogirly got a job, but I'm with you about it. I think it sounds kind of bogus, having her away so much and you left to the devices of the male human. I hope you get lots of salmon to make up for it. I don't know anything about a Coldwater Creek... maybe your human is going to meet the Creek Cats there?

  24. Congratulations to Glogirly on the new job! You'll be okay with Gloman, Katie.

  25. Wow, Coldwater Creek, how devine. Maybe Glorirly is going to design cat toys to go with the pretty outfits.

  26. i know you are sad but first i just have to say that i LOVE THE SUPER KITTEH! how long have you had that?!??! did someone make that for you?!
    also, i am sorry for your loss!

  27. Congratulations to Glogirly! When my Mommeh started her new job in January, we did not know if we would be able to keep blogging, but it has worked out okay. We just don't have as much time for visiting and commenting as we used to have.

  28. YOW!
    This is mind boggling!
    Has life in Minnesota frozen her brain?
    Sure, she can blog remotely, but you won't be there for inspiration!!

    From mom: Oh how cool! I love that store. We have a store here in Maple Grove and it's just like walking into one of the catalogs!

  29. Congratulations to Glogirly! We are very happy for her. Coldwater Creek has some really pretty clothes and accessories, but we agree with Ozark Mt. Cats that their product line is seriously lacking in cat toys. Now that Glogirly will be periodically neglecting her duties of waiting on you hand and foot, we hope Gloman is up to the task of catering to your every whim.


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