Monday, December 4, 2017

In Search of the Warm Spot - Plus Mountain Scenes

WAFFLES:  What happened to the warm spot, Boss? What, is Mr. Sun on vacation? Did Daylight Savings steal all the daylight? One minute it's morning, the next it's bedtime. 

What, are we supposed to sleep all day?

KATIE:  Well we are cats. 

You ask a lot of questions, Waffles. Most of which make no sense at all, though some people might think there's something to your theory of daylight savings stealing a bunch of our daylight. The days will keep getting shorter until the winter solstice. 

WAFFLES:  Soul what? You mean like an R&B concert or something? Who's playing?

KATIE:  Do you even know what R&B stands for? 

WAFFLES:  Ribs and bacon?

Mmmmm....Warm Spot
When the sun goes into hiding or sets before we've eaten dinner, Katie and Waffles are quick to seek out the "warm spots" in the house. We're very fortunate to have radiant in-floor heat as our primary heat source. That means we have a network of tubes filled with hot water that run underneath our floors. It keeps our toes warm and is pure heaven for cats. 

In some areas of the house, typically where the tubes go around/into a corner or through a doorway, it's extra warm because those tubes get closer together than in the middle of a room and therefore emit more heat. Our heating and plumbing guy (who loves cats by the way, has a wife named Katie, and we call him the Boiler Whisperer) said that cats will instinctively seek out these warm spots. 

One of Katie's favorite spots (above) is right by the doorway to the bedroom. When she rolls over to be petted, her fur is so warm, it's like she's been laying on a heating pad.

The other primo warm spots are in the closet, underneath Glogirly's clothes. Occasionally Katie and Waffles can be seen mere inches apart, soaking up the warmth. 

Mountain Scenes
We thought you might like seeing a couple more photos from our Thanksgiving week with Gloman. As you can see, we still haven't gotten any major snowfall. But we're keeping our paws crossed for a white Christmas. 
Glogirly and Gloman spent some time exploring the dirt roads and trails in our canyon neighborhood. 

When Mr. Sun rose in the morning, he did so magnificently. The clouds looked like huge puffs of cotton candy. 


  1. Ah lucky warm paws! What beautiful pictures. I’m happy you had a wonderful Thanksgiving ❤️

  2. It might be chilly, but it's beautiful. Their furs should grow in and they'll be toasty warm

  3. Warm floors sound great! Glad you had a great Thanksgiving!

  4. We do not have warm floors, but we do have floor vents.
    We love to lay on top of them and feel the warm air blowing into our furs.Mum loves to pick us up and feel our warm bodies too.
    Your mountain scenes are lovely :)
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  5. My human DREAMS of having radiant floor heat! (I do too!!) Maybe someday...

  6. Your house sounds cosy and warm, and I am sure you two will discover all the warm spots.

  7. Sounds like the ideal way to heat a home! Lucky kitties.

  8. The view is spectacular but yay for warm floors

  9. Wow, radiant floor heating...that means you could lay anywhere and be warm. We seek out the heat vents around here. Stunning sunrise!

  10. Radiant floor heating sounds pawsome! We would definitely soak up the warm spots! Love all the photos, especially the one of Gloman and Glogirly! That sunrise is so pretty we feel like we can not only see it but reach out and touch it!!

  11. Oooh some lovely scenery shots!

  12. ohhh you both look FABULOUS!!!! Just fabulous! Love the photos of Katie and Waffles too!! xoxo catchatwithcarenandcody

  13. Warm floors sounds like heaven ! We love the photo of Gloman and Glogirly ! Purrs

  14. Our extended warms for the fall is going away tonight. Going to be all BRRRR by the morning and not get warm. We may have sun puddles however.

  15. Warmed right up to your story and the kitties finding those warm spots! Glad you had a nice Thanksgiving. We're hoping for a Christmas snowfall, too. xx
    Chopin, Bridgie, and mom Julie with that rascal Fr. Tom :)


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