Friday, December 16, 2011

Katie The Movie

Hi everyone, Katie here.

Now that Glogirly is officially working on her first book, I've decided I have to one-up her.

I give you, KATIE - The Movie.

This is my first attempt at the world of motion pictures. And my first attempt at making these crazy things work on my blog. YouTube, SchmuTube.

I hope this works!
Turn up your volume and click...


  1. That was awesome! Great score too!

  2. Whoa! I thoroughly enjoyed that film. The acting was superb, especially the stunning cat who looks a lot of like myself. Dunno why the Girl was included after all Katie isn't mentioned in the book. Whatever. I give it 5 paws!

  3. FANTASTIC!!!! Are you SURE you have never done this before!!??

    Not to mention, you are soooo darned adorable and I LOVE YOUR HAIR!!

  4. ::clapping paws::

    Bravo Katie! Great bunny kicking action.

  5. You are gorgeous, Katie!

    I think you should play in a movie with cops, because you have such a stern look, you could have anybody admit anything! :-)

  6. FABULOUS! Katie, we love your voice over, and Mommy cracked up reading the credits!
    "Katie's Minions", indeed.

  7. We loved it! Especially impressed with the bunny kicking part, Katie. Tell Glogirly to keep filming and show us more.

  8. Oh yes! Loved it. Even the credits :)))) If that's your first attempt, I think the Oscars are beckoning!

    Oh and Katie, yes we did see the bunny kick!! x


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