Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Countdown - 3 Days Left

Hi everyone, Katie here.

Today is devoted to the Other One...I mean, Gloman. Ours is a strange and complicated relationship. A hard and fast dog lover, he's a hard nut to crack. But I'm smart, sly and of course, charming.

As much as I hate to admit it, I am indebted to Gloman. After all, HE adopted me. He brought me home as an anniversary present for his girl.

In honor of Gloman adopting ME, I thought you just might like see some of my baby portraits. Let the squeeeee-ing begin.

I know. I'm so cute you can hardly stand it.

I know. Just when you thought I couldn't get any cuter.

I know. It almost hurts now doesn't it.

All together now. Awwwwwww.

Pee S: In case you missed the entire story of how Glogirly and Gloman met, just click HERE.

I posted their story a few months ago in honor of their anniversary and MY birthday. Yeah, I have to share my birthday with them. Not that I have a vote.


  1. You were soooo cute when you were a kitten.
    Miles and I are very excited about Krissmiss. we hope you are warm and toasty with your mom and dad

    big bonks

  2. Aw, you were the cutest, Katie!! And that movie was excellent! Glogirly did a great job!!

  3. Aren't you the cutest! Pop says you look like I prolly did when I was a kitten.

  4. The movie is wonderful. We just went and read the story about Glogirly nd Gloman and we just loved it. Oh, how patient they were!!!!!

  5. That's a great movie! If my human tried to make something like that about her and her boyfriend, it would be a LOT darker! At least the beginning part.

  6. You were and still are amazingly cute, Katie.

  7. Hehehe! Brilliant movie trailer! Don't tell her, Katie, but that Glogirly's pretty amazing, putting that together. Of course not as amazing as you, Katie, who is cuteness personified!


  8. ::Claps Paws:: er, hands... Anyway it was great! Maybe we should write a movie together too!

    And Kate was her cutest and most feisty self even as a kitten!

  9. That movie was great! And love your little paws--your toes look like you stepped in ink!

  10. Oh Katie - you were the cutest kitten ever - even cuter den me!! That is a great film Glogirly made too. Gloman is going to be so surprised and just love it. Krissmiss SMOOCH for you.


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