Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas Countdown - 6 Days Left

Hi everyone, Katie here.

With only six days before the fat man comes flying in on his sleigh, I thought it would be helpful to provide an official COUNTDOWN.

I've had visions of freeze dried salmon and shiny new scratching posts dancing in my head.... But Glogirly has reminded me that this thing we call Christmas is about much, much more. So this week, we're going to reflect on the people that have influenced us. Friends and family that have made our own little world a better place.

It's about unconditional love and taking care of each other.

I've heard that the best gifts come in small packages.

According to Glogirly, they actually come in no package at all. These are gifts from the heart.

Today, I want to tell you about a gift from a Hart. Meg S Hart, that is. Most of you know Meg as Fin's mom, from Housecat Confidential. Glogirly and I have had fun looking at the world through Fin's feline eyes for the past couple of years.

When Glogirly and I decided to start our own blog in 2009, we had no idea there were other blogging cats out there. Then we found Fin.

Housecat Confidential was the first cat blog we found. Of course we started reading right away. We felt an instant connection to Fin and her humans. We wrote our first comment ever for Fin. Fin's mom was quick to stop by our blog and introduce herself. In fact, she took Glogirly under her wing to show her the ropes.

She told Glogirly about the Cat Blogosphere, taught her how to post links to our blog and how to find other cat blogging friends. We soon found a whole new world of friends.

My friend Fin.

Fin and Meg were quick to send emails when life became challenging or sad. They'd share in our triumphs and leave funny comments to make us smile.

When Fin and Meg decided to publish their book, Housecat Confidential, we got to read it before it even went to print! We have our own pawtographed copy too.

Fin and Meg taught us that friendships can grow across many miles, even across the blogosphere.

Yesterday, Fin and Meg taught us something else we will never forget.

In Meg's new blog, Hart Stories, she wrote about Fin:

"Her (Fin's) world was much smaller, but somehow much richer too. I started to realize that she had everything she needed to be happy within our home, and when I opened my heart I realized I did too. I started a journey to find the same joy and wonder in life and within myself, and I stopped looking for outside things to make me happy."

Meg's discovery is a perfect lesson for this time of year and for every day. She's right, everything we need is right here. I don't really need a new scratching post or brand new toys. I have Glogirly and Gloman. My family. I have you, my friends. I don't need my fancy freeze dried salmon. My dry kibble is just fine as long as Glogirly puts it in my dish.

Thank you Meg for reminding us that we don't have to look far for all we need.

Be sure to stop by Meg's new blog and say hello. We think it's a place you'll want to come back to again and again.


  1. we have freeze dried fishies dancing in our heads too...your friends book sounds purrty good
    Benny & Lily

  2. We love Finny, she's one of our bestest furriends. We will miss her blog but will follow mom Meg's blog.

  3. That was a very sweet post, and I too think Fin and her human are awesome! I am sad that Fin is retiring, but after all her hard work, I have to admit she has earned it.

  4. Would you believe it, I'd just come from Fin's blog!!! What a sweet post. It amazes me how kind and helpful cat people are! Well, I shouldn't be, should I! cat people are the best :))

  5. We have to admit, we are very lucky furbabies, too! We don't need anything this year; we just wish for homes for all the shelter furries out there!

  6. You made me eyes leak. I loved your blog and the kitty and human behind it from the moment I arrived. You're right sometimes you are hooked from the first words and you were that for me too.

    When I had the pleasure to get to know you, I was just as taken. You are just as delightful as I thought. I am so excited for your future and I hope you write your first book, rinse and repeat. I am here for you in anyway I can be and I know you are for me too, and you don't get a better present than that.

    Big huge hug to you!

  7. Meg is a wise woman. Everything we truly need, most of us already have. Anything else is a want and that's just icing on the cake :-).

  8. Katie, we KNEW you had a soft cream-filled center! We think Meg is the bee's knees, too.
    We don't celebrate Christmas at our house precisely because we already have what we need; we try to be loving all year long. Or at least the peeps do...we Cats have been known to spat!

  9. I agree, Fin is a cool kitty. And I, too, have everything I need right here.... but some bonito flakes would be nice, too.

  10. All this gifts from the heart sounds funny. You sure Glogirly isn't just cheap? I'm just sayin'

  11. no wonder I like you! you have superb taste! We love meg, we adored her book (and were lucky to receive a copy to review some months back)....we adore Fin and we adore you!!!!


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