Monday, December 26, 2011

Day-Of-The-Week Katie: Monday

Hi everyone, Katie here.

Many of you have been asking, "when will Katie take back her blog?" "when will she pry it away from Glogirly's tight grip?"

Well in honor of ME, this whole week is dedicated to ME. Katie.

Just like day-of-the-week underwear,
I give you... Day-Of-The-Week Katie.

Everyday I'll be featuring one of my favorite autographed photographs from some of my most memorable photo shoots.

It's ALL Katie, ALL week.

One of my classic portrait poses.
Notice the perfectly positioned paws and
the upward turn of my head that showcases my girly mustache.

Waiting for Santa under the chair next to Mini-Tree.


  1. "Girly Moustache"--doesn't Glogirly PAY to get rid of hers? It must not be as attractive as yours, Katie.

  2. Katie you get extra cute points from me for just being a lovely black and white kitty! Those whiskers are lovely just like you are!

  3. Glad to have you back Katie, but we have been enjoying Glogirly's posts.
    You pose beautifully.

  4. It's ALL good, Katie. Whether Glogirly blogs, or you do, we love it. But a whole week of Day of the Week panties? Wow!

  5. Katie you must be in heaven having your blog back
    Benny & Lily

  6. It's about time you got your blog back, Katie!

  7. Hiya Katie *waves* I'd almost forgotten what you looked like (just kidding!) You certainly pose purrfectly xox

  8. You're looking great, even with your Girly Moustache!!!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  9. Gasp! Katie - that is a gorgeous picture of you in your classic, purrfect pose. We loved it when Glogirly posts something, but we also love you - so I'm glad you have your bloggy back for the week.

  10. My Mom has a "girly mustache" like that and that is exactly the reason she has to go and get a wax before New Year's Eve MOL

    Love, Cody

  11. That last pic is a REAL cheesecake, Katie. I'm glad this is ME week on YOUR blog. Remember when I did ME week? Maybe you can tell us some of your likes and dislikes in food, toys, etc. My peeps are ABANDONING me tomorrow to visit relatives so I won't be stopping by. *MOPE* I'm not happy.


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