Thursday, December 15, 2011

Cat Scratch Fever

Hi everyone, Katie here.

Glogirly didn't think is was possible. She claimed it was indestructible. Would last a kitty a lifetime. But as per usual, I have proven her wrong.

I have worn out my scratching post.

Gloman thinks I have unresolved anger issues that I take out on my post. Can't imagine what would make him think that. He says that every time I get in trouble I scamper off to my post and scratch. That may indeed be true. But I scratch for many reasons. And I scratch for no reason at all.

Bottom line - this kitty needs to start from scratch on a new post.

If you've been hanging around this blog for any time at all, you already know that Glogirly and I have discriminating taste. Not just any scratcher will do. Design matters.

I thought you might enjoy taking a peek at the current faves that are up for consideration.

DJ Cat
What's not to love about a scratcher with a sense of humor. And a good beat. Glogirly and I thought this was perfect for our stunning friend CK. Sadly, it's out of stock. Glogirly says it's not really fitting with our current decor anyway. Whatever.

Canine Cat Scratcher
Glogirly is in LOVE LOVE LOVE with this one. But sticker shock is keeping her from placing an order. Most cats would probably relish a crack at this doggy. Given my history with stuffed animals, Red Dog in particular, it may not be a wise buy. The silhouette of the ears is just a bit much for me. You don't think there's a real dog inside there do you?

lil pawpaw
This one is pretty cute. So is the scratcher. Portability is nice. But I'm a vertical kitty when it comes to stretching and scratching. I'm not sure what I think about this flat thing. Glogirly is certain I'd rip it to shreds in no time.

A winner on design points, this one has sleek and modern lines that appeal to my midcentury modern kitty taste. Glogirly says it's a no-go on price though. Sheesh, she is hard to please. She wants it to look cool, but won't pay $300 for a cardboard stool?

PurrFect Post
I'm sure you'll recognize the gorgeous supermodel in this shot. Yes, this bad boy is mine. It's been PurrFect for six years now, but I've apparently had my way with it a few too many times. Glogirly is checking into replacement post options. Bo-ring. But I'm sure it's the economically sound choice. Well, as long as she keeps the freeze dried salmon coming, I guess I'm fine with it.

Carry on and scratch happy.

This guy scares me.


  1. Our best scratching post was covered with a remnant of carpeting Dad got from a carpet store. That was before my time,though. Maybe Gloman is handy with a staple gun?

  2. Or ya could just reupholster the one you got!

  3. Or ya could just reupholster the one you got!

  4. Topaz uses the flat cardboard scratchers and not only does she flip them out of the box, but she also shreds them. There's one in pieces on my living room floor right now.

  5. Wow, you sure got your use out of that post!
    I dont know if you're looking for suggestions, but you could try wrapping sisal rope around it and securing it with glue gun glue?
    Or write to Sandy Paws!

  6. Hey Supermodel Katie! The best type are the upright tower ones. I've worn out 2 of them and I'm working on the third. I don't like the cardboard. Really, do you want something made from cardboard that cots $50 or more. this is my favorite one. You can find it cheaper elsewhere. BTW, cats scratch when they're excited, which is why I always scratch right before TW plays with me.

  7. Well Katie, if you had unresolved anger issues, they must be resolved by now, judging by the scratch port relic!

    I'd go for the scratch dog every time >^,,^<

  8. We have a scratching post that Mom bought a squillion years ago that we love and it's held up really well. We think sisal is our favorite and really durable.

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  9. Glogirly can make one! All you need is lumber, sisal rope, and gloves for winding...we love the ones Daddy has made for us and they wear like IRON. email Mommy if you want details.

  10. We need a new scratching post too - our cat tree is shredded! Bummer that the DJ scratcher is out of stock. I am trying to talk my human into the canine scratcher, but she thinks that the dog here might get an even bigger inferiority complex than she already has.

  11. We think you should get one of each!

    Truffle and Brulee

  12. We have a Purrfect post, too! Ours still looks brand new all these years later... I thought they were indestructible!


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