Sunday, August 23, 2015

Love Your Vet #Cat2VetDay

WAFFLES:  Hey Boss! YESTERDAY was Take Your Cat to the Vet Day. We missed it! 

KATIE:  Oh darn.

WAFFLES:  Should we go today instead?

KATIE:  Waffles, we were just there. Let's not wear out our welcome.

WAFFLES:  But it was Take Your Cat to the Vet Day, Boss. And we missed it. We have to go.  

KATIE:  Waffles, what matters is that we remind everyone how important it is to see their vet regularly. 

WAFFLES:  Why? Is it so the vets don't get lonely and stuff and miss us?

KATIE:  Waffles, you do know that Dr. Karlin's world doesn't revolve around you, right? 

WAFFLES:  Yeah, but every time I see her she makes me feel like it does. 

Don't let your vet miss you.
Schedule a wellness check today.
It's true. We love our vet. In fact at one point, Waffles wanted to marry Dr. Karlin. His hopes were dashed though when he realized that not only was she taken, she was seeing untold numbers of other cats. Dogs too. But that hasn't stopped him from flirting. Or amassing more girlfriends than he can count.

In all seriousness though, we're very passionate about the importance of regular veterinary visits. Living healthy, happy and long lives with our forever families is what it's all about.

Our own vet and the dedicated staff at Westgate Pet Clinic in Minneapolis are like family to us. They take the time to get to know us. They're incredibly gentle and caring each time we visit. They spend time talking to Glogirly, answering her questions and never, ever seem to be rushed. Even when the waiting area is chocked full. When there's a health concern or problem addressed, we always get a call back after a visit to check in on how things are going. And if we ever have a question, any question at all, they're happy to take our call. Our own vet has called us on many occasions. Like we said, we love her.

Click here to learn about the five reasons regular veterinary visits are so important to the health and well being of our furry family members. 

Do you love your vet?
If you're not happy with your vet, it's time to shop around. We have a feeling there are lots of Dr. Karlin's out there. You just have to be willing to look for them. 

WAFFLES:  My vet loves me SO much, I got to star in a Westgate Pet Clinic VIDEO!!!

KATIE:  Waffles, you were only in the video for like 4 seconds. 

WAFFLES:  Uh uuuh! It was at least FIVE.

(You can see Waffles at the 33 second mark)


  1. Waffles, you sure are a ladies cat. They were all over you!

  2. Waffles you are a charmer. The closest vet here is an hour and a half away. The Farm cats ge there shots with the traveling vet when he comes through town.

  3. Hey, you didn't mention the Glogirly cameo! That was fun too.

    Yesterday was go to the cat show day for me... but I DO have to go to the vet this week and get my one-year rabies booster.

  4. If my vets was like that, I wouldn't mind going either, much!!!

  5. Hey, Waffles...we saw you in the video! We don't like going to the vet but we understand that it's important to go on a regular basis so we don't put up too much of a fight when we hafta go.

  6. Great post, regular vet care is very important.

  7. Westgate seems wonderful. We saw you AND Glogirly.

    I have to go back to my vert to have my thyroid rechecked.

  8. Waffles you do know how to charm the ladies.

  9. We love our Vet too..she is sweet, loving, caring and all that other good stuff...the cats don't mind seeing Dr Susie but they hate the car ride there and back...howling and meowing all the job on the commercial Waffles and Glogirly!!!!

  10. You're a Star, Waffles! Of course you already knew that!
    We love our Vets, too! Dr. Meyers and Dr. Hughes are great!

  11. It looks like you're charming ladies everywhere you go, Waffles ! We don't like to go to the vet, but as long as Claire is happy and trust them, we're OK. It's for our health after all, and we must admit they are very nice with us. Purrs

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  13. Oops! Thanks for calling attention to this very important day, Waffles and Katie! Annual visits to your vet are so very important for kitties. Bella and Parental Unit have their annual visit scheduled for next week...Bella doesn't know that yet, though...

  14. We love our vet Dr.Jeff. At least I do, the new baby not so sure yet. He's only been once, did okay with that visit. So he should do well with any other visit he has with Dr. Jeff or Dr. Clem his associate.

  15. Yesterday we celebrated Tess and May's eight birthday, and Kyra's honorary seventh (rescue). We didnt celebrate it by going to the vet though.. such a missed chance. I am sure the girls would have loved that... :P I am happier with our vet then they are.

  16. Meeeow yous all sure awe blest to have such a pawsum VET. Weez gotta find us a new VET fur sure. Mommy and us awe so fed up wiff da incompetence of our current VET. Have a gweat week.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

  17. I like our vet, he is a nice man and treats me fine. Waff you and Glogirly did a good job in the commercial.

  18. I saw my vet already this year. I can’t take the stress anymore than once. Dr. D is nicer than the others but I try not to think about her.

  19. We love our vet, too! Moosey had to go to see Dr. Lamothe on Friday. She always makes him feel like the world revolves around him. So do all the vet techs. :)

  20. Aww Waffles, that is the look of love you are giving your vet.
    My vet is okay as far as vets go. My mum says he is an excellent vet. She has to keep in touch with him every week because I can't have my hyperthyroidism treated, so he will know immediately if I have any setbacks. He has even given her his email address so she can keep in touch once a week while he is on holiday.

  21. Hey, Waffles. You definitely were the STAR of the video, but you failed to mention that Glogirly had a speaking part. We LOVE our vet too, especially as they make house calls! XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  22. I love our vet! Point Breeze Vet Clinic in Pittsburgh, PA and Dr Schroth are the best!


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