Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Black and White and WHAT??? #TuxieTuesday

From the WAY-BACK machine... Katie Kitten and her first fur-sibling, Larson. (RIP)
KATIE:  This is sure a funny looking cat.

LARSON:  CAT??? Who are you calling CAT? 

KATIE:  Ok, rat?

LARSON:  Sheesh. What's a guinea pig got to do to get a little respect around here?

KATIE:  Ok fine. I'll make you a deal. Stay away from my food and I'll call you whatever you want.

LARSON:  Larson. And I'd appreciate it if you kept your mitts off my lettuce and pellets.

KATIE:  Yeah, no problem there. I'm not big on greens. And I'm not touching anything called a PELLET.  

KATIE:  So Larson, are you sure we haven't met before? You look a little familiar. You wouldn't be related to my catnip mouse would you? 

LARSON:  Uh oh. I've seen that catnip mouse. Or what's left of him. 

WAFFLES:  Hey, what about me??? I changed into my black and white furs. Can I play too?

About Today's Photos:
Very few people know about Katie's fur-sibling that came before Waffles. Actually, he came before we even had a blog. The first two photos were taken in the late summer of 2005 when Katie was just a few months old. Glogirly worked for Marshall Field's at the time and they held a fund raiser for the Humane Society at their photo studio. Staff photographers were on hand to take portraits of employees' pets in exchange for donations to help the shelter animals. Way back then, Glogirly's stepson (Gabe) and his guinea pig (Larson) were living with us in the Townhouse.

There were all kinds of animals at the studio... dogs, birds, cats, a hamster, a couple guinea pigs ... even an iguana. After Katie and Larson each had their portraits taken, the photographer asked if he could take a few pics of them together. Katie wanted to have fun but Larson wasn't really into her.  ; )

"He's just not that into me."
~ Katie 


  1. Wow, we never knew. We're pretty sure Waffles and Larson would have gotten on famously. >>smirk<<
    Larson was a very handsome piggie.

  2. Do you think maybe Larson felt like he was dinner?

    1. Definitely! That's why Katie & Larson had very few play dates... and ALWAYS a chaperone.

  3. Way back when, I had a hamster. Sadly, one of the cats ate him! Portia (the cat) managed to get into Woodie's cage, and...

  4. That we didn´t know !
    I must miaow that Larson was a very good looking guinea pig !
    My humans have a friend that alway´s is called by his last name Larson :)


  5. Oh, I bet Larson was not into Katie's idea of "fun!" My human's boyfriend is allergic to Guinea pigs, so I'll probably never meet one... unless one shows up at BlogPaws!

  6. Larson would have been in trouble around here, he just resembles a mouse a little to much for us to resist.

  7. Yup, a generous sized snack. Yum, whoops M says I can't eat him tho cuz he is pet IT DOESN't seem fair when he looks so tasty.

  8. You're right...we never knew about Larson. He looks like he'd be fun to play with...and we don't mean literally...or do we??? ;)

  9. In our opinion one should play with whoever's around...so funny a picture! Thanks for the laugh-Carol, Peaches & Paprika

  10. That is a nice photo of the 2 of them together. :)

  11. who would have thought Katie used to be the pesky younger sibling :)

  12. What an interesting sibling you had Katie!

  13. Why am I not surprised you had a GP.. ;) those photos are adorable.. and poor Waf being left out..

  14. omg the story behind the photos is just great!!! Katie really looked like she liked him! How cute!!!

  15. Beautiful pictures! Waffles in black and white? No! We need our sunshine boy.

  16. They look adorable together.
    Sue B

  17. Larson looks almost as big as Katie. But they sure were adorable together! I wonder what Waffles would make of a piggie?

  18. Hi Larson! would love to hear more about Katie's past sibs!

  19. We bet Larson didn't share Katie's idea about "fun" ! Purrs

  20. What cute pictures..Katie you are so tiny there..Waffles I like your orange furs best..

  21. So cute! Katie was such an adorable kitten. It's great to see the curious side of her. Larson was a cutie too! It's too bad Waffles didn't get a chance to play with him.
    -Purrs from your friends at www.PlayfulKitty.net

  22. Larson was a handsome guinea pig. It looks like Katie was more ready to "play" than Larson was ready for.

  23. Oh sweet little Katie .. errrr ... Boss!! Larson does not look impressed at all!

  24. How cute. Katie and Larson really were dressed to match, even if Larson wasn't thrilled with the idea of hanging out.


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