Saturday, December 1, 2012

Destination Stellar: #NipClub Holiday Bazaar

Hi everyone, Katie here.

Today's Saturday Photohunt Theme is *STELLAR* ...and what better way to illustrate this than a joyride through the blogosphere in the Glogirly Designmobile. I'm sure you can't help but notice my new copilot, Waffles Too. We still haven't met face-to-face, as he hasn't yet checked out of the Kitten Hotel, a.k.a. MY extra bedroom in. But I figured as long as we're wearing our spacesuits, I don't have to smell him or hardly look at him.

KATIE:  Waffles! Paws inside! ...and keep those razor claws away from my suit.

WAFFLES TOO:  Um. Mew. Mew. Um–

We're headed to the the #NipClub First Annual Holiday Bazaar Twitter Pawty. Featured shops include many of our friends (and yours) like Sparkle The Designer Cat who will be selling her Cat Rules Calendar, her book and some great stuff from her Zazzle Shop...Baby Patches' store Nip and Bones, Kruz Kats' new Etsy Store and MORE!

We'll be there too, featuring GLOGIRLY DESIGN Blog & Design Services as well as our snazzy Glogirly Zazzle Shop. In fact, we are Prize Sponsors of the pawty. That means if you come to the pawty, you have a chance at winning something Glogirly-COOL!

The Twitter Pawty is TONIGHT, Saturday, December 1 from 6pm-midnight, Eastern Time. A portion of the proceeds will benefit this month's charity, Black Cat Rescue. You can shop now, during or after the pawty – here's a list of ALL the stores that are part of the event. I know they'd all appreciate your business and they are all giving something back to less fortunate pets.

Hope to see you tonight! 

* * *

Thank you SO much for all of you wonderful comments and love for Waffles Too ME during this joyful stressful transition at Casa de Glogirly. Many of you have asked about Waffles' story, where on earth he came from, as well as how our transition is going. We'll be sharing lots of posts and photos of the irresistible furbaby little maniac next week ... so get ready for some kitten CUTE CHAOS.


  1. What a purrfectly adorable assistant!

  2. Oh what a cutie Waffles is!! We can't wait to meet him!!
    Your TX furiends,

  3. He is a sweetie and I'm sure Katie will love him

  4. You two look adorable in your spacesuits! Happy Caturday!

  5. The #NipClub Holiday Bazaar is going to be so much fun! I am looking forward to it. Maybe I will even dig out my own credit card (yes, I have my own)!

  6. let the kitten games/chaos begin...hehehe you're in for some fun katie

  7. Looking forward to Cute Chaos. Just love you pix. Very clever. Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  8. Katie I think you have the purrfect companion, even if you don;t realise it!!! ;)

  9. We've linked to the event but missed the boat. Wish you much luck!

  10. I'm sure Waffles Too will bring you luck for the shopping pawty ;-)

  11. OOOOOOO Katie Girl! You better be nice, remember, kittens grow up and it looks like he's here to stay!
    Harry, Dexter and Tipp

  12. We can't wait to hear the story about Waffles Too!

  13. We'll try to get Mom to bring us to the party!!

    Waffles Too - Raz says not to worry. Cuteness wins all the time.

    The Florida Furkids

  14. See you tonight!!! So many great kitty gifts to share with the world!

  15. This imposter almost looks like the real Waffles in that spacesuit. I warn you, Katie. His goal is to replace you. Don't go quietly. Fight for your townhouse.

  16. Katie, does the V-W on your car stand for Verreh Waffley?

    Just wonderin'.

  17. You two look adorable in your space vehicle! And what a cool Holiday Bazaar.

  18. Dear Katie,
    Me is STILL waiting for Kozmo to be fun!

  19. Welcome Waffles, you are a cute little ginger boy.

  20. Ooh, we didn't know about the Holiday Bazarre, we're off to check it out.

    Did you guys know that we have 10 holiday giveaways going on at right now? There are lots of great prizes if you're interested.

    Nubbin wiggles,

  21. Yeah, that Waffles Too will be less stinky when he starts smelling like your house. Then he'll blend right in. Be nice!

  22. You may have to make us a new header driving down Rodeo Drive in a red car.
    Benny & Lily


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