Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Fabulous Four

Hi everyone, Katie here.

Every once in awhile the JibJab video people come up with a good one.  They're known for their "starring you" videos. All you do is upload a few photos and *abracadabra* you've got a video!

Although we usually prefer to make our own, this Competitive Sledding video was just too hilarious to pass up.  Of course we HAD to add in our own little intro and ending.

My favorite moments?
1. When I pitch a snowball at Gloman's face.
2. When Waffles screams like a girl.

What's YOUR favorite moment???


  1. All right, now THAT's a Christmas greeting all righty! One for the ages! And yes, my favorite part was the Waffles squeal.

    And guess what?!? I gotted my box-o-wonderful-stuff today!!! We'll have some pictures tomorrow!!! CAT-TASTIC LOOT!

  2. Qoo! Hoo! Now that is great!

  3. This was an adorable holiday greeting that made me laugh out loud. They don't get better than that. Happy Holidays from our whole family, Mistletoe, Hitch, Pumpkin, Tiger, Lizzie, Dorothy, Jacob, Fretta and Dan, where the furries out number the humans.

  4. Hehehehehe that was so funny ,we just loved it all

  5. That was so funny. Waffles scream wins our vote too.

    We really like the stand off in your post below. It reminds us of Cindi and Georgia.

    Cindi Lou & The Kitty Krew

  6. We enjoyed the whole video! It had us laughing away. :D
    With Daddy around, we had way too many "guilt trip" situations, one pretty recent one was when Mommy couldn't find Whisky and was about to have a heart attack. When Daddy came out of the shower, she asked him about it and he suddenly had this strange look on his face, ran down, popped open his recliner and there she was...and thankfully, unscathed.

  7. We loved the whole video! The squeal was precious! Thank you & Meowy Chrismouse to y'all!

  8. Love it all. JibJab is such fun. Have a terrific Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  9. Now THAT made us LOL! You've got a pretty good throwing arm, Katie! ;)

  10. I loved the look of shock on Katie's face when she saw that snowball, and I cringed when that baby went through the tree! OUCH!

  11. We enjoyed the whole thing....but the snowball throw was pretty awesome.

  12. VERY funny! Yes, Waffles & the tree was very hilarious!


  13. isn't it funny how you had Waffles Too hit the tree and we had Dakota? We were probably working on these at the same time! Love it!

  14. ewe noe...for sum reeezon we thinked yur mom N dad wuz taller N ewe katie N waffles.....

    act shoe a lee we liked yur eye can stand on my head N sled trik N waffles leep inta de air N land bak on de sled this away [] trik !!!

    grate mewvie...jib jab iz crazee :)

  15. Ha ha - that's a great one. Your own are good too.

  16. LOVE LOVE LOVE your video !
    I agree with you Katie that the best part is when you through a snowball at Gloman´s face :)

  17. Ouch! Gloman didn't handle those moguls to well... maybe his glasses were messed up when you whapped him with that snowball!
    uh... hey... did we miss something ? What's up with your ears in the header ? Kinda looks "devilishly" altered.
    a perplexed Harry, Dexter and Tipp

  18. I like you pasting Gloman with the snowball too. It's so Katie but I think you shouldn't hit W2. I like the look on your face when you see the snowball coming at the end. MOL

  19. Very funny! We thought Waffles Too made a great save after he hit the tree....Olympic quality!!

    The Florida Furkids

  20. We liked all of it but we thought you were very clever to stand on your hands while you were moving. We laughed when Waffles went through the tree too.

  21. I loved the part when you all turned into a snowball. My, I had no idea I was such a violent kitty! Merry Christmas!


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