Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Behind-the-Scenes With Juror #12, Allie

Hi everyone, Katie here.

Wow... the response to Juror #10's Q&A (Jemma The Chihuahua) was...well, extreme. All the cats are standing in behind me in solidarity, while the dogs are acting like...well, DOGS.

Today we're behind-the-scenes with the glamour kitty from A Tonk's Tail, Allie. Allie represents the feminine and well-mannered side of the Tonk's trio of cats. I'm certain her brothers Maxwell and Faraday, anxiously waiting in the wings, will have a few words for us as well.

KATIE:  So Allie. Nice nails. Love the pink.

ALLIE:  *tilts head, looks up to the side*

KATIE:  Allie, what was your favorite part of my video, "Katie Is...ACCUSED?"

ALLIE:  My favorite part?  Well, personally... *pats coif* I think the jury's simply STUNNING.

FaRADay:  *gagging noise*

MAXWELL:  *fascinated look* uh, Katie...those handcuffs. I can open any door, and drawer. I'll bet I can open those too *hoists lawn clippers*

FaRADay:  *unintelligible screech*

MAXWELL:  Dood. Girls don't usually do cool things like chew on shoelaces, so we think she's innocent.

KATIE:  Well I guess innocent trumps cool. Still, I like to think of myself as one-cool-kitty.  So, Allie? About those pink nails...

Only a few days left to get all your friends, family, and the neighborhood dogs to VOTE for "Katie Is...ACCUSED!" The polls close Friday, Nov 9 @ 11:59pm EST.


Please help us get the vote out! 
Now that the presidential political ads have gone dark and the flyers aren't flying anymore, we have just a couple days to recruit a few more votes for "Katie Is...ACCUSED." If you'd like to help, we have our OWN flyer that you can print to slip under your neighbors door or hand to the grocery store cashier. Every vote counts for this little tuxie from Minnie-Apolis.


*don't forget to validate your email address so your vote is counted!*


  1. PS - we made the male person vote for you Katie

  2. Hi Katie....hmmm, I'm sure that we have another unused email address...

  3. Another great juror! We do think you would look stunning in a set of those fake nails, Katie. Have a great WEdnesday! xoxo

  4. Those boys are out of control! It's a wonder Allie ever gets a word in edgewise!

  5. Hehehe!! Allie is not exactly one of the boys mol!! I'm coming over all unnecessary >^,.^<

  6. Allie does have beautiful nails. I asked her about those too. Mom is/was considering them for me. ugh.

  7. Hi Katie! We real have enjoyed you "behind the scenes" interviews with all the famous stars of your video. You're so talented to star in the video, then do all the interviews yourself. You're a lock when they give out the gold statues at award time. I know you'll understand a little self promotion....

    Hi everyone!!! I hope you'll all check out Savannah's Paw Tracks. I know you all love her blog. Well yesterday she did an awesome interview....with me! I'll see you around the blogosphere!

    Purrs to you all!

  8. Very good interview. We love Allie over here because of her spunk!

  9. Furry good interview !
    LOVE Maxwell´s comment about girls not do such cool things as chew on shoelaces :)

  10. Hey there Katie! Guess what? You won an award! That's right. Come on over and visit me on Nerissa's Life and you can pick it up. Check out the post entitled "I ownz it!" purrs

  11. Fabulous nails, Allie - they look stunning with your collar and you represent the jury with such style! The boys... hmmm... another story altogether...

  12. katie:

    dont forget math wuz R best subjict in skewl and so far ewe haz acumlated 287,459,259,366,255 votes plus one half...coz we just quik lee counted em..


  13. you should have had me on the case katie,but loving this story line,xxSpeedy

  14. Allie will make a good one and she is a cutie!

  15. Allie is a cutie, that's for sure. Love the pink nails. But I think she's off base with who did it.

  16. Besides being cute, we're sure Allie will examine all the evidence and any charges against Katie will be dropped.

  17. We love Allie's pink nails...oh so stylish!

    We have used every email address we have including all of our dad-guy's. You just gotta win, Katie!!

  18. Allie: No worries, girlfriend! I have it all figured out.

    Maxwell, you take those lawn clippers and put them to good use *points to bars in jail cell*

    Waffles, grab all the unmarked nip you can and transfer it to a numbered account in Switzerland.

    Faraday, is the plane ready for a quick hop to the Caymans?

    Faraday? Faraday!?!? You do NOT TALK TO REPORTERS.

  19. Hey Katie, Allie tells me those nail things come in all fancy colors and designs. You game? I don't think the jury was stunning but I think the DA was.

  20. We love the comments that the Tonk's Tails leave on our blog!

  21. Katie, me has emailed my human brothers and ALL Mommy's work friends to votes! Me is working as hard for yous as me did for Austin!

  22. So what going to be left to conquer after you are the Cat Ruler of the World and a Purina movie star? Will you still remember the Little Cats?

  23. we have asked friends to use their email addresses and others at my former shelter...paws crossed


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