Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Hi everyone, Katie here.

We recently received a most wonderful award from THREE of our friends! Callie at Troublin' TimesSpeedy The Cheeky House Bunny and Oui Oui of Twinkletoe Tails! It's called the Seven Things Award and it's a VERY fun award, especially for readers, because everyone loves learning more gossip about the cats and rabbits behind the blogs.

Today we're adding an extra layer of fun to our Seven Things Award. The blogosphere has been buzzing about a certain ginger kitty. In fact, Rumbles is rumored to have formed a task force aimed at uncovering the mystery surrounding said ginger cat.

You better sit down now. In a first of it's kind, exclusive tell-all interview we're going to blow the mystery that is *Waffles* wide open.

KATIE:  Ok, Waffles are you ready to share seven secrets about yourself?

WAFFLES: Um, Boss?  Does this mean I get an award?  Like a statue or a ribbon or something?

KATIE:   No, Waffles. It's more symbolic.

WAFFLES:  Um, Boss? I'm not sure I want to lick anybody's symbos. What do they taste like?

KATIE:   Waffles, just forget about that and tell everyone your seven secrets.

WAFFLES:  Um, I don't really get how telling secrets is an award. Can't I have a ribbon or some--

KATIE:  Waffles, some time today. Seven things. Go.

WAFFLES:  Ok, um. #1. I'm about 1 years old.

KATIE:   Wow. That's a thrill alright. *rolls eyes*

WAFFLES: Ok, um  #2. I may or may not be a girlcat or a boycat.

KATIE:   You mean you don't know if you're a girl or a boy? Or are you claiming to be neither?

WAFFLES:  Huh? Um, I dunno. Sometimes I feel girly and sometimes I feel boyly.

KATIE:  Ok. So you're, well...a little confused.  Not that there's anything wrong with that.  Go on.

WAFFLES:  Um, #3. I think you're really pretty?  And really smart?

KATIE:   That's right-- I mean, that's a nice #3. Go on.

WAFFLES: I really really really like maypole syrup. That's #4.

WAFFLES:  Oh!  And member when Gloman was sick?  Um, I used to be a candy stripper. Is that 5?

KATIE:  *sigh*

WAFFLES: Um, 6. I'm not related to Wally the Island Cat.   ...Am I?

KATIE:  Are you?

WAFFLES:  Um, I dunno.  AM I???  He's orange and all. Could he BE--

KATIE:   Waffles, have you ever BEEN to an island?

WAFFLES: Um, no. So is that 7?

KATIE:   Technically, no. One more.

WAFFLES:  Ok. Um, I have a secret crush.

KATIE:   Well, who is it?

WAFFLES: It's a SECRET. I'm sposed to tell 7 secrets and that's on of my secrets. It's a secret, see? I'm just following the structions.

KATIE:   *heavy sigh*

WAFFLES:  Can I have my ribbon now?

KATIE:  If you've not received the Seven Things Award, please take one and give us your seven answers. They're really fun to read and hopefully your answers will be better than Waffles'.


  1. We still don't know where Waffles LIVES.

  2. We're still a bit dazed from dealing with the aftermath of Sandy. Does Waffles live with you? He/she is very mysterious and elusive.

  3. Arrrrrrrrg! TASK FORCE - ENGAGE!!!

    So close, and yet the mystery remains... I can see I'm going to have to start taking this more serious-like... *getting out magnifying glass*

    PS: what have you done with my Rumblemum!

  4. FaRADaY: I'm telling ya...aliens. Waffles is an Alien. Just meowin'.

  5. Those are great things, or are they? MOL! Mommy says Waffles reminds her of the SNL skit "It's Pat". If you've never seen it, Utube it. HaHaMeow!

  6. Hey Waffles who is your secret crush? We gotta know. Tell all, go on. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  7. Boyly??? MOL Waffles you are pulling our collective chain. We think you are the product of a union between Mr Google and Miss Flickr!! ;)

  8. Waffles, you are a master/mistress of subterfuge. I think you told us 2 and 1/2 things. Age 1, like maypole syrup, and you have a crush on somebody.

    Love your side by side picture next to Wally!

  9. We still think Waffles is an undercover operative. He/she is a master of subterfuge. We actually know LESS than we thought we did before. Now we are uncertain of Waffles gender. At least before we thought Waffles was a he.

    To sum up our knowledge of Waffles.
    An orange cat who has been seen in the company of Katie, Cat Ruler of the World and Cathy Keisha, the world most stunning cat. Professes to like maypole syrup. Confesses a secret crush.

    Is Waffles undercover protection for Katie? Secat Service? The mystery deepens.

  10. Does Waffles live with you? Is he Gloman's cat? Could it be Waffles who framed you for chewing the shoelace on Gloman's shoes?

    Really Katie inquiring cats want to know, SPILL NOW!!!!!!!!

  11. well THAT was certainly A LOT of help...NOT!! MOL!


  12. Me is with Austin on this one

  13. well that was about as clear as mud..... MOL

  14. What a fun post. I loved reading all about you but still some mystery to unravel.. Hugs GJ xx

  15. Oh, come on!!! My theory that Waffles is a paid companion rests partly on the assumption he is a he. Dagnabit!

  16. Hehehe....you guys....hehehe....so funny,xx Speedy

  17. Well, that answered nothing! I'm gonna hafta get tough now and start using my badge to get some real answers!!

    Officer Wally

  18. Katie... you gots more 'splainin' to do!!!!

    Harry, Dexter and Tipp

  19. Waffles now we know lots of secrets about you! Like 7. Thanks for letting us in on it
    Benny & Lily

  20. waffles crush bee on ewe katie sinz him bee yur husband; N next hiz crush bee on salmon N next hiz crush bee on treetz

    rock on waffles !!

  21. Hey Waffles. You received 3 of the awards which mean you have to give 3 x 7 things about yourself. Which means you owe us another 14 secrets. Come on now, let it all out!

  22. Ok, if Waffles was a candystriper for Glowman... Does that mean he lives with you??? You got a kitty companion??

  23. Waffle, when you are feeling boyly...Wafflette when you are feeling girly...
    So many question left unanswered but a secret crush is a nice crumb...

    the critters in the cottage xo

  24. Well, that did not unravel the Waffles mystery... but it was hilarious!

  25. Waffles, I don't know who you are but I am in LURVE!

  26. We think Waffles is some sort of secret agent, hence the equivocation!

  27. I'll be Waffles is a mancat and I'm his crush. Just meowin'. Inneresting facts and I was LMTO at the picture of Waffles as a girl.

  28. Ok, that covered one award, now for the other two! Then we might know a little about the mysterious Waffles.

  29. Runs to phone...calls Rumblepurr...can I get on that task force to find out about Wally??!! The suspense is like killing me!!

  30. If we weren't confused before, we are now. So is Waffles from the sound of it.

  31. MOL
    I'm afraid we don't know that much more ;-)


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