Friday, November 23, 2012

Pink Friday Giveaway

Hi everyone, Katie here.

While the rest of the crazy world is celebrating Black Friday by waking up early to stand in line outside their favorite stores for stuff that probably isn't even for their CATS, we're hanging in the townhouse, celebrating PINK Friday.  Fuzzy slippers, left over turkey and a fabulous GIVEAWAY for our friends.  One lucky winner will receive a pink GLOGIRLY tote filled with KATIE-LOOT!


Pink GLOGIRLY Tote & Matching Pen.
Katie Mug Shot Playing Cards from our Zazzle Shop.
Cast of 'Katie Is...ACCUSED' Photo Card from our Zazzle Shop.
A Very Katie Christmas Greeting Card from our Zazzle Shop.
Official Katie Mug Shot Pin & Postcard...yup, from our Zazzle Shop!
Katie not included.


1.  Visit our Zazzle Shop, then come back and leave a comment here telling us which item is your fave.
2.  Make sure we have your email.
3.  US & Canada residents only.  See below for an exclusive overseas giveaway!
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Comments close Tuesday, Nov 27 at 11:59pm EST.


Enter to win a custom holiday graphic from GLOGIRLY DESIGN
Only readers outside the US & Canada are eligible.
Follow ALL the same rules above for the US/Canada giveaway.
Please let us know in your comment that you are entering the "overseas" giveaway.

Good Luck Everyone
& Happy PINK Friday!
xo, Glogirly & Katie

Winners will be chosen randomly using random.orgnotified via email and announced here on


  1. Pink Friday sounds like such a better idea than Black! We are not entering cuz Mommy LUVS her GloGirly tote and carried it just yesterday. Happy Friday Katie!

  2. I love your pink shirt with the mustache kitty! I don't have youtube for Pawsitively Pets yet, but I subscribed with my personal account - annlorraine03. I'm the one with the PINK hair! is my email. Thanks for having such a cool giveaway :-)

  3. I think we like the Katie is...ACCUSED mug the best. It's fun looking at all Katie's friend too.
    Purrs to you,
    Mistletoe & Hitch

  4. This is an awesome giveaway, although Katie, I am sure some mancats will be disappointed that you're not included!

    As I think you already know, I LOVE your playing cards!

  5. Having to choose ONE fave thing? Arrrggghhhh! Our fave is the Katie is Accused Cast photo mug. Or maybe the Card with Katie and Waffles on it wearing their winter hats.

    We think Zazzle should be willing to make you PINK totebags too!

    We already are subscribed to your blog through our google reader but anonymously. Does that count? We don't do Facebook and Twitter etc.

  6. Good luck with Pink Friday. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  7. Spurned once again!!!, But never mind we are still in the pink!!! mol

  8. The playing cards are our favorite! Happy Pink Furday!

  9. We love the Katie coffee mug!!! Happy Pink Friday!

  10. This is a pawsome giveaway! Mom loves the Katie is Accused Mug!

    We're already following you on FB, Twitter and Pinterest and watch all of your YouTube videos and are already following the blog....we can't get enough of Katie (and Waffles!!).

    The Florida Furkids

  11. We love PINK FRIDAY. We checked off all the stuffs cause we can't get enough Katie and Waffles. We really wants to know more about Waffles.

  12. Pink Friday sounds way better than black Friday!

  13. Wow, there is so much cool Katie stuff! Wally says he likes the Real Housecats stuff...and he'd like to see Officer Wally on a mug! Haha!!

    Since we one the tote bag from you recently, we're gonna pass on this giveaway. But this sure is a great one.

  14. We love the Mustached Kitty Apron, we think the Daddy needs it for when he is making special salmon or chick-hen diners for us... oops we mean for him and the Momma....
    Harry, Dexter and Tipp

  15. DEF the Mustache Mug! Cos Daddy just shaved his off. He's going for the "Hipster" look with new glasses and a go(a)tee. It's scary.

    Also...why are your eyes so red? Did Waffles make his Special Catbucks Scones again? heh.

  16. our favourite is the all season card
    please enter us for thr overseas giveaway
    we don't have accounts on the other like face book.only here.
    hope you are having a great thanks giving weekend,xx Speedy and mum

  17. We love your Zazzle shop, Katie, but notice a glaring absence of leopard print! Must be another oversight by Waffles...

    Anyhow, we like the playing cards the best, but you do not need to enter us in the giveaway as we would like to give someone else the opportunity to win!! Our kitties have so much great stuff as it is, so sometimes it is nice to share an opportunity for something with others!!

  18. Our favorite is the Katie is ACCUSED mug, because the whole cast makes us smile every time. And everybody needs extra things to smile about when they are drinking coffee first thing in the morning.

    We think our email is attached to this post (through our Google account). If not, let us know. Our mom follows you on Twitter and has for a while now.

    Thanks for doing such a cool giveaway for pink Friday, Katie!

  19. Hey Katie we love your new Festive look x x x


  20. we noe R commint haz nothin ta due with
    yur post but we haz eated two manee piez
    and be sneekin over heer stead of werkin

    heerez a copee N paste

    hit it:

    burd day iz over but weez knot sad
    we eated noe burd N we bee trooly glad
     if ya haz sum pie ya can still cell a brate
    hope yur week oh end iz trooly sooper grate

    haza awesum week oh end, peace out N rock on

  21. I really like the Black and White Mustache Kitty Mug

    I collect special coffee mugs and I do not have a cat one will go good with my black and white Harley mugs

    Gayle Hansen
    Kolohe o' Lolo's "Mom"

  22. We like the sound of Pink rather than Black. What great sounding prizes! Purrs...

  23. I like the Katie is Accused mugshot card!

    garth (dot) riley (at) rocketmail (dot) com

  24. I really love the Mustache Kitty Tote Bag. It's funny and eye-catching, but mostly I love it because you can get it in a grocery tote <3 Which I really need one b/c we have way too many plastic bags in this house X_x Our cats Adrian and Dutchess don't mind them too much. But they've always been bag kitties lol >_<;

  25. Pink Friday is such a fun idea, Katie! We were gonna say the playing cards were our fav'rite thing until we saw the Police Cat mug, MOL! Pawsome! We subscribed to your Youtube. Thanks for having this give-away!

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, HOllie
    (our email is lesliespcl AT earthlink DOT net)

  26. Hi Katie and Glogirly!

    Yay for Pink Friday! Black Friday, not so much.

    We love, love, love that All Season Cat Mug. :)

    Thanks for having this fun and generous giveaway.


  27. Hooray for Pink Friday. I love the Katie is Accused Tiny Tote. It's the perfect size for small shopping trips.

  28. I like anything with my picture on it. HAH! And the Waffles ornament.

  29. We wanna win SO bad that I made the Human use her fakety-fake Facebook account to Like you, we followed you on Twitter, we subscribed to your YouTube channel and our favorite item in the shop is either the "4 seasons card" or the Katie playing cards. Whew! Does that qualify me for the COOL PRIZE!!!???!

  30. Oh, and P.S. we gived you an award!

  31. But it's not a bribe or anything! Honest!

  32. If we win, I'm going to give the tote to my cat friend down the street.

  33. I like the Katie the Cat Christmas ornament.

  34. I follow you everywhere....
    kaiminani at gmail dot com

  35. Our Fave: The Waffles Holiday Ornament, Paws Down!

  36. As everyone is saying it's hard to choose. I think I like the mustache kitty mug the best. It might because I collect all types of cat mugs. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving and didn't over eat too much yeaterday.

  37. I like the Mustache Kitty Apron. I would like to win this giveaway. Good day!

  38. Me too think that it sounds much better with Pink Friday than Black friday !
    To bad I live on the other side of the pond :(

  39. I think all of the totes and mugs are cool, but the pink tote is my favorite because I LOVE pink!

  40. I love the Katie is accused tote bag. But all the Katie stuff is so cute!

  41. We didn't enter at first cause we thought that would be greedy, but then we thought, what the h*ll! That stuff is too good not to. We really like the playing cards.

  42. Katie,
    Brad is throwing a tantrum coz we don't live in the US of A. You'll have to do something about his broken heart. purrrr...meow!

  43. Finally think we figured out how to post! We (Bob and I) fell in love with Katie when we saw her mug shot. So anything with that on it is pawsome, but especially the T-shirt. OK - we love Katie swag of any design!

    Lub mew! <3
    Bob & Dee


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