Friday, November 16, 2012

The Cleaner

WAFFLES:  Um, hi everyone it's Waffles here again.

Yesterday we were showing off our new magic social buttons for Facebook, Twitter and stuff. Today, the Boss wants me to show you some other cool changes we made to our blog.

KATIE:  MY blog.

WAFFLES:  Um, yeah. MY blog. Ok, so Glogirly thought we should clean up around here and get rid of some of the clatter.

KATIE:  Clutter, Waffles. Clutter.

WAFFLES:  So we picked out a new Blogger template that was less clattery than the one we had before. Glogirly says she likes this one because it's simple city really makes the graphics and our logo pop.

KATIE:  Simplicity, Waffles. Simplicity.

WAFFLES:  Um, she says it's perfect for showing off a blog header with a trans parent background. I'm not sure if the trans parent is a mom header or a dad header, but either way I think it looks kind of cool.

KATIE:  *rolls eyes*

WAFFLES:  Another thing we did was take this push broom here to the sidebar. We got rid of as much extra stuff as we could. Our awards--

KATIE:  MY awards, Waffles.

WAFFLES:  My awards were taking up lots of space and they were all different shapes and colors so we made a special PAGE for them. While we were at it we gave ALL of our pages a once over to make sure they were clean and consist ant looking. ANT?!? Do we have ANTS???

KATIE:  Consistent, Waffles. It means they look similar in design and layout.

WAFFLES:  We took the advice of some of the professionals Glogirly and Flat Katie met at BlogPaws and Barkworld and we made sure we had a Contact Page and a PR Page too. So if you're curious, you can take a peek through any of them. All the tabs are now in black at the top, right underneath my header.

KATIE:  Waffles, is your picture in the header?

WAFFLES:  Um, no?

KATIE:  So it must not be YOUR header.

WAFFLES:  Um, yes?  I mean no. I mean yes?

KATIE:  Since we had some room in our sidebar after the clean up, we added in Blogger's gadget for "Popular Posts" and set it up so it picks 5 posts from the previous 7 days. We renamed it "This Week's Posts." Now our friends that only have time to stop by every few days can quickly see if there's something they'd like to catch up on.

WAFFLES:  The Boss tole me to tell you if you need any help cleaning you should just send us an EMAIL. The Boss also tole me to tell you we don't do windows.

KATIE:  That's right, Waffles. We're Mac cats. ; )
(just kidding...we do PC's too)


  1. Furry Furry Cool! We love the simplicity & clean lines/look!

    Our mom's been trying to find the time to do that very thing - but she keeps having this silly W-O-R-K thingy pop up.

    Why did you know she JUST got home? *indignant look* Our noms were waaaay overdue. Hrmpf.

  2. Love the new layout! Pink is mama's favorite color :) Keep up the awesome work!!

  3. Waffles, since Glogirly is so very talented with blog design and such, I think you need to ask her to make you your oWN blog. Then we could read Katie stuff AND Waffles stuff every single day.

    But we STILL want to know more about you. Fill in that Waffles page, Glogirly!

  4. Katie, Waffles is almost as dumb as MY assistant (who happens to be my human). Great job on cleaning up the blog!

  5. All the cleaning was worth it...the blog looks great!

    Shoot...we don't need a cleaning...we need a complete renovation!

  6. We knew it Waffles lives with you, and shares your blog.

  7. very cool new look. mom said she may try to take some time over the long weekend to do some work for us too

  8. Love the new look! :)

    (whispers) Katie, I feel your pain ... I have to put up with Peppers horning in on stuff! BOYS!


  9. Your new look is just fantastic! Good job, Waffles...err, Katie?

  10. Funny post that made TW laugh during a day she's spent crying. Waffles is just too cute. No no, I don't have a crush. Uh, I may need a new typist.

  11. Your blog always looks so sharp!
    We're impressed. Maybe we'll clean house for the holidays.

  12. Very clean and un-clattery! Purrs...from the clatterers over at

  13. Waffles, you come over here with me. <3

  14. Waffles, you try very hard. In fact I would say that you are a very trying kitty! if that Katie gives you a hard time, you high tail it over here. We got a gang ... practically!!!

  15. Waffles! Yous is doing a great job! Me thinks katie and Glowgrly is is lucky to has yous!

  16. Luvluvluv your sparkling clean blog!....runs to text Mom in, click, click....I..want..wht..Kty..has

  17. LOVE LOVE LOVE your autumn cleaning on the blog <3
    and Katie , please DON`T be so hard on Waffles she/he is doing the best she/he can !


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