Monday, November 5, 2012

Behind-the-Scenes with Jemma the CHIHUAHUA?

Hi everyone, Katie here.

Who IS Juror #10??? Enquiring minds WANT to know. Enquiring minds NEED to know. Today we are going behind-the-scenes of "Katie Is...ACCUSED" with Juror #10, a.k.a. Jemma the ...wait for it...CHIHUAHUA.  Yes, that's right. A dog. A BLOGGING dog.

So much for a jury of my peers.

I don't know how she EVER made it through the Jury selection process. I'm certain the prosecution was slipping catnip under the table when this ringer was seated in chair #10. Well I've got news for you, Jemma. We know who you are, we know where you live, and given your relative size and weight....well, the rest of the jurors just might confuse you with a bag of tasty Temptations.

But today I'm putting aside my personal feelings (and better judgement) to bring you an exclusive Q&A with Jemma. The Chihuahua. Joining Jemma is Tofu the cat, her brother and better half. heh heh.

KATIE:  Welcome Jemma and Tofu. Thank you for joining us today. Jemma, I'd like to start with you. As long as you don't bark or yap. Jemma, what was YOUR favorite part of the video, "Katie Is...ACCUSED?"

JEMMA:  My favorite part of the video? Of course it's that Judge Lily is a doggy and that the jury panel has a doggy!  Our presence is needed to keep the courtroom impartial.

KATIE:  Great. I think I'd rather have you just bark and yap. Impartial??? Whatever.

KATIE:  Tofu, certainly you must have something more insightful to share with us.

TOFU:  Katie, there is CLEARLY some jury bias in the jury panel (*meow* Jemma *meow*) and a new panel should be selected ASAP for Katie's (your) sake.

KATIE:  Tofu, I couldn't agree more.

TOFU:  AND, my sister Jemma is not the biggest fan of cats...

KATIE:  I KNEW it!  That's it...where's my legal team??? I'm smelling a mistrial.

TOFU:  I'm not naming names, but it might have something do to with the fact that SOMEdoggy taunts SOMEkitty in this household ALL the time, just to provoke her.

KATIE:  You heard it here first, kitties! Juror #10 is anything BUT impartial. She's a kitty-taunter!

JEMMA:  Uh, Katie?  Isn't this interview supposed to be with ME?

KATIE:  So Tofu, the $15,000.00 question....Guilty or Innocent?

TOFU:  Despite what my sister Jemma, I mean Juror #10, says...Cats are ALWAYS innocent and everyone knows it.

KATIE:  Thank you Tofu, I really appreciate you be-

JEMMA:  Not so fast. Guilty or Innocent?  Not sure yet. I need to examine the evidence first. A good sniffing will tell me whether there's any cat paw scent on the shoelace.

KATIE:  Hmmph. Someone thinks she's a regular CSI.

Kitties, please visit our friends Tofu and ...what's-her-name... at their blog, Jemma the Long-Haired Chihuahua & Tofu the Cat.  Jemma is even featuring us today! Just tell them Katie, the ACCUSED, sent you.


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  1. Oh, we're glad Jemma said she has to sniff the lace and not something else!!! You know how dogs are!!!

  2. Whew, fur a second we weren't sure what Jemma would be sniffin! MOL!

  3. Well, I am glad Tofu is around to set that little dog straight! Who needs a mistrial? That means you would have to go through the whole thing all over again. Get your innocent verdict, get Gloman arrested and charged with harassment and get it over with!

  4. Very cool to see both Jemma and Tofu here, glad you connected with them! :-)

  5. Oh, I love Jemma and Tofu! My Mommeh and I both voted and we did click on the "verify" link. Good luck!!!

  6. We knew having a woofie on the jury was gonna be trouble! It's gonna be a remake of "Twelve Angry Men"... "Twelve Angry Animals!!"

  7. I think that is a very fair juror! We did get our email verification when we voted!

  8. OMC! You definitely need to do something, Katie!
    If this brings some comfort, I voted and verified my address =^.^=

  9. Our favorite part, juror # 10, BOL
    Benny & Lily

  10. We're starting to get worried! Jemma might result in a hung matter WHO'S been neutered.

  11. want me to pay a visit to the chihuahua Katie?,xx Speedy
    P.S you should have had me on the panel my war wound makes me more impartial than the dog and I know you are inocent!

  12. Dogs NEVER lie and a Chihuahua's integrity CANNOT be bought. Hooray for the impartiality and objectivity of Jemma!

    Bug The Chihuahua in Oklahoma City

  13. Well this is a first!! A dog almost interviewed on a cat blog!!! Now that IS news!! mol

    Nice one Katie! I guess you have assumed the mantle of "Waity Katie" now Ms Middleton has become enobled!!

  14. Never trust a doggie Katie - Rule #1 in that cat book you are reading. We voted for you and verified the emails all 3 of them.

  15. Allie: Not to worry Katie - we're on it!
    *hands Faraday Jemma's address*
    YOU know what to do.

  16. I move that Juror # 10 is removed!We can't have prejudice jurors!

    When the camera pans in on her is one of my fave parts of the video.

  17. Didn't having a dog on the jury really lower the average IQ?

  18. Oh Oh I knew it was something wrong with that mini woffie !!

  19. Jemma is kinda cute for a doggie and well, we thinks having her sniff the evidence is a good idea. Er you might also want to have her read Sparkles rules too. But we are sure she will come to the conclusion that the shoe was worn by Gloman and left on the floor by Gloman where it did not belong so that anything that occurred after that is of course Gloman's fault.

  20. Katie, Me likes Doggies. My hairy slobbery sisters is easy to manipulate, er get to see my point of view. Me is sure Tofu can get her to votes the right way.

  21. Ok, theese one has me a bit worried..


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