Friday, August 17, 2012

Gamer Week Day 5 - Mystery Date!

Hi everyone, Katie here.

Welcome back! It's the final day of Gamer Week here at GLOGIRLY.  All week we've been celebrating Glogirly's favorite games from her youth.  Today's game is a VERY special one. Just about every little girl wanted to go out with a handsome prince. How many of you remember sleepovers with Coca-Cola and every girl's favorite game - MYSTERY DATE!

Glogirly never had her own. But her older cousin had the game and Glogirly thought she was SO COOL.

I've customized the bachelors just a bit...I think you'll notice the dates are now some of the Blogosphere's most handsome mancats. No nerds here.

So ladies, what do you think?  Who's YOUR mystery date?

Mystery Mancat 1

Mystery Mancat 2

Mystery Mancat 3

Mystery Mancat 4

Mystery Mancat 5

Mystery Mancat 6

In case you're wondering, that handsome Tuxie is one of my new friends. His name is Spaghetti Bob and he's a Registered Therapy Cat. He doesn't have a blog, but he's got an awesome FACEBOOK PAGE. I bet you can guess who designed it for him! ; )  Say hi to Bob and tell him Katie sent you.


  1. We know Mystery date# 3... it's the cool handsome Prancer Pie!!!

    I've got some competition now!!!

  2. Allie: ooooh no. Nonononono.

    Max, quick! Distract Faraday while I pull the plug on the PC. It's Out of Order for the duration. Understand????


  3. OOOhhh I know who mystery Mancat #2 is....and it's his 3rd Birthday this week! Maybe he'll get lucky.

    Did I just meow that?

    No mystery date for me...I'm in love with my handsome Alfie!



  4. FaRADaY: *puffs out chest*
    oooh yeah.
    That'd be ME,
    International Cat of...
    *suave tone*

    Maxwell: Mouses. I shoulda been faster with that plug.

    Allie: I...I...think I'm going to be ill...

  5. The woman's mystery date wasn't nearly that fancy! HA HA HA! Hers was just cards that you turned over--she must be ancient!

  6. I was wondering if you were going to have Mystery Date, Katie!

  7. Aww, shucks! Thank you fur thinkin I'm handsum enough to be in this cool game! Mommy wants to know if she can ring the doorbell just once. (fur old time's sake)

  8. LOL at Rykers Boyz!!!

    Mystery date remains a mystery to us Brits, but gorgeous (and sometimes pink) King Spitty is the Man # 4 Handsome Kjelle Bus # 6 *swoon* .... Oh errr sorry Austin!!! Ouch!!!

  9. Wow! Lots of handsome mancats out for Number 4, though...he's a real lady's cat!! ;)

  10. Wow, so many handsome mancats in the blogosphere... AND some even have cool accents. We heered the ladies LOVE a foreign accent.

    Harry, Dexter and Tipp

  11. Do you know that the Mom had never heard of that game. Why all the mystery mancats are so handsome I couldn't possibly pick one. I notice my Handsome Brian isn't among them though, he is the handsomest mancat of all and I am so very glad he picked me to be his girlfriend. ~Scylla

  12. Hmmm, maybe I ought to hold a mystery date game for Sassy? She needs a boyfriend cat!

  13. not for me this one but have fun with it,xo Speedy

  14. Hahahahaha to the comments by the Rykers Boyz n Allie. MOL!

  15. Aaaaah, I remember this game. Where's the dud?

  16. gamer? i don't even know her.

  17. As a Mancat, I must say you look very beautiful with that pink flower in your fur, Katie. Although no flower can ever be as beautiful as you are.

  18. M is older then dirt and she's never heard of that game either. he he - anyway, I like your choice of mancats. They are a handsome bunch and I can hear all the ladies screaming all the way over here.

  19. Whoa! TW had this game and loved it! She seems to remember a TV show too with bachelors behind doors. I don't really know which one to choose. Can I ax them all a question? If we were to go out to eat, which would you order: fish or fowl? HAH!

  20. They all look furry hand sum, but Audrey chooses #2, Figaro, because he definitely looks the most mysterious.

  21. Pretty cute considering they are C-a-t-s
    Benny & Lily

  22. WE vote for Mancat #1, because he's a handsome tuxie!!

  23. and I don´t vote at all , since I´m one of the Mystery Dates and a Mancat :)
    My mom say´s she have never seen the game here in Sweden.
    But a TV-show there you choice a door to open and then go out on a date/dinner with the man behind the door.

  24. Wow!!! Serious blast from the past!! LOVED that game when I was younger (about a hundred years ago)

  25. Mom had that game. Can you imagine girls today playing with it? Mom can't.

    I'd pick mystery mancat #2. He has nip cigars, and I like those. MOL Of course, none of those mystery dates are as handsome as my Henry!


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