Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Cat Ruler Of The World Campaign Debate

Hello everyone. I'm Wolf Blitzer. And you're in the Situation Room.

The Blogosphere has been buzzing ever since last week's announcement of the Cat Ruler Of The World Election. Five cats from across the country and even one moggie from across the pond are in a rabid race to rule the world. This first-ever Campaign For A Cause Contest, organized by celebrity cats Zee & Zoey, has turned into an internet sensation, boasting lavish prizes for readers and shelters alike.

The Sensational Six. Cat-tidates for Cat Ruler of the World Campaign For A Cause Contest.

Today we turn our attention to the first cat-idate debate.

The Controversial Topic: NAPS

With me today is one of the six cat-idates, Katie. Katie is charming, witty and has a unique ability to connect with... does this say DOGS?

Katie has agreed to defend her position right here in the Situation Room. She joins us via satellite from her Campaign Headquarters Townhouse.

WOLF:  Hello Katie, thank you so much for joining us today.

KATIE:  Wolf, you look like dog. This is not what we agreed to. Where's John King?

WOLF:  Katie, election officials announced earlier today that all six cat-tidates have aligned on the cat versus dog debate. Everyone finally agrees that cats are smarter, better looking and far more equipped to rule the world. Today's debate topic is now "Naps."

KATIE:  Fine. As long as we're clear on who's smarter and better looking. So where's John King?

WOLF:  John is busy playing with his magic map. Can we get started, Katie?

WOLF:  Katie???

KATIE:  Sorry Wolf, I was sharpening my claws.

WOLF:  Katie, how do you respond to critics who would say that it is impossible to rule the world with any credibility if you nap over 16 hours a day?

KATIE:  Wolf, that is an excellent question. I say, how can you NOT trust a world leader who knows the key to success, happiness and world domination is a well-planned nap?  Just look for example, at the great nappers of our time: 50 cent, Eminem, Ice Cube...

WOLF:  Katie, those are rappers, not nappers.

KATIE:  Fine. How does this grab you? Thomas Edison, Leonardo DaVinci, John F. Kennedy, Eleanor Roosevelt. Some of the greatest minds and leaders of our time. All nappers. I read it on Huffington Post, so you KNOW it's true. Well guess what? I'm certain that each of these great nappers didn't just stumble onto the whole napping thing on their own. They COPIED it. And they didn't copy it from their Uncle Fred or their dog Fido, they copied it from a CAT. Ok, I didn't read that on Huffington Post, but I'm sure it's gotta be true.

WOLF:  Those are some pretty impressive names you're dropping, Katie. But what about you?

KATIE:  Well Wolf, how good of a napper are YOU? Can you do the grocery shopping, cook the dinner and clean the dishes all while you're napping?

WOLF:  Katie--

KATIE:  Can you earn a salary, pay your mortgage and fix the garbage disposal all while your napping?

WOLF:  Katie--

KATIE:  Can you manage an award winning blog, make cat videos, and Photoshop your way out of a corner?

WOLF:   KATIE, this interview is not about me--

KATIE:  Nor should it be, because you're a DOG. And as you know, Wolf, cats are way more interesting.

WOLF:  Ok Katie. I think we get the message. Any parting comments?

KATIE:  Wolf, Cat's are masters of human manipulation and control. Everything MY humans do, every single day, is all for me. Can I help it if I'm able to accomplish all this and still nap over 16 hours a day? Don't judge me. Vote for me.

Don't forget to visit Zee & Zoey to see all-cat debate AND enter to win some fabulous prizes!  Official voting begins on September 11 and you only get ONE vote, so choose wisely. (fyi...Wisely = Katie)

The shelter Glogirly and I are supporting is Blind Cat Rescue & Sanctuary of Norwalk, CT. Please show the kitties some love and LIKE Blind Cat Rescue on Facebook.

Tune in on Thursday for a very special post dedicated to the cats of Blind Cat Rescue.


  1. This is so absurd. Everyone knows we're just thinking about things and not napping....

  2. Life just got better for cats at the Walker. It's even in our old neighborhood, so it's familiar territory.
    Unfortunately Thursday is Movie Night in the Community Room, and mom is the projectionist.
    The movie is Cowboys vs Aliens.
    I think we'd rather go to the Walker. I'm not allowed in the Community Room.

  3. I wonder is this means the Farm cats nap for 64 hours a day since there are four of them?

  4. Sorry. We dozed off. Naps, yes. Definitely need more of those. Power naps is what we call em. Good luck, Katie!

  5. Katie, this is just proof that brilliant minds think alike!

    And read the Huffington Post. ;-) (Actually, I cross-verified it with several other sources. My human and - for now - campaign manager IS an award-winning journalist, and she made sure my intel was up-to-snuff.)

  6. Barkerman, Dr. Jones, Blazie, Abe & Lillia wished to comment, but they are all currently 'resting their eyes', Barker said he's just visualizing his day ahead. They left me a note to tell GLORYGIRL thank you for supporting The Blind Cat Rescue, and...wait I can't read this-hold on...Abe you can't flirt with her-this is a serious election!, sorry I won't repeat that last part. We'll be following the race from the edge of our window seats. Great stand on naps on CNN!

  7. Zzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzz

  8. Katie, I think your points are very well taken!

  9. Of course cats are masters of the catnap. Why do they call them catnaps? MOL duh!!! Love dat intermew, good job. purrrr

  10. Katie, we fear you were a little harsh with Wolf. Now we are off to take a catnap.

  11. Geez Katie... we take one commercial break and you run off and call a press conference!!!??

    I will admit, it was quite enjoyable, especially the part about nappers and rappers!! MOL

  12. Bravo Katie! Warning: The lady from 60 Minutes is put in the hall stalking you!

  13. I gotta ask...who is "John King???" Guess I don't watch CNN enough! I only know Larry King...but then again, I'm older than dirt!

  14. Wow Katie,

    You're a tough candidate - Wolf sure had his work cut out interviewing you buddy!!

    I know it's all about political sensationalism though and really you love us Doggies - in fact I think you sleep so much cos you love dreaming about us, right?! Tee Hee

    Good luck buddy,

    Your Doggie pal Snoopy :)

  15. Wolf obviously has not been informed of the importance of napping
    Benny & Lily

  16. katie....all grate pointz N dont forget we can also nap while fishin for salmon at de same....


  17. You nailed it, Katie, although that first graphic doesn't show on my computer. Reading the other comments, I can just imagine how Katie could completely destroy Larry King. BTW, does he have legs? Vote for Katie! A vote for Katie is a vote for naps!

  18. Katie, we enjoyed debating with you today. Odin likes your spunk and would be happy to take you out for a steak dinner.

  19. Katie, waiting for your appearance on Letterman and Jeevie Kimmel and The View!

    ps. Whoopie is a human, not a dog or cat.

  20. Your interview made us laugh! We think if Wolf had HIS 16 hours of sleep, he would have had better control of the interview. MOL.

  21. Good idea Katie just nap all the time. Who need to be awake to rule the world. That was such a good interview too.

  22. Beautiful and amazing Katie!!! Me and Charlie think it's Mr Wolf=0, Katie= 1 million trillion gazillion points!!!! Yay!!! Take care

  23. Katie, you crack me up!
    We need a Ruler of the World who will keep us laughing - between naps, of course.

  24. Katie, you put Wolf in his place! Good job!!

  25. Gosh what were we doing while all this election/world dominance/world ruler stuff was going on?!! Sleeping?!!! We'd better make certain we are awake to vote!!

    the critters in the cottage xo

  26. Katie! Yous just the bestest (and the funniest) Yous walked all over that Wolf!

  27. Our mom does her best thinking when she is waking up or falling asleep. But every cat knows this too!

  28. Oh Katie. You have made it all but IMPOSSIBLE for me not to vote for you. I mean, I LUFF Wolf Blitzer! I LUFF you!

    All I do all day is Fret Fret Fret. *I* should have been a Cat-didate and then I could have voted for MYSELF. But I've been, uh, busy. Otherwise occupied. Searching for something that ain't nefur coming back, Katie. XOXOXO

  29. Brilliant points, Katie! You sure put that Wolf in his place. MOL!

  30. phewww..you really socked it to old Wolfie...bet'cha he gets a pink slip 'cuz he couldn't keep up with your bullet like answers! brilliant Katie, paw pats Savannah

  31. This dog journalist was obviously not listening to you. An agent of the humans?


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