Thursday, August 23, 2012

Take Your Cat To The VET Week

Hi everyone, Katie here.

Well this is a real slap in the face, isn't it. Welcome to the roller coaster of my life:
  • Glogirly abandons me to go on a fishing trip. Boo.
  • I scare the cat sitter. Yay.
  • The cat sitter scares me. Boo.
  • Glogirly returns with salmon. Yay.
  • I find out I'm not already Cat Ruler Of the World. Boo.
  • I find out I'm nominated for Cat Ruler Of The World. Yay.

Now I'm told it's National Take Your Cat To The Vet Week.

What the?

I've NEVER heard of Take Your Cat To The Vet Week.

May as well be Take-Your-Cat-And-Trap-Them-In-A-Small-Locked-Box-And-Bring-Them-To-A-Smelly-Stainless-Steel-Room-Guarded-By-Evil-Syringe-Toting-Monsters-Dressed-In-Armpit-Length-Protective-Gloves-That-Smell-Suspiciously-Of-DOG Week.

Taking your beloved kitty to the ::shhhhh, vet:: is a really big deal. Unfortunately many humans find it so difficult to lure us into our carriers and get us to the vet for that dreaded visit that they only take us in when we're sick.

National Take Your Cat to the Vet Week was created in 1999 by Feline Pine to educate the public about the importance of regular veterinary care for our feline companions. Did you know that cats are the most common pet in US homes at over 74 million compared to 70 million dogs? (source: AVMA) Yet on average, cats go to the vet less than half as often as dogs.

I know, I know... there's a little part of me that thinks we're doing just fine. But I want to be happy, healthy and around for a long, long time to pester Glogirly. And I KNOW she wants me to be around for a long time too. The jury's still out on Gloman.

Rumor has it that I'm going to be making one of these trips soon. At least I can have a little fun living up to my reputation at the vet. Hey vet techs -- Get those gloves ready!


  1. SHHH! SHHH! SHHHHHHH! I am trying to keep this "Take Your Cat to the Vet Week" thing a secret from my human! We cats should go to the vet when we need it, granted, but there should NOT be a week devoted to it! Sheesh.

  2. Oh my COD, we so agree, that there does not have to be a special week to take all of us to the vet but the good news, our Person will never be able to get all of us to the vet in one week. So we are lucky cats. Hope your trip is OK Katie. Take care.

  3. Oh, no. Is THAT why a new crate showed up at our house yesterday? Newton briefly mistook it for a bed, so we had better go tell him to watch out or he's going to end up at *that place*.

  4. Thank you for reminding us all about how important regular vet care is. I will post something about vet week in my blog soon, too.

    Carmine has to go back to the vet in October, but shhh.....don't tell him that!! ;)

  5. Your human just wants to make sure you're healthy so you can be with her for a long long time, Katie. Sometimes, humans do things that make absolutely no sense to cats. Sadly, the whole v-e-t thing is one of them.

    I'm guessing your chart at your vet's office probably has a few warning stickers on it ;-)!

  6. We don't understand why they need a week to celebrate this...there's nothing to celebrate!

  7. Kitty paws are struggling to hit the delete key... help! help!

    I actually do carry my cats in a wicker picnic basket too!
    It's much easier to drop them in the top.
    Love your Wicked Witch picture.

  8. But, but, but I loves my vet! I just hate PTUs and car monsters.

  9. We are pretty sure Glogirly is pulling your leg. We think she made up the whole bring your cat to the Vet week
    Benny & Lily

  10. I have been to the vet and I hope I don't go again for awhile. I may have to go to get another allergy shot tho. Boooo.

    Hope you Rule the World, beautiful Katie.

  11. QUIET! I just managed to get out of the v-e-t this week and now you're making the peeps feel guilty. NEWS FLASH: the 2 cats that came before me that lived the longest were the ones who were spared the yearly vet trips cos they had a less stressful life.

  12. That first photo is priceless! You do live a roller coaster life there - it has to be fun!

  13. Start sharpening those claws Katie!

  14. You know the vet called this week.. humm... I wonder if there's a correlation?

  15. Just get it over and done with as quickley as pos then punish glogirly for treats after woulds

  16. I think it coinsides with Hide Under the Bed Week!

  17. itz all a lie made up by toto katie; there iz knot; N never haz been take yur kitteh ta de vet week...frank lee we think toto reeely meens itz take yur dawg ta de vet everee day N leeve de kitteh home with de TV week but ya noe how dawgs iz....

  18. It's very hard in these parts to haul 4 Farm cats to the vet since the vet is an hour and a half away. So we wait until the vet comes to town for vaccination clinics then we haul 4 Farm cats to the 4-H building for a look-see and shots.

    Even that is a bit of a challenge.....

  19. Take your cat to the vet week!?! Seriously they has a week for that!?! Not a Cat Appreciation week, but a week to be humiliated. Me is going to goes and hide.

  20. Good golly. Whoever on earth that invented such a week must be a sadist! We don't want to go to the V-E-T. They do evil things to you. You can get confirmation from the latest victim....Spitty.

  21. The Mommy must not know about this said "Day". GULP. Thanks for the warning!

  22. Yes, this is a very important week, for sure. We never look forward to taking Sammy and Moosey, but they always do well there. Maggie was a totally different story, but it wasn't her fault. It was terrifying for her, since her previous owner NEVER took her in 13 years! Poor girl. She had a red sticker on her folder, which meant "BEWARE." Funny, because she was super sweet and lovey with us in the 1 1/2 years we were lucky enough to have her.

  23. Don’t tell Austin, but he is due to go next month!! It will take the form of a military operation, so first there will be manoeuvres, then a full briefing, followed by a dry run and finally there will be V-Day.


  24. Okay I have a question. What if we are a multi-cat family. And one of us is going more often than the average? Do we get like credits and the others don't need to go?
    **licking right paw**

  25. Hey Katie,

    I think it's super important that all you Kitties go to the Vet this week, maybe you should have this a few times a year?! Tee Hee

    Your Doggie pal Snoopy :)

  26. There must be a's take your DOG to the vet week. Grete even got a postcard.....shhhhhhhhhh

  27. WHAT??? So all this is YOUR FAULT??? What is this a$$hattery--"Take your cat to the vet week"?????? Are you freakin' KIDDIN' me???? Shut UP!

    XOXO, Spitty Sorry I sort lost control there for a minute

  28. We go twice a year now once for our annual visit when we gets our shots (boo) and once for a semi-annual checkup. ~Socks & Scylla

    I only go once a year for my shots. ~Fenris

  29. the whole "jury's still out on Gloman" thing. Is that YOUR jury or Glogirly's jury, hmm?

    Just checking.

    oh and that first pic had our mommy humming some mad frenetic tune and cackling "...and your little DOG, too!"

  30. I see the vet once a year , I think that´s enough :)
    I get a shot in my neck and she lookes at my teeth´s and listen to my heart and lungs.
    He he he I bet the vet techs are really scared of you Katie !


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