Friday, August 31, 2012

Internet Cat Video Film Festival Round Up

Hi everyone, Katie here.

Last night was the highly anticipated Internet Cat Video Film Festival at the internationally renowned Walker Art Center in Minneapolis. I sent Glogirly and Flat Katie to cover the event on my behalf, and was I EVER glad I did! Just LOOK at this crowd!  The Walker is reporting that over 10,000 people were in attendance!!!

Whoa, this kitty likes her fame, but I don't even like the cat sitter. So you can imagine how I'd respond a crowd this size!  Despite my recent PRESS COVERAGE, not a single person recognized Flat Katie. Ok, it was getting dark so I'll cut them some slack.

Glogirly and I were texting back and forth. She provided updates regarding people wearing cat ears. On the lookout for some REAL cats, she ran into my summer fling, Spaghetti Bob Registered Therapy Kitten.  Unfortunately, Bob was disappointed in Flat Katie. He prefers a more rubenesque girlcat. Someday we must meet in the fur.

As you know, I submitted a number of videos from my private collection for consideration in the event. When Glogirly got her paws on the program she perused the long list of videos looking for a familiar name. Sadly it was not to be.

So while Glogirly tried hard to enjoy the rest of the show, I plotted at home. What kind of revenge would befit an oversight of this magnitude?  Who must this revenge be directed at?

Sure, there were bigger names than mine. But come on, just how many videos of Maru can you possibly watch in a lifetime? Cute cat squeezes into diet soda box. Box gets stuck on cute cat. Cute cat slides around on floor in said box. Woo.

Just when I was about to rip the Keyboard Cat a new one, the garage door opened and Glogirly came racing up the stairs. She beelined it to her computer and was tap-tap-tapping away. Seems the Walker people put together a collection of Honorable Mention videos. All paws were crossed as we waited for the page to load.

AND THERE I WAS!!!!!!!!!!!  OMC! The Real Housecats Of The Blogosphere (season 2 episode 2) MADE THE LIST! I'm honorable! I'm honorable!

Ok, what's honorable? What? No prize? No guest appearances on Animal Planet? The phone hasn't even rung yet.

I guess I'll just have to lay my head back on my pillow and plot some more.

Glogirly here -
Not that Katie would tell you, but the Cat Video Film Festival was a smashing success!  HUGE crowd of people chanting, "CAT - CAT - CAT."  By the end I'm certain everyone's faces were hurting from laughing so much. It was extremely well done with the video clips all organized into fun CAT-egories.

And despite her "remarks," we're huge fans of Maru and Keyboard Cat. : )

The famous Henri won the People's Choice and the first "Golden Kitty Award" for Henri 2 Paw de Deux. If you haven't seen Henri before, you MUST!  

But the best part?  YOU can watch the whole program!  Just click these links:
Internet Cat Video Film Festival MAIN PROGRAM
Internet Cat Video Film Festival HONORABLE MENTIONS


  1. I saw a lot of videos I've featured on my Sunday Catinee on both lists! That must have been so much fun to attend - my human was envious!

  2. Oh wow. We didn't even know such an event existed!

  3. I'll bet it was a wonderful event! And hooray for your honorable mention. I am proud of Henri, his videos are so cool... and filled with ennui.

  4. Wow, so cool! And congrats on being an honorable mention, Katie...though we do think you deserved to be in the main event!

  5. An honorable mention--that's pawsome! Something to celebrate.

  6. I heard about this event on the radio! I wish I had been able to attend. Your Real Housecats video is hilarious and congrats on the honorable mention!

  7. Can't believe the size of the crowd. I should've sent Plush CK. Concats on the HM even if I just make a cameo. Gotta say TW LOVES the keyboard cat. Glad Glogirly had a good time.

  8. That must have been very exciting for you. Congratulations. Your videos are really cool...

  9. “Rubenesque!” ROTFLOLOLOL Yeah baby!!

    This Brit is gobsmacked that so many people would attend such a event!!! There is hope for humankind yet!!

    Errr did I see you dissing Maru? Playing with fire there my girl!! lol

  10. Bravo you two, that is great to get an honorable mention! What an amazing event!

  11. we already bought tickets for next year
    Benny & Lily

  12. OMC we are so proud of you, Katie...we hope you'll remember us when you storm Hollywood!

  13. oooooh, Katie vs. keyboard Cat: The MATCH OF THE CENTURY - yeah, we'd like to see that!

    Concats on the HM! Looks like tons of fun was had by all. ANd Faraday wants to know why humans chanting CAT-CAT-CAT is such a big deal. Shouldn't they always say such things?

  14. Congratulations, Katie and Glogirly! You are always winners in our book, and we think it's good that you were recognized for your amazing work. :)

    We'll have to watch the program later at home!


  15. my stars katie, sure maybe henri has it going on and he's a handsome lot and maybe his video took first place but WHERE in the title" first place" do you see the word HONORABLE .

    you dont't

    why the title HONORABLE alone is assigned to THE most prestigious ; president, vice president, a kitteh with a PH D; the judge that needs to excuse your speeding ticket

    he had a mere first place video

    your video trumps his

    hugs from dai$y

  16. Concatulations on being recognized! That's fantastic! WOW!

  17. What a wonderful event! Xoxo

  18. i wanted to go but didn't make it over. 10,000 people... wow... honorable mention is nothing to sneeze at, or urp up a hairball at for that matter.

  19. Congrats on getting the honorable mention. That Henri video is very good. That must have been fun to go to that event. Have a terrific week end.

  20. We're sure like many talented artists you are just ahead of your time Katie and GG!!

  21. Congrats Katie! Thanks for letting me in on your ride to fame!

  22. That is very awesome about your Honorable Mention. Of course we believe you should have been Grand Prize but we expect the judges didn't quite now how to respond to something like your videos, they are so creative.

    We DO love Henri too!

  23. Noooooo! You might not know this, but the last place I lived I had a very very nice friend. He would come visit all of us kitties and spread all the gossip (no woofies allowed in the building except service dogs), and always try to make us purr softly before he left. And his name is Mr. Squirrel, and somebody cut half his tail off, and he was very very nice anyway. I miss Mr. Squirrel a lot. Even the beans in the building liked him, and fed him peanuts all winter long.
    So remember my Mr. Squirrel the next time you see one. Make friends! Ask Glogirly if she saw him. That's the old neighborhood, by the Walker.

  24. We TOTALLY think Katie shoulda been in the MAIN PROGRAM!! But we'll probably watch it all anyway sometime this weekend. It must have been fun to be there!

    I think you'll like today's post at my blog, Katie XOXOXO

  25. We are so impressed here.

    Katie, why on earth would YOU care what a bunch of people thought about your video. You know it is #1 amongst us cats and does anyone else's opinion matter?

  26. Thanks for the review. I agree with Katie. I am so so so disappointed that I wasn't featured AT ALL :-(
    Purrs to Katie

  27. Just read the new in the paper...old fashioned, I know!! Incredible! 10,000 people!!! 10,000!!!!!!
    Last night I finally found the current City Pages (we're out in the northern 'burbs remember) with the cat festival featured on the front and you on the inside!!!!
    Congrats on the honorable mention too!

  28. Be patient dear Katie! (Do you possess such virtues?)You will be more famous, on major newspapers,networks, etc!

  29. Katie,
    We just posted a brief summary of the festival and included your video Real Housecats. Concatulations on your Honorable Mention! We know you'll win that Golden Kitty. Just make sure your middle name is not Lucci.

    I honestly thought of flying there for the festival since it was an inaugural event regarding cats but the date escaped my memory. Maybe next year. I would be proud to hold your Golden Kitty during your acceptance speech.



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