Saturday, October 31, 2009

Terror In The Townhouse

Hi everyone, Katie here.

The day started out as any other. Gloman squeezed me out of his side of the bed until he got up. Glogirly slumbered away on her side while I watched and waited. And waited. Hunger pains piercing through my empty kitty tummy.  Finally when I could tell she was heading for the steps I sped down through her legs and past her. Again I waited. SO patiently I waited by my empty food dish. At last I munched down my dry kibble while Glogirly and Gloman dined lavishly. So far, par for the course.

That's when things started to go terribly wrong. I heard talk of a family photo, a Halloween portrait of sorts. You know what THAT means. Costumes. Probably for me. Well I took off before anyone could notice. I will NOT be forced into another ridiculous costume for the sake of some stupid photo.

Next thing, I noticed Glogirly in the bathroom upstairs. She was combing her hair and putting on make-up. Taking a lot of time with it I'd say. Little did I know she was adding a little extra something to her usual 'do.'

Still uneasy, I kept a low profile. I heard the camera downstairs. Probably Gloman checking out the light, trying to remember how to turn that silly thing on. Hope I don't have to remind him about the lens cap. No one has approached me with a cat sized costume yet. I'm starting to feel a little better. No tutus, no hats, no wings. So I decide to go check out the action.
Now please, I urge you to continue with caution. The following is rated MA for mature audiences only. What I saw when I approached Gloman and the creature I thought was Glogirly was terrifying.

This so-called family photo shoot was about to turn into a savage scene of torture, deception and mayhem. Gloman was taking photos of this hideous impostor. She smelled like Glogirly. She sounded like Glogirly. But she was NOT, I tell you, Glogirly. This beast, and she was huge, had EARS. Not the floppy pink kind that humans have attached to the sides of their heads. She had HUGE catlike ears. Sticking right out the top of her head. The girl beast was easily 15 times my size. Her ears alone were 20 times larger than mine. And if that wasn't disturbing enough, she had a black nose and whiskers. She was terrifying. The stuff of which horror films are made.

The plan was for me to sit down next to her, really super close, on a stool. Something about a Halloween portrait of the two catgirls. Well I would have NONE of that. I showed THEM... they weren't gonna get close to me. I puffed up my hair right down the center of my back, like a mohawk. I puffed out my tail and gave them my best "stay the freaking h*ll away from me" look. And do you know what they did? Do you? They laughed. They laughed so hard they nearly wet themselves. The girl beast with the ears tried to tell me she was Glogirly. That I had nothing to be scared of. Yeah right.

Then Gloman, I'll never trust HIM again, came over to me and gave me a line of sweet talk. Picked me up and brought me over to the girl beast. That was all I could take. It was do or die. Gloman put me on the stool and I let out a ferocious growl and the hiss heard 'round the world. I twisted and contorted myself, made them think I was going into convulsions. I landed on the floor with a thump, in cloud of flying fur. All they heard was the sound of claws searching for traction on the hardwood floor. All they saw was a flash of black and white, speeding away like a rocket ship.

Well the photo shoot went on without me. Gloman took more and more pictures of the girl beast. Today's blog serves as proof of the horrific incident. The two of them continued to stalk me throughout the townhouse. Laughing and pointing. Taking even more photos.
At one point I got close to the girl beast.

A little too close if you ask me.

Terror in the townhouse. 
Scarred for life.


  1. Katie, what an experience! WOW-I can see why you are scarred! Don't be scarred for life tho--just until Glogirly and GloMan give you extra special treats for dealing with such terror....... :)

  2. I'm sorry you were so terrified...I'm completely in shock, however my mom is laughing hysterically at your flat cat ears and...well...the whole thing!

    I apologize for my mom, I feel your pain...::mom in background sputtering and laughing::...

  3. Oh, Katie, what a terrifying experience. I hope you eventually got your Glogirly back. Happy Halloween!

  4. Whoa Katie! We thought our Halloween was scary because of all the noisy children who rang our doorbell all night. Your Halloween was a zillion times more scary than ours! I hope that you have recovered by now and have a much better day tomorrow.

    Purrs, Busby and Raymond

    PS-we added you to our list of favorite bloggies.

  5. Oh Katie! We're so sorry you hadta experience that!! I had a similar experience...last night mom wore cat ears and I was terrified of them!! Why do they do stuff like that???

    We hope you have recovered by now...


  6. Katie, I am sorry you were so traumatized. Thankfully, Halloween is over, so you won't have to deal with that other cat for at least another year!

  7. Oh, Katie, you weren't kidding when you said there was terror over at your place. I could hardly believe that was you in that first pic. You look so big. I hope you have the regular glogirly back today, and I also hope they are both going out of their way to make this up to you. I would say they need to grovel for weeks before you forgive them.

    In sympathy,

  8. Just be glad there were no wigs involved cuz we heard Glogirly was talkin to our mewmie about them! Your "Halloween Cat" stance is perfect, and a great costume all in itself!

  9. Wow! This is horrifying, it's like a scary movie "Attack of the GloBeast"

    I hope the scary beast has left the Townhouse, or you can teleport over here to safety.

    ::Mom Edit:: Hi GG you look pretty cute as a Kitty girl! Maybe you should be a bunny next year?

  10. WOWIE! Puffy tail, mohawk back, AND airplane ears! You really did have quite a fright. I have to admit that one time, my Mommeh put on cat ears and just the SHAPE of them was scairty. I stared and stared and stared.

    But your mom does make a cute kitteh!

  11. You poor sweetie, what a hard day you had with the Halloween and all. Good thing that Halloween comes only once a year. Too bad there are other things that come up in the year to scare us at times.
    Rest up after your day yesterday.

  12. Hi Katie,
    Don't be scared it's only Glogirly pretending to be a kitty cat, I'm sure she's back to 'normal' today.
    Halloween sure can be a terrifing time!
    Luv, Lucy (Woof!)

  13. I don't know....I thinks your Glogirly looks cute as a cat ;) She sure gave you a start though, huh?

  14. GloGirly, you look SO adorable! And many of those photos could have been taken by me on any given visit - the scared one, the puffed up one, the running one, the apprehensive one...I've seen them all!!

  15. hahaha...what a narration Katie! You did well as a cat. Your coat reminds me of my Halle. Am glad you stood up for what you stand for. Poor little darling. Are you still terrified? But the girl beast is the most gorgeous Cat I have ever seen so far in my life. Would you tell her? Thank you dear Katie. Don't worry. Be happy!

  16. Katie, your mom looks great, and well you look terrified.

    That was a super funny post.

  17. Yikes! I feel for you! And my Mom had the nerve to say that Glogirly looked adorable!

  18. Oh Katie! I'm sorry you got so scared. Don't you know some of us humans just want to dress up like you? It is actually a compliment. You looked pretty scary to me in some of your pictures, so you did a good job defending yourself. Tell Glogirly that I loved her costume!
    ~Lisa Co9T

  19. OMG!!! Kaite, you have mom in TEARS right now! She said that was the funniest post effur!!! LOL (we didn't like it one bit having a B~I~G imposter in your house!)


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