Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Rainy Days

Hi everyone, Katie here.

I thought it was supposed to be Rainy Days And Mondays that Always Get Me Down. Well it's Tuesday and we've got rain. Again. What I wouldn't give for that Saturday In The Park, I Think It Was The Fourth Of July.

Ok Glogirly! Enough with the seventies music!

I would characterize myself as a very optimistic cat though so I'm going to choose to look for the silver lining in this sloppy-wet,
gloom & doom day. Here are my top five silver linings:
  1. I am not allowed outside, so the rain can't get me.
  2. It's perfect napping weather. (ok doesn't really count... I'm an all-weather napper)
  3. It's perfect day-dreaming weather. (same, doesn't count)
  4. My rabbits and squirrels are getting a shower, whereas I can take care of my own hygiene needs right inside the comfort of my townhouse.
  5. It's perfect napping weather for Glogirly. (and me) (kind of already said that)

Enough aimless staring. I'm off to bed.


  1. Katie, I like your teensy-tiny mustache. Except, since you are a girl, I guess it is really more of a beauty mark.

  2. Katie, I am glad your friend isn't working you too hard. It is nice to know your schedule so that you don't stress out. I really think you look beautiful in the last photo, but you already knew that. I guess I will leave you alone now as it is probably time for your next nap.

  3. I like your list. I'll remember it for our next rainy day. Like you, though, every day is a napping and thinking day.

    Enjoy napping with Glogirly!



  4. Way to look on the bright side of a rainy situation!!!

    Your pictures are stunning, could you tell us what kind of camera your mom uses? Our mom is on the hunt for a new one.

  5. We aren't allowed out either, and it's always perfect weather inside!

    Your friend

  6. Katie
    You are such a gorgeous girl oh my Momma says she would love to give you all kinds of kitty kisses. She is a loon over tuxie girls. I tell ya. It rained here too off and on and I snoozed through all of it. The highlight of my day is when Momma gets me up and puts me in her lap and I cuddle with her. *ah* the life of a senior girl...

    your tuxie furfriend

  7. Hey Creek Cats!

    I'm glad you like our photography. The photos in today's post are actually Gloman's. (Glogirly's husband) He has a lot of professional gear, all Nikon. Currently he has a D3X and a D3. Glogirly takes alot of the day to day stuff with her little point & shoot camera. She has a Leica D-LUX 3. Gloman is an expert when it comes to this stuff...his photos of cats are just the tip of the iceberg. He's constantly researching the latest and greatest from all the brands. If you are looking for a point & shoot versus a single lens reflex (SLR) I know he'd recommend the Leica's as a first choice or the new Panasonic Lumix as a second choice.

  8. Thanks so much for your response to our camera question!
    Wow, we've never even heard of the Leica D-LUX 3. Sounds like a great point and shoot camera!

    Our mom went ahead and bought a Canon SD780 IS because she had to have a camera before tomorrow and she needed to pick something quick. She is pretty happy with it so far.

    Next she hopes to get a nice SLR for better quality photos.

    Thanks again! Your photography is great!

  9. Hi Creek Cats,

    I'm sure your mom will love her new camera. When she's ready for an SLR, she can't go wrong with a Nikon. There are so many wonderful models at all sorts of price points. They have some new ones now that are amazing in low light situations.

    I'll be sure to share your compliment with Gloman. This should make up for Glogirly "stealing" his images for my blog.


  10. It's nice to meet you Katie and Glogirly. I like your silver lining thoughts for a rainy day. I also think it is perfect napping weather.

  11. We've been getting buckets and buckets of rain too, Katie. We're allowed outside when mom is home and she complains about our muddy paws when we come inside. Tee hee... Siena's snowshoed paws really scoop up the dirt!
    Purrs, Siena & Chilli

  12. Oh, we just saw the camera discussion. That's very interesting! Our mom uses an older Lumix model, the DMC-TZ2. She bought it because of the Leica lense (a real Leica wasn't in her range, sigh). She has a question though: Right from the start the "white" was too white, no matter what setting of "white-regulation" (sun, indoor, etc) she used. She now has it regulated to - 1/3 permanently. Any idea what's wrong there?

  13. Hi Cat with a Garden!
    Your mom was smart to know how great the Leica lenses are! (I was once in Ansel Adam's gallery at Spanish Bay in CA...one of his cameras was on display there and I'll give you one guess what kind of lens it was!) I'm not as much as an expert on white balance as Gloman, but I do know that in some slightly older cameras, the auto white balance is not as accurate as in the newer ones. Especially when it comes to lighting conditions like florescent or indoors...conditions that would tend to make the photo look too yellow or orange. So I don't know if anything is wrong with yours. It's great though that your camera allows you to adjust the white balance to compensate. Some don't. So it sounds like your mom is doing the right thing.

    Thanks for stopping by! The rain is gone now and we've got sun rays today!


  14. It must be the case with mom's camera. It works when she adjusts the white, but it would have been nicer not having to adjust it in the first place. You're so lucky to have the sun back, Katie. It made a very short appearance today and now we're back to dark and gloomy. Please send it over when you're finished with it!

  15. Even though I'm a dog, I really enjoy naps. My two kitty sisters are great nappers too. Sometimes we all try and claim the same sunbeam to snooze in!
    Luv, Lucy (Woof!)


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