Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Hi everyone, Katie here.

I can't thank you enough for your continued messages of support during my legal crisis. I've been in touch with Finnegan J. Katz, Esq. regarding my defense and he is willing to help with my case. I am extremely optimistic. Cod willing, I will be cleared and my good name restored. If you are joining me late in this saga, click here to read the slanderous story that appeared in The Kitty City Gazette. You can also read my official response here.

For now I am trying to keep a low profile by avoiding the paparazzi and wearing my sunglasses even at night.

Speak to the paw, you camera hogs!

I'm also trying to be proactive by brushing up my judo. You never know, I might need to get physical with those pushy photographers.

Glogirly is of no help this week. She is taking some silly MBA class at the University of St. Thomas all day everyday this week. Can't imagine what on earth MBA means. Miss Bossy Attitude probably. Maybe Mediocre But Arrogant, Mentally Below Average, Master of Bad Acronyms... Can't imagine what it's good for. Either way, I'm as good as abandoned this week and won't be able to post more updates for a couple of days.

Apparently her silly class is more important than my blog and my adoring fans. Sheesh.


  1. Katie,
    You are too much! Ha-ha!
    Love your sunglasses!
    Luv, Lucy (Woof!)

  2. You go, girl! Judo is a very good idea. Um, I think the MBA classes may help Glogirly get a better job and bring you home more Stinky Goodness and toys, so don't knock them. Glogirly, best of everything in your classes. You knock them out!

  3. Tell your mom to put her feet up for a while when she gets a chance. Love the sunnies babe.

  4. ♫ I wear my sunglasses at night ♫
    Katie, we are sorry to hear about your legal troubles, but you look fab in your sunglasses!
    We will miss you while Glogirly is away taking her class!

  5. Oh, Katie, you look so cool in your sunglasses. You have awesome judo moves! I loved your thoughts on what MBA stands for! I'll miss you while you're gone. Keep a low profile!


  6. Katie
    I didn't even recognize you behind those Foster Grants! ::::speak to the paw::::Hysterical! I think your freedom of speech is being pawed upon, definitely ask Finn about that, maybe he can help you with Glogirl and her lack of help with your blog! We're all behind you!!

  7. Keep the faith, Katie. We know Finney will come through for you. He's helped a lot of us here in The Cat Blogosphere when we were unjustly and falsely accused.

  8. I would never have known it was you behind the shades!

  9. Miss Katie, if you are approached by any of these pawparrazzi, please continue to respond with "No comment" or "All inquiries can be forwarded to my attorney, Finnegan J. Katz".



  10. Katie, with Finnegan representing you, you're sure to get off scott free!! But keep those sunglasses handy....

  11. Katie, beans got all da wrong priorites. They get up when them's sleepy, go to bed when still energetic, an eat yucky fings on purrpose. We has to be patient wif them.

    I's so glad Finny is on da case! I offered to be a witless fur yur defence. Keep a low profile (but dat's a GRATE Judo shot).

  12. Katie, I almost didn't recognise you with those glasses. The disguise is working.

  13. I was wondering if I can borrow those glasses sometime? You look mahvelous!!


  14. Well, Katie, I hope everything works out for you. Your dramatic black and white outfit really is enhanced by your sunglasses. Stay cool!!!

  15. We didn't even know that was you behind them glasses! Grrr-8 disguise!!! And keppin' up onthe Judo is a wonderfurl plan, them paparazzi can really be a pain in the tocks! We will miss you and hope GloGirly does well at her class!

  16. Katie those were some pawsome Judo moves!!

  17. Isn't that a world-famous cat behind those Foster Grants?


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