Thursday, October 15, 2009


Hi everyone, Katie here.

My adoring fans have really touched my little cat heart. After yesterday's Catwoman post many of you remarked at my beauty, particularly in the last photo of my post. I must say I completely agree with you. I am beautiful. Not modest, not humble, I'm a cat after all, but definitely beautiful. Supermodel beautiful.

So I'm thinking of getting an agent. I'll need representation when all of the magazine cover offers start coming in. I'll need to assemble my people. You know, make up artists, hair stylists, nail technicians, massage therapists, fitness trainers, my personal chef...

Glogirly can carry me in my Louis Vuitton on one arm and fend off the pawparazzi with the other.

Note to self: Check on the availability the Louis Vuitton traveler's litter box. I'd hate to be seen with some horrible Rubbermaid thing.


  1. Katie
    WE bout fell ofur when we saw yur close up on VOGUE! Move over Angelina, Katie da noo cover girl now!


  2. WOW Katie!!! We sure Do say that you need some modeling agencies contact you!!! You grace the cover of those magazines fabulously!!! Looking forward to more!!!

  3. You are a supermodel for sure, Katie. I hope you can find a suitable traveling litter box.

  4. You are the purrfect supermodel! You should contact Misha and find out who his agent is since he was a finalist in the New Zealand's Top Cat Model contest!

  5. You are a fantastic Supermodel Katie.
    Very nice with magasines, congratulations

  6. My boys would like to meet you :)

  7. Katie, you are picture purrfect for sure!! What a knockout!

  8. Katie, I have to say you look fabulous! I hope you don't forget all us little kitties when you get to the top! I hope you find that Louis Vuitton litter box!


    p.s. Mama loves the white tufts in your ears.

  9. You are the picture of a cover model! I love the bag, does it come with a treat carrier too?

  10. You look pretty! Oh so pretty, the city should give you it's key!!!!

  11. I think you can forget the purrsonal trainer...just get a cat dancer that that should do the trick...oh yeah and when you get the urge for gourmet cheddar cheese...go for the nip instead. That will keep you model trim.

  12. Oh Katie, you are so beautiful, you make me wish I was a cat...well almost!
    Luv, Lucy (Woof!)


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