Saturday, October 24, 2009

My Boring Saturday

Hi everyone, Katie here.

Well Glogirly is no fun at all. She spent all week in this so-called advanced accelerated learning program at the University of St. Thomas. ...Mini MBA Certificate something or another.

"I think I'll call it a 'mini' MBA," blah, blah...I'd rather watch Dr. Evil and Austin Powers thank you. If she's supposed to be all suddenly smart, I'm not seeing it.

Smartypants has done nothing but sleep since she came home Friday night. This afternoon I caught her watching streaming video of the latest Grey's Anatomy on her laptop. I bet that will look good on her resume. Sheesh, I was lucky to get my food dish topped off today.

So once again I'm on my own. Making my own fun. Fall is practically over here in Minneapolis. Only one last tree that looks any good. Of course I have to stare at it out the front window. Can't go outside and all. You know the rules.

Glogirly wanted to hold me. I hate that. I'm not a lap cat. I cuddle only on my own terms. So I gave here a good 30 seconds or so before I let her know I had places to go.

Maybe tomorrow will hold a bit more excitement. I hear we are going to be making a very special chili recipe. Something about spicy jalapenos. I'm not sure I like the sounds of that.


  1. Katie,
    You look very cute looking out your window. I hope you'll have fun tomorrow helping with the chili. Maybe you'll get some unspicy meat. You sure are a cat who knows what she wants. Here, I rule the house of two beans and two boy cats. They all know I'm queen and defer to me as such. You'd be proud.


  2. was kind of boring here in Ohio too but at least I got to go out for a short while to sit in some catnip.

  3. Oh my, you have had a bad week. I hope you crawled up on top of the smarter one and checked her out. You could be casual about it and pretend you are not really trying to wake her up. Do be careful on that balcony as one never knows where you might land. I hope something comes up for you so that you can find some excitement. Do take care.

  4. Katie, I'm sorry you had a boring Saturday. Mine was boring too, if that's any consolation.

  5. It was boring here too in Michigan. I heard that Minneapolis got some of that awful white stuff too!

  6. If you get bored we had some excitement around here today. If you want you can teleport over. Of course with so many of us, there's always someone stirring it up...paw whapping, tail chasing,toys flying everywhere. You can get your very own hot pink catnip underpants at the Casbah Kitteh etsy store:

  7. Sorry about the boring Saturday. I had a fairly busy one at work. I hope that chili making is more interesting.

  8. I'm not a lap cat either, Katie, but you should see my little sisfur silly Chilli. All smooches and purrs...ts, ts, ts. I say for a boring Saturday you had quite some things to tell. But Ii know, sometimes the humans fail to amuse us... I'm secretly hoping for a 'tock picture of you.
    Purrs, Siena

  9. Katie, it was boring here in was cloudy and rainy and getting you're not alone in your boredom....

  10. I hate a forced cuddle. I hope Glogirly took some MBA (Must Be Advised) lessons in cat food choosing and proper petting technique.

  11. Katie
    Those were some furry kyoot pictures of you. I hope that things liven up a bit for you. Sometimes though boring is good. Especially for us kitties. WE all seem to love everything staying exactly the same all the time.

  12. Clearly you guys have much cooler Ad Agencies there than in NYC! no cool recipe books being made here!
    Also, you are so petite Katie! You are a cutie pie!

  13. opps! this went up for the wrong post! sawwweeee!

  14. oh geez...sorry, i am confused...and i can't figure out how to delete my comments! I go back to my original post!


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