Monday, October 5, 2009

Get Well Soon My Friend

Hi everyone, Katie here.

My friend Hakeem Wallace is not feeling well. He's had a couple of bad vet days and we all know what a drag that can be. Hakeem's girl, her name is Deb, has been taking very good care of him though. She even has some special drugs she's giving him. I told Hakeem he should enjoy them while he can.

Deb takes care of me sometimes too when Glogirly and Gloman abandon me for extended periods of time. I've not actually met Hakeem in person, like I have Deb. He's much bigger than I am so I'm of course a little reluctant to initiate contact. At one time I referred to him as the Beast and I got in huge trouble for that. According to Deb he's 24 pounds of love. I hope Glogirly loves me as much as Deb loves Hakeem, even though I'm only 10 pounds of love.

...Gloman (a dog-person at heart) would probably say I'm 10 pounds of something else.

"24 Pounds of Love"

You can read more about my friend on Deb's blog.

Get well soon, Hakeem!


  1. Oh my god, Katie, I'm going to cry. Thanks for this SWEET tribute to my (not so) little buddy!! He was at the vet again tonight and, if you can believe this, will be starting on an appetite stimulant. Yes, a stimulant. Who would have ever thought? We're not back to normal yet, but we're closer than we've been in a few days. I think the positive thoughts from his pal Katie are doing the trick...

  2. Hi Katie,
    I'm sorry your friend Hakeem is not feeling well, hope he feels better soon.
    Luv, Lucy (Woof!)

  3. Your friend Hakeem is a beautiful cat too. I hope that the medicine works and makes you friend's cat better.

  4. Hi Katie, we saw you over at Fin's blog. Just a quick hello. We're sending purrs for your friend. It's always very worrying for the humans when we're not feeling 100%.

  5. Hi Katie. It's nice to meet you. I am very sorry that your friend Hakeem is poorly. I will purr for him to get better soon.

  6. Poor Hakeem, I hope that he gets all better soon!

  7. We are sending your furiend, Hakeem lots of healing vibes for a speedy recovery. Being sick is never fun. We wish him well very soon!

  8. We hope Hakeem is feeling better real soon! We are purring for him!!

    (and yes, he is big!!)

  9. We are hoping that Hakeem recovers very soon. So sorry that he's not feeling well. We'll go visit his blog.


    Lucy (and her mama)


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