Monday, November 2, 2009

Inside Katie's Studio with Glogirly

Hi everyone, Katie here.

With such an overwhelming response to my recent post, Inside The Actor's Studio, I thought it apropos to share with you my much anticipated interview with Glogirly. It's a shame I'm not able to bring you the conversation in it's entirety. I'm holding out for an exclusive with Oprah or Ellen. I can however share the highlights.

There were some surprising and shocking moments. Some extremely touching and heartfelt moments. We really connected on a very deep level. As you can imagine, I'm a far better interviewer than our old boy James Lipton. I'm sure it comes as no surprise that I've got Glogirly wrapped around my little paw.

So without further ado, here's what you've all been waiting for. The "Questionnaire made famous by the French television personality Bernard Pivot." I submit to you, adoring fans, Glogirly's unedited answers.


What is your favorite word?



What is your least favorite word?



What turns you on?

Love notes.


What turns you off?



What sound do you love?

My Gloman's voice.
Click HERE to listen.


What sound do you hate?

Stupid TV commercials
for stupid products


What is your favorite
curse word?


What profession other than
yours would you like to attempt?

Keeping my options open.
Maybe making really great
TV commercials like THIS ONE.

#8 part two
Katie: Anything else?

I'm thinking a superhero.
Catwoman perhaps.

Please, remove the ears.


What profession would
you not like to do?

Pig Farmer.

If heaven exists, what would
you like to hear God say when
you arrive at the pearly gates?

Welcome home, Debbie. We've
all been waiting for you.

P.S. Just click on any of the small photos to biggify them...some are kind of cool.
That kitty in the last one is Morris. Glogirly had Morris when she was a little girl.


  1. Smashing interview highlights! Katie, you are such a great interviewer!
    Did you know they actually make snuggies for dogs!?!?

    P.S. Tell Glogirly that our mom uses her small digital camera to do our movies.

  2. An excellent interview, Katie! Thanks for sharing the highlights with us!

  3. What an EXCELLENT interview Katie!!! We really think you can give Ellen AND Oprah a run for their money!!! It's nice learning about GloGirly!

  4. Wonderful! That commercial was very funny. Cat Herding. Hee Hee.

  5. Wow, Katie, you are an awesome interviewer! This was a fabulous post. Great pics to go along with the great answers!

  6. Katie, that interview rocked. Hope Glogirly wasn't too difficult and didn't make too many demands (like only green m&m's backstage).

    We especially loved the photos!

    Purrs, Ray and Buzz

  7. Oh, Katie, my mama wants to know what foodies you eat. I think you said it's for your teeth. My brother, Simba, has really bad teeth and so she was just curious. Thanks. :)

  8. Hi Lucy,
    I know alot of cats are talking big about the raw meat diet...and someday I'd really like to try some raw meat. But for now, I'm eating Science Diet's TD food. It's formulated for cats that have problems with gingivitis. The nuggets are big (just a little bigger than a mini marshmallow) and very crunchy. I love them so much I won't eat anything else. Glogirly has to get the food at the V-E-T. Petsmart also carries it, but you have to have a prescription from the V-E-T for it. The prescription is no big deal though, just have your mom call the V-E-T. It's not like it's kitty-vicodin or something. Here's a link to learn more about the food:


  9. Katie, Thanks for coming to visit me! I really enjoyed your interview with Glogirly!

    Purrrrrrs, Willow

  10. Thanks, Katie, for the quick response! We will check out t/d. Yes, we've done a lot of reading about raw food, but Mama is scared to do it exclusively for us. There are so many differing schools of thought on it apparently. She feels extremely guilty about my big tummy though.

    Many purrs to you...

  11. Katie, you sure are an excellent interviewer...some network news show should consider hiring you! You really got Glogirly to open up on some of those questions! ;-) Oh yeah, we liked Glomans' voice too...

  12. Katie
    Purrfect interview. We think you rival Ted Koppel. Our favorite -- Number 10. our heart hopes for that answer too --


  13. That was an exceptional interview. #10 & #8 were my favorites :)

  14. Our mewmie said she would watch more TV if there was stuff like your interview on it! She hasn't turned on the TV in months so that's sayin' something!

    We loves our t/d too, but we just get it as a treat but our dental health has improved this year and that makes mewmie happy!

    We lurve that Herding Cats commercial and we all swooned at hearing Glomans voice and mewmie laffed at the soul patch comment!

  15. Katie: what a FAB INTERVIEW! That human Katie Couric has nada on YOU! YOU looked devine in that chaise!

    Gloman would be a handsome man cat--if he was a cat! Tommy likes the paint in your living space. Some absurd notion she'll paint our place. Yea...

    And on my blog, you mentioned why not a day for GirlCats--heck, in my book EVERYDAY is for GirlCats...what about Marvelous Monday Meow Miss? Or Saturday Sweethearts? Fabulous Friday with me here!


    PS. LOVE your blog!

  16. Hi Katie and thanks for stopping by our blog! We are so happy to meet you. We only know of one other blogging cat in our vicinity, Brandi, who lives in Uptown.
    You sure lead an interesting life, what with interviews, pole dancing and snoopervising chili preparation, to name only a few.
    You are a lovely cat, Katie, and we look forward to coming back to see what you are up to next!

  17. That was a wonderful insightful interview Katie...great skills in bringing out the best in Glogirly! We liked seeing Morris.

  18. Did GG jump on the couch at anytime? Oprah likes that I hear.

    And GG take off the ears. Really.

  19. Bravo! We love your girl's answers!

  20. Now that's an interview! Great set, great costumes, great lighting! Fantastik!
    Great questions and highly informative. Thanks and we look forward to Gloman's interview soon.
    ~Lisa Co9T

  21. Love it! It's funny you posted the "cat herding" TVC. I recently posted it on my facebook page. It's a riot, but it's actually a terrible ad because you don't really know what the product is! LOL

    So I guess Gloman is a VO artist? So funny as being unemployed, i'm currently taking writing AND voice-over classes! He has a very distinctive voice. Taking classes i am realizing it's much hard than i thought!!!

    Read my latest post - Is My Cat Trying to Kill Me?


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