Sunday, May 31, 2015

Love and KFC: On the Road with Waffles & Katie

WAFFLES:  *inaudible chortling*

KATIE:  Don't look now, but you-know-who has found himself a bucket of you-know-what.

WAFFLES:  Hey Boss, this isn't you-know-what, it's you-know-chicken.

KATIE:  Waffles, don't you know you should never eat anything bigger than your head?

WAFFLES:  But what if it's extra crispy? Does extra crispy count?

KATIE:  Yes, extra crispy counts.

WAFFLES:  Ok, then I'll have the original recipe. 

KATIE:  Looks like you already did.

DAY 5: On the Road with Waffles & Katie
Waffles' reputation as a ladies' man is undisputed. But we bet you didn't know he's also a poodle's man. He and the well known service dog, Carma Poodale, share a secret. A secret passion that is. Chicken. Fried. From the Colonel.

When a bucket appeared outside our hotel room door last night, it had Carma written all over it. Well... that and KFC.

Conference Update
Saturday was the last day of the BlogPaws conference. Waffles spent the better part of the day entertaining his girlfriends as they popped by his hotel room and charmed him with treats and toys. Katie made another public appearance in the KatieWAGON. Lots of ooooh's and aaaah's as we all gathered in the lobby for some quality schmoozing time.

As we're writing this, everyone is getting all fancied up for the big Nose-to-Nose awards banquet. We're very honored to be named finalists among so many talented friends and fellow bloggers. Our paws are crossed for a win, but honestly it's so thrilling and humbling to even be nominated.

After the awards, we'll be packing up all of our cool kitty swag and getting ready for the long ride home. It's been such a fun conference and we can't believe it's almost over.

Stay tuned...we're not done yet! We'll be back tomorrow with the latest in our On the Road with Waffles & Katie: Nashville series.

In case you're just tuning in and don't want to miss a beat in our road trip series -
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  1. How about some CONCATULATORY chicken???

    HURRAH for all of you!!!

  2. Mom Paula saw that bucket outside in the hallway last night! Congratulations on your award.

  3. Not to worry Sweet Waffles. Nothing goes better together than fried chicken and Waffles, and we're pretty sure there's not much bigger than your head. (Kidding! Really! We were surprised Katie hadn't said it.). We're so glad the conference was a success for you both. We're thinking a few pink streamers for the Waffles Wagon, maybe? Wishing you a safe trip home.

  4. My human and I saw that KFC bucket outside your door, Waffles! We thought it was hilarious right then and there! My human had fun at your party - I hope you do not think I was a snob for not coming. On the contrary, I was worried about territory and scent and trying to respect that and all. Does this mean I'll never be your girlfriend?

  5. It's been quite some time since we had KFC (without the coating). We hope that it was yummy.

  6. Mol Looks like it's a win win! ConCats on your award Katie and Waffles. I expect that Glogirly person went and accepted it as if it was all to do with her and nothing to do with you MOLMOL ;) Well done xxxx

  7. I am so very happy for you. Congratulations on your win. I think that is just HILARIOUS! Now Waffles has somewhere to store his catnip chicken leg

  8. Great pictures! As always. Waffles, you just enjoy your chicken and don't worry what Katie says to put you off.

    We are very impressed with Katie's travelworthyness. Katie, I bet you will be invited on lots of trips now!

    Do I take it from the comments that you WON? Very many congratulations then.

  9. Congratulations! I'm so happy that you had such a successful conference AND chicken too!

  10. What a great conference this must have been. I am so happy you allowed those of us who stayed home to travel with you. It has been so much fun? I am still amazed over Katie waltzing through one of the rooms in the stroller. M says I maybe would have left out of the stroller and headed for the nearest door.

  11. Concatulations on your win and winning that bucket of KFC! Have a safe trip home!

  12. Awww we're so glad you met the "Colonel" Waffles!

  13. PS
    BIG Concats on the Nose to Nose win!

  14. Well..I see from the comments that you 3 won an award..Concats to you...I'd say a bucket of KFC and an award means it was a very good day for the Glo family!!!!!

    1. Waffles..are you planning a concert on the way home to celebrate???

  15. Chick-hen!! You is a lucky kitty Waffes.

    Our mom bean watched the live feed last night and we was all furry excited to see you kitties and Glogirly win the award!. Concats!!!

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  16. I am sure happy that Waffles loved his KFC chickyum. I can't tell you how many people asked me if that was MY room because they seen the bucket. BOL!!

  17. Heaven in a bucket Waffles!!!
    Concats to all three of you on your success.

  18. Congratulations!!!! Enjoy your chicken.

  19. Concats on winning and what better way to cellybrate than with a bucket of chicken.

  20. This is the first BlogPaws that we didn't get any KFC. The dad-guy is slippin'.

    Congrats on your N2N win!!

  21. NICE! Team Glogirly/Katie/Waffles had a great BlogPaws! A Nose-to-Nose win AND chicken??? Congratulations, dear friends. We are so proud of you!

  22. I can see Waffles licking his chops in the background! That bucket sure looks clean. Don't eat too much of it Waffles. It'll stick to your ribs!


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