Thursday, January 2, 2014

A Year of Giving

Hi everyone, Katie here.

We're here with Molly, the 1800PetMeds Cat, to share some exciting news with you for 2014! We're proud to announce that is now part of a wonderful donation project in partnership with PetMeds called Suggest A Shelter In Need.

Every quarter, our favorite hometown shelter, Feline Rescue Inc, will receive a giant gift shipment of cool stuff for the shelter kitties. Each donation, valued at $500, will include everything from medications and food to treats, toys, beds and furniture.

You may have heard us talk about this wonderful rescue before. Whenever there's a contest or opportunity to leverage our blog to help these kitties, we try to jump right in. Minnesota's Feline Rescue Inc is a small local shelter making a big difference for homeless and endangered cats throughout our state. Funded through private donations and run completely by volunteers, it's a shelter that has won our hearts here at GLOGIRLY.

So when the kind people at 1800PetMeds invited us to partner with them and select a shelter to support, we were tickled to tell them about Feline Rescue.

As if the generous donations aren't enough, they're letting us choose some cool stuff to try out here at the Townhouse!

WAFFLES:  Check it out Boss! We got a Bootsie's Bunkbed & Playroom for Cats!

KATIE:  Don't you mean we got a Bootsie's Bunkbed & Playroom for YOU?

WAFFLES:  Awww, c'mon Boss! I'll share. 

KATIE:  A small enclosed space? With YOU? I don't think so.

WAFFLES:  C'mon Boss! It'll be fun!  There's holes to peek out of....

WAFFLES:  And there's a dangling spider and leather laces to catch! This Bunkbed has EVERYTHING!

WAFFLES:  Hey Boss! I call the top bunk!  Boss???

Special thanks to 1800PetMeds for inviting us to be part of this great program to help our shelter kitties.  Learn more about PetMeds' Charitable Causes and what they're doing to support the pet community. We're excited to share more updates with you throughout the year! 

FTC Disclosure: We received a merchandise credit from PetMeds to purchase our new toy, however we are not being compensated for sharing information about the Suggest A Shelter In Need program or introducing you to any new products we receive. Receiving the merchandise credit did not influence our participation in this project. All blog posts on GLOGIRLY reflect our honest and unbiased opinions.

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  1. How exciting!!! The shelter is so lucky having you guys support them. I can't wait to see what other fun stuff you guys get to try out :)

  2. I am so excited for you all and the shelter! what a pawtastic opportunity for you all.
    Congratulations and I can't wait to see what all you get to try out.

  3. That's fantastic news, and well deserved! :-)

  4. Very cool! Waffles is having some fun...

  5. What an awesome partnership, and how great for Feline Rescue, Inc.! Paws up!

  6. Oh this is so cool. But I think that the holes will need to be a bit bigger for me.

  7. this is fantastic news Katie and Waffles,xx Speedy

  8. That is terrific! You must be so excited to get to help out your favorite rescue. What an awesome opportunity. And that bunk bed you get to test out looks pretty cool too!

  9. That looks like a very fun playhouse, Waffles. Since Katie won't share it with you, we'll come keep you company.

    Carmine, Milita, and Jewel

  10. This is brilliant for you and the shelter.

    *whispered* is it just me or is Waffles getting significantly cuter as time goes on. He's really coming into himself.

  11. Wow! Congratulations! This will be great for the shelter!!

  12. That is SO cool! Your shelter is very, very lucky!!
    And that bunkbed is wonderful. I'll have to check that out and put it on my wish list for my birfday!

  13. We are so happy to help this cause!
    Dana Baca ~PetMeds pro

  14. we love it when pet company support shelters....

    we like that toy you have, but we doubt many of us would fit inside :)

  15. Katie, Waffles and Glogirly, we at Squeedunk are so happy for the kitties of Feline Rescue! Together, WE CAN make a difference! Oh, how lucky!
    Thank you for all you do for kitties in need. Your kindness ensures that even more kitties survive. That's pawsome!
    With love, purrs and lots of headbonks, Coco, Valentina, Manhattan, Bessie and Lulu (oh, and Z-Girl too!)

  16. That's wonderful news for Feline Rescue Inc and for the cats who are sheltering there. I'm sure the donation will make a big difference for them. Yea!

    Cute pictures!

  17. that is way cool! we love the companies that do this sort of thing :) and the bunkbed you two are trying out looks like fun!

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

  18. wow! That is very great to hear!!!! Good for you guys!
    And that toy looks incredibly fun! Enjoy!
    ((husky hugz))

  19. Shelter kitties are lucky to have supporting friends like you !
    The cube toy looks so fun ! Purrs

  20. That's great news. am just in love with the gorgeous ginger boy. The pictures of him having fun are brilliant x

  21. Sounds wonderful. Like that nutty box with all the toys all over the place

  22. That is fantastic news! Looks like Waffles is having lots of fun too.

  23. That looks like an awesome play house. I'd say you are pretty lucky Waffles!

  24. Wow! How wonderful! My foster kittens have the same bunkbed toy and love playing on it although all attached toys were disassembled by the first litter of kittens that used it :)

  25. We Feline Rescue humans love you! But not as much as our kitties do. My troublemaking Julio just passed through my office and has two things to say:

    1) I want one of those boxes - mine - not to share with Maude and Scarlett - all mine;

    2) Hey, Katie, you're cute - want to come over and climb drapes?

  26. That is so wonderful. What a cool toy you got too.
    Sue B

  27. What a great cause! We're interested to see how you like your new toy, too. We had one and didn't enjoy it, so we gave it to our cousins, who love it.

  28. You must be extremely proud on behalf of your rescue. Small is beautiful and small rescues are beautifullest...


  29. How exciting. Glad you can help your shelter.

  30. Waffles, don't worry about sharing if Katie doesn't want it. Looks cool and all for you.

  31. If you are in Canada the BunkBed is sold at

    Hooray for helping the shelter!!

  32. What a great opportunity :) And that bunkbed is pawsome!

  33. Concats on the money for the shelter. That bunkbed thingy looks pawtastic, and we know you will have great fun with it Waffles. You all get the best stuff to try out. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  34. ConCATulations to your favorite shelter !
    Me can come and play with you Waffles :)

  35. This gets two big paws up for sure! How wonderful.


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