Saturday, September 5, 2015

Law & Order SUV Cats #TVTripCaturday

WAFFLES:  Dunk Dunk!  Dunk Dunk!  Dunk Dunk!

KATIE:  Waffles, we only need one Dunk Dunk, ok?

WAFFLES:  But it's so fun to say, Boss!  Dunk Dunk!  Dunk Dunk!

KATIE: Waffles, we need to protect and serve. Not Dunk Dunk.

WAFFLES:  Wooo-Wooo! Dunk Dunk! Wooo-Wooo!

KATIE:  Waffles–

WAFFLES:  I'm protecting and serving, Boss! Just like you told me. Oh wait... I forgot to ask. Are we serving chicken?

Law & Order's Latest Purr-petrator 

Sir Nigel Purrsworth has been waiting for his forever home for way, way too long. This sweet orange boy's only offense is loving, purring and playing. He loves the company of people and would prefer to be someone's one and only cat. 

Nigel is ready and waiting for you at PAWS of Norwalk, CT.

TV Trip Saturdays with the Shelter Cats!
Every Saturday we feature adoptable cats from PAWS Pet Animal Welfare Society in Norwalk, CT. in our #TVTripCaturday blog series. Through the magic of Photoshop, they join Waffles and Katie for some time-travel adventures to some of our favorite, classic shows.

We'll also introduce you to the 'Cameo Cats' and share a little bit about them. Maybe, just maybe... our crazy antics will help our shelter friends find forever homes.

Special thanks to Maggie Swanson, the talented photographer behind our cameo cats and a devoted volunteer at PAWS. Maggie is the author of the blog, Sundays at the Shelter, where she features adoptable cats from PAWS each and every week. Her beautiful photos have helped countless cats find loving homes.

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  1. Oh, he could be Waffles' cousin. He is so handsome. He obviously wouldn't work here in a house full o'Farm cats. I do hope he finds a home.

  2. Nigel looks very sweet. Katie, should Waffles be driving?!? He looks a little out of control!!!

  3. Katie, doesn't you smile when the guy drive ? tee..heh
    Sure, I guess I can purr for Sir Nigel to have home

    Have a great weekend

  4. Hope Sir Nigel is out of the lock up and into a good home soon! Thank you, Glogirly.
    Dunk Dunk!

  5. Awww he looks so sweet!!! I have a soft spot for orange cats...who am I kidding I have a soft spot for any kitty :)

  6. That's one handsome purrpetrator. We wish him the best of luck finding that furrever home. Purrs, Greyson, Mr. Chivers, Tabitha & Chloe

  7. OMC! At first we thought that was Waffles! Keeping our paws crossed Sir Nigel finds his forever home soon. BTW, that is Mom's favorite tv show!

  8. I thought it was Waffles too!. We are hoping Sir Nigel (so aristoCATic) finds his forever home soon!! xxx

  9. Yes, at first we thought that was Waffles on the police lineup!

  10. I also thought it was Waffles at first. I hope Sir Nigel gets his home soon.

  11. WAffles you just keep on dunking. We bet you'll find some chicken.

  12. Nigel, you're sooo handsome and have such soulful eyes. All the orange dudes, past and present, of Feline Rescue wish you a fine forever home - right now!

  13. Our mom bean lubs Law and Order, we're more Claw and Disorder.

    We is sending our purrs that Nigel finds his furever home soon. Such a handsome mancat!

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  14. Such a cutie :) I hope Nigel gets his forever home soon. You should get him to be Waffles stand in for photo shoots :)

  15. Waffles...looks like you got some competition for handsome orange mancatness..mol...Good luck Sir Nigel..

  16. Get off the road...Waffles is behind the wheel!!! (Nigel is purr-fect!)

  17. Nigel is one handsome orange boy. We can't believe he doesn't have a home yet.

  18. Oh, this is great! Law and Order, Katie and Waffles, Sir Nigel ... so many of our favorite things all in one place!

  19. I hope Nigel has a forever home waiting for him this weekend.

  20. I think Katie is wanting to DUNK Waffles!

  21. Sir Nigel is purrfectly handsome in his ginger-striped coat. We'll be purring and praying that he soon finds his purrfect home. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  22. that Nigel is VERY handsome (and for some reason mom has a weird craving for donuts now)

  23. Sir Nigel is a very handsome ginger boy. He deserves a forever home for sure! I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed that his wait isn't much longer! <3

  24. Sir Nigel looks very handsome and sweet. Sure hope he find his people ASAP !



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