Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Waffles Wednesday: #CatDentalHealth Never Tasted SO Good!

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WAFFLES:  Uh, Glogirly? So since we're here at PetSmart® and all, don't you think it would be a good idea to pick up some CHICKEN treats???

WAFFLES:  Just a few hundred bags should be good.

WAFFLES:   Maybe we can get a bag for the Boss too. Something to make up for me borrowing her breakfast.

Taking Care of our Pearly Whites is About Much More than a Pretty Smile
Did you know that February is Cat Dental Health Month? We're teaming up with PetSmart to help raise awareness and shed some light on how important it is to take care of our teeth and gums. It's easy to overlook dental health and what many people unfortunately don't realize is that dental disease can affect much more than just our teeth. 

Poor dental hygiene can quickly cause plaque and tarter buildup, even gingivitis. And left untreated, these things can eventually lead to very serious conditions damaging our kidneys, livers and hearts. In fact, oral health problems are among the most common of health problems diagnosed in adult pets.

Dental Health Never Tasted So Good!
FELINE GREENIES® Dental Treats are the only cat treat to have The Veterinary Oral Health Council Seal of Acceptance for tartar reduction. What that seal of acceptance doesn't tell you though is how DELICIOUS these little nuggets are.

At only 1.25 calories each, it's easy to make them a regular at treat time. They're all natural with no artificial flavors or preservatives. Added vitamins, minerals, taurine and chlorophyll make them a healthy treat time choice too.

KATIE:  They come in six tasty flavors. I must say the catnip treats are DIVINE. And yes, as a matter of fact, I am even standing on my tippy toes.

Catnip for Katie. Chicken for Waffles.

It's Not ALL About the Treats Though...
Glogirly has recently started brushing our teeth. It's not easy, but sticking to a regular schedule, like 3-4 times per week, is important to maintaining optimum dental health. It will become become much easier with time, though will probably never be as fun as our dental treats. 

According to our own vet, the most important part of brushing is the contact with the teeth and gums. There are special pet toothbrushes, finger brushes, there's even poultry flavored toothpaste made just for cats. We've tried all of these things, but believe it or not what works best for us is a little trick our vet taught us. 

Yes, pantyhose. Glogirly just takes a small piece of cut-up pantyhose, wraps it around her index finger and gently rubs our teeth and gums. There's just enough abrasion from the nylon to do the trick. Of course entry into our mouths requires great bravery on her part, as well as a fistful of treats.

TIP! For the first few times, Glogirly added a little bit of wet cat food to her finger.

So tell us, do you brush your cat's teeth?

Want to Learn More?
PetSmart's Complete Collection of Dental Treats


  1. Truffles gives the Catnip Greenies four paws up too! Waffles is so lucky he gets to shop at PetSmart too :)

  2. The Farm cats all love Greenies - especially Sherpa. He'll do anything for a Greenies:

  3. Hmmm, we'll have to send the Mommy out into the slushy mess to get us some of those. She's all about organic and stuff. Are they healthy, too?
    Have a wonderful Wednesday, Waffles!

  4. Pantyhose? My human thinks that is a great tip and may try it, even though I already have a toothbrush. BTW, I have both chicken AND catnip treats!

  5. I'd love to be able to clean my cats' teeth, but they'd never let me. I should have started when they were younger, but I didn't, and now they're 13 and 10 and HATEHATEHATE to have their mouths messed with. I'd love to give them Greenies, but Ye Olde Budget can't stretch that far. XP Dental health is Very, Very Important, that I know. It affects the rest of the body in numerous ways, and a dental infection, left untreated, can spread into the bone and become a HUGE PROBLEM.

  6. We can't get Greenies over here but nip flavoured ones sound very interesting.
    Mum started brushing mine and Eric's teeth from an early age. She uses the old head from an electric toothbrush because it is nice and small and brushes it around my teeth and gums. I like the taste of my paste and will lick the end of the tube if she is slow putting the cap back on.

  7. The pantyhose trick is a great idea, thanks for sharing it!

  8. We can tell just how much you love those Greenies! And they are good for you!!

  9. The pantyhose trick is new to me and one I will be sharing with my patients. Thanks for helping other cats with #catdentalhealth!

  10. Wow! Pantyhose?!? Thanks fur the tip & info! When Waffles borrows Katie's food, does he ever pay her back with food ... or is payback always some form of harassment?

  11. We love those Greenies dental treats! We get them every day now.

    Pantyhose? The mom hadn't heard of that one! Our vet said to use a piece of gauze to clean our team. Sadly the mom tried that and nearly lost a finger. ;)

  12. Wow panty hose! Who would have ever thought. Most of my pals knowi lost all my toothies to a disease called stomatitis. So we are big. Supporters of getting
    A.stobrish their teeth and do whatever needs to be done to leeP them.

  13. Look at all of those dental treats in your shopping cart! What a haul you got to take home. Glad you decided to bring some for Katie too so that you could make up for "borrrowing" her breakfast.
    You have a really smart Veterinarian to give your mommy a tip like using pantyhose to help keep your teeth clean. Thanks for the great tip! Indiana might let me brush her teeth like that and I bet I have an old pair in the drawer that I could cut up tonight!

  14. My vet actually wrote a note after Tommie's last dental prescribing Greenies!
    The panty hose idea is a very good tip, Thank you.

  15. Uhmm no and mom doesn't either! Rhette just had a dental checkup and got the all clear but mom thinks he'll love those Greenies, since he loves any treats! Great review! Love Dolly

  16. My humans do not brush my teeth. But that pantyhose idea sounds ok. Maybe.

    Wow, I like the idea of Value Size Greenies treats!

  17. No teeth brushing here but I do get some good teeth exercise and flossing on my human’s skin and bones. The other night I really got Pop who was sleeping with his hand exposed. I hope the pantyhose doesn’t ruin the taste of the finger. Oh, and I LOVE the Catnip flavor.

  18. Derby always liked Greenies, me not so much, but mum still gives them to me.

  19. No teeth brushing here, but we get dental treats. Please don't give Mum any idea of pantyhose and finger in our mouth ! Purrs

  20. sorree dood we gotta go with de boss on thiz one.....

    chckn ???? !!!!



  21. That's an interesting idea about using the wet cat food and panty hose to brush with!
    We are so glad you both enjoy the Greenies.

  22. We haven't tried these yet. I have been looking for better treats for my kitties.
    sue B

  23. Our mom thinks this could be the one time Siberians are easier than cats.
    Great post, guys - dental health is important for all of us!
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher

  24. Spike and Tiger are big fans of the Greenies for cats. Gotta see if our Petsmart carries the catnip ones.

  25. Wrap my finger in pantyhose and stick it in their mouths..sounds painful..for me that is..but I might give it a try..

  26. Mommy doesn't have the nerve Katie and Waffles. Oh and just last weekend Mommy bought me much needed hairball Greenies and they are to be done daily at 12 per serving. I am really hoping for the help I need. She also bought me Greenies dental treat and I love those TOO! I hope they help as you just told us. I am so picky I'm amazed I took to them both.

  27. Great post, now I can have white teeth and fresh breath!

    Noodle and crew

  28. Yummm.....catnip treats!! That pantyhose trick sounds interesting...Mom might try it.

    The Florida Furkids

  29. Look at this fangs! BOL...
    Lily & Edward

  30. Alas, no teeth brushing here. Mom values her fingers too much, and if we remove them, we won't have a blog. We rely on dental treats. We got some in our PetBox that we really love and we got the Greenies catnip flavored ones for Christmas! XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  31. Fantastic post and I learned something new with the panythose!


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